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  1. Got one myself to go along with the "NukeMe-15" lowers from PSA. Will make one of them an SBR I think and will be home to some "fully semi automatic" triggers. =) I think it is at my FFL now. Will have to call and find out. Will pick up soon, hopefully along with my suppressors. (I am in PA)...
  2. Hello Max

    I'm waiting on approval to join the Central Jersey club page

    My membership number is 9119 - Millard Kelly if that's required

  3. Hi Max, My membership just renewed but can you update my address as CC companies refuse charges sometimes

    please correct my address:
    137 Catherine Lane
    Manahawkin 08050



    tommy p


  4. Hey there! Sorry you did not get them yet. Let me check with my PO tomorrow and if no info will refund you tomorrow night. I am in Lehigh Valley and the distribution center here has been horrible with packages delayed up to two weeks. I sent out one regional rate, and one media. Was hoping they were getting caught up. If you don't get it tomorrow or Tuesday or I have no info, just pm me and will refund you. Paypal paid?
  5. Found the two. Will mail out on Monday. My truck is down, so sharing car with wifey. lol. thanks guys. @johnnyb @Tunaman
  6. Weird... don't know where new inventory popped up. @JohnnyB . Dealing with some car stuff today, but will make sure it is done tomorrow.
  7. Off sorry, did not know it still showed one in stock. Let me verify and will get it out Thursday, if not, will send you a refund.
  8. Good day and I hope this email finds you well. On our chat I have had a number of questions regarding what's going on and I wanted to send out a note to reassure you. If you are not aware, since the "election" social media companies have been hard at work silencing those they simply do not agree with. Twitter has banned over 70,000 accounts and FaceBook is purging posts that have key terms like "Stop the steal." Today, the purge hit the firearms community and a site that pretty much everyone is familiar with, AR15.com. Unfortunately, this is not surprising and anyone in the domain community has known for some time that GoDaddy is Anti-Gun and Anti Freedom of Speech. So while I am irritated that GoDaddy took these actions with AR15.com, I am more surprised that it was somehow a shock to someone who should have known better. AR15.com was registered at GoDaddy, and far more disturbing, is still having it's website hosted on Amazon's AWS. Just last night, Amazon chose to cut off services to Parler, which ran on the very same Amazon Web Services' cloud computing platform. How Does this Impact NJGF and How Are We Exposed? Since DAY 1, over 12 years ago, being at the mercy of anti-gun companies has been a concern of mine. As such, the domain has ALWAYS been registered and managed at either an offshore web registrar, Internet.bs, registered in the Bahamