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  1. My question is are they legal to use at the range.
  2. Thanks for all help guys, I'll be picking it up next time I head out that way.
  3. I found some really nice mosin's near my friends place in pa for $100 with bayonet, sling and cleaning kit. My question is, would the bayonet be nj legal?
  4. I just took mine there a few months ago and i didn't have to show mine.....very strange
  5. It's about 10 min from the parkway exit and just before the bombing range . All u need is someone with a valid nj hunting license. You can shoot trap,rimfire 22,black powder, and archery. Not a bad place to go for free,i've been going on most tues lately shooting trap.
  6. new to the forum,just wanted to say hello. I was told about the site by a friend of mine,and i'm enjoying it greatly. Still waiting on all my paperwork to come back,but once it does hope i can meet up with some people and have a good time at the range. i've been doing a lot of trap shooting lately at the free 539 range during the week,anyone want to join in the fun hit me up.
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