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  1. Heh? Who? Generally, every brace out there has a letter or from original manufacturer that it is a "Brace" Pretty much every manufacturer I have worked with with ar "pistols" explicitly will not permit their reps to be pictured shoulder firing their braced pistols. Quite a few even suggested to not shoulder their pistols in videos. And most pistols out there, will have a brace from SB tactical or another mfr.
  2. Maksim


    It's all in your head. =P But really, probably the weight. The comp would make little to no impact in terms of accuracy. Comps were always about keeping the gun flatter for faster follow ups. But if it makes you shoot better. That is awesome. We all have stuff just for looks... like my race holster, my ear plugs and shoes being the same red/orange definitely don't make me shoot better... but are cool. =P I think the best accuracy upgrade for me with handguns... was going to a CZ Sp01. =P
  3. It's much more than that. It's about the total OAL of the package. With your 14.5" + comp you are still going to have a fixed stock, no threaded barrel. With an "other firearm" you have the flexibility to have a folding and/or telescoping "stock" and have the ability to put on any muzzle device that you want, AND when you visit friends/family in PA or elsewhere, you can easily throw on a suppressor. You have a place in FL, right? Get a suppressor. Most of all, the entire package is significantly shorter. With a 12.5" barrel, you can still shoot it comfortably at 300 yards without giving up anything. Heh? You are an FFL and a stickler for being precises.... WTF are you talking about? Do you mean can an other firearm be a 16" + barrel, etc? Yes... as long as over 26 OAL requirement. But can a regular rifle have a brace? No... because a "Brace" is not designed to be fired from the shoulder.
  4. Oh stop it... Shaneen's case is very much different than this one... I am talking about every other gun case where guns are part of the charge. But yes, without a doubt... there would not be as much outrage if this was not an older white guy. I am not at all talking about why NJ gun laws are stupid or unjust... you have to be some kind of stupid to drive to work with guns on your front seat, to and from work. Not even criminals are that stupid. Yes, let's challenge gun laws but do we challenge them on the backs of blatantly ridiculous actors? And is this case going to change gun laws? Hell no. The BEST case is that the charges will be dropped or amended and the guy does not spend time in jail. In the mean time, until Supreme Court decides, the best the community can do is get more people comfortable with guns and go after local communities not abiding by gun laws, i.e. suing towns, etc. Until then... remind me again how any of these cases have helped improve NJ gun laws? What has Aikten done? Sheneen? Has NJ started issuing CCW permits to law abiding people? The majority of the money 2A groups are collecting should be spent on tangible ways of changing the landscape... getting new shooters and buying off politicians in a position to change. But seriously, once again we are making this guy seem like he was wronged and purposefully singled out. And seriously... LEO singled him out for having PA plates? Rather than driving like a moron and passing/changing lanes without a turn signal? Singled out would be driving in NJ and pulled over for having PA plates obeying all speed limits and laws. More people should be pulled over and ticketed for driving like morons. Driving like a moron while having guns visible on your front seat? Special kind. Does he deserve 28 years in jail? No.... community service, driver's ed and his loss of gun buying rights will be hard enough punishment for him. But no, no way this changes gun rights and laws in NJ.
  5. Only expected to take off less than 5% off of production. Pkus unlike in the past there is a glut of oil amd other Opec nations can instantly boost production. This is not a refinery issue wbich sent prices up after Sandy and Katrina.
  6. So okay... turns out the guy is a member on PAFOA... a PA gun forum, lived near the boarder. He knew the damn laws and seems like many others are piling on. http://forum.pafoa.org/showthread.php?t=351699 I do hope the guy gets a really bad slap on the wrist and I think having his guns taken away in lieu of jail time should be his biggest priority. This was not a simple... "oops I forgot." Heck, it seems like he was coming back home from work? If so... he knowingly drove to NJ and then back, with guns on his front seat. Most sane people would hide their guns and drive and obey all traffic laws knowing they do not want to get pulled over. This guy gets pulled over for failing to use a turn signal. Yes, NJ laws are horrible and unjust and unconstitutional... BUT two wrongs don't make a right... He needs a really good criminal lawyer and hope to not spend the rest of his life in jail.... but a gun rights case this is not... this is more and more an "I completely don't give a shit and will do what I want." Heck, Aiken case was more worthy, at least he did not bring it on himself.
  7. The difference here, you are covered by FOPA and you are not going to be stupid enough to have guns on your front seat.
