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  1. Yeah definitely can make the gun more deadly. When the stock was pinned the gun was very calm and docile looking. As soon as I unpinned it, it looked very angry and I'm certain that it wanted to kill me. So it's locked up in the gun safe for now because I don't trust it, it could go ballistic at any moment. I will be wearing 3/8" steel plate armor when I open the safe again, and during the pinning of the new stock. Can't take any chances! Joy is an absolute idiot. How the View stays on air is a mystery. Folding stocks are the devil! Can instantly make the AR the size of a subcompact handgun according to "experts".
  2. Was your castle nut staked? Mine is, don't know if that's also part of the "compliance".
  3. Well you have People's Republik of New Jersey in your tag so I kinda figured it out. The state would be fine if people would stop electing libs progs and commies. But they're not, they want the govt to be their mommy and daddy.
  4. Ok then I will pin the new stock in so it's "Super Duper Fixed!" to be in compliance with our unconstitutional NJ gun laws. Can't have your fixed stock easily changed out for another fixed stock here in NJ, because it's an "A-Salt" rifle according to people who know noting about guns.
  5. Hi, first post here. I recently bought a NJ compliant (aka castrated) Ruger AR 556. Pinned buttstock, no barrel threads, came from Ruger like this. I assumed the buttstock was pinned so as to disable the adjustable buttstock that *looks* to be on there, and they just removed the spring, tapped some threads and put a bolt in. Fair enough, right? Well, the length of pull is a hair too much for me, so I went looking for a fixed stock that had the ideal LOP to swap out, and I found one. So I removed the pin and bolt, removed the buttstock and... what?? There are no adjustment holes in the buffer tube. So that brings up the question, why was it pinned in the first place? It's not like you can be illegal by removing the pinning and replacing the buttstock with an adjustable one, there are no adjustment holes. So why pin it at all?
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