  8. Do gun owners line up to support gang bangers or "poor underprivlidged people who rob a convenience store because they have no other choice.?" There are many gun owners who are quick to jump on and defend ANYONE, without even knowing the facts. The problem is... dumb people give the rest of gun owners a bad name. There is a profound difference between... "Oh shit, I crossed in NJ by accident with a CCW because I was unaware my GPS was sending me through here." and "I don't give a shit about gun laws or anyone else, yep... I will drive around with guns I absolutely know are illegal and I either didn't give a crap about it or had it with me on purpose and just got caught." I do not know of any gun owners in NJ or PA who drive around with guns on their front seat WITHOUT a CCW... Besides that... so they were on front seat, does it mean while he was at work those guns were chilling there as well? We can protest the laws... but I just find it in poor taste we stand behind idiots. Seriously... if this guy was a Black 35 year old, would people still support him? Or to the same extent? And to the idiotic notion of "He admitted he had guns..." You have freaking gun cases on your front seat in wide open view... How the hell are you going to lie about it? It is probable cause at that point and if you lie about it, you are really going to get screwed. Yes, I live in PA and I generally have a few guns in my truck locked in a container, out of sight... and when I drive to PA, I got to make sure I take them out (unless I am driving to the range).... BUT... you have got to be a freaking moron... OR completely above the law to drive into NJ with gun cases in your front seat. The guy was too lazy to throw them in the trunk? (if he had a cover) or at least on the floor of the back seats and cover it up... heck... go stop at any store and cover them up so they are out of sight. Considering he did not give a shit about driving with guns on his front seat, do you think he is above board with other laws instead? Just as likely he commutes to work with guns, full well knowing he cannot do it legally and "would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6." Here is the judged by 12 part. THERE IS ZERO reason to ILLEGALLY drive around with guns on front seat full well knowing it is illegal. This is not an "oops, I went to the range and forgot to take them out."
  9. You will end up having both. Personally, for more detail oriented folks... one piece cleaning rod + jags. For quick clean... bore snake. Where bore snakes help is with guns where it is more difficult to take out bolt, and where you cannot run a rod from the chamber OUT to the muzzle. Do NOT run a cleaning rod/patch back the other way. This is where bore snakes shine. Otherwise, cleaning kits are good but many of the cheap rods are well... cheap... they will quickly break. You will also need a cleaning rod to knock out squibs. =P
  10. Not a scientist but have been testing plenty of ammo. Aluminum extracts A LOT better than steel cased ammo almost across the board. Though the russian steel cased is far better than American steel cased, I believe due to different coating. In any case, we did not have any issues with @dajonga's Ruger American with whatever crap ammo we were feeding it!
  11. I think we all answered it. Yes it is completely legal... BUT so is walking around with an unloaded rifle with an FID. =P You just have to look at where you will be shooting it (i.e. public range like RTSP/Gunforhire/GSSC/ShoreShot/TTC) where they sell these and understand these... OR at a private club or a place like Range 14 with ROs will be on you to inspect anything questionable. Then factor in what is more important to you and WHY you want to build your own. A feature you cannot get? Or to simply save a few bucks. If it is about saving money... then... Is $XXX worth A LOT less peace of mind? With a purchased gun, especially Troy or DSI which have letters from NJSP and not just ATF, whose guns WERE INSPECTED by NJSP... any questions ANYWHERE... show a copy of the letter with the NJSP letterhead and the conversation stops there. With a home build... get ready to have a conversation. And yes, "loophole guns" is accurate. It was a gun designed and build specifically to get around existing NJ and CT draconian gun laws. And pretty much every manufacturer who makes these, that I spoke with, expects this to get closed in the future.
  12. and just personally, there is NO CHANCE IN HELL am I risking taking a home build Non-NFA to NJ... and would only take my Troy or DSI with a copy of the letter in the case and on my front seat.
  13. @0Jeep4 Scenario... You are a public range shooting this and an LEO comes up to you asking you, "what is this? It has a pistol brace, and very short, you must have broken the law, you can't have this in NJ." Now go ahead and explain to him EXACTLY why the gun IS legal without pissing your pants and stuttering. "But..but.. but.... They sell these, there are Troys, DSI and MM on the shelf.:" "And where does it say "Troy, DSI, MM on your gun?" People comfortable with guns and the law and know EXACTLY why these guns are legal and WANT the attention... should build one to save a few bucks or get what they want. BUT... what percentage of people are actually comfortable enough to have that conversation? And what percentage of people WILL screw up the OAL, or put an AFG or a hand stop instead of a VFG, or will order a STOCK instead of a pistol brace? People not immersed... SHOULD NOT be going out there and meddling in muddy waters, especially when we know the intent and that NJSP wants you to BUY a complete rifle versus building your own. Unless you want a cheap $500 build to mess around, the $300 price difference is well worth having a letter and far less liability in my opinion, especially if you have ANYTHING to lose. You build your own = you are 100% responsible. You BUY yours = You were sold by FFL/Distributors/Manufacturers and of course the NJSP saying your gun is OKAY! Bottom line, what I am saying is BUILD YOUR AR RIFLE... as no one is going to bat an eyelash... but Non-NFAs gather a lot of attention... unless you want that attention, it's not worth taking on more risk.
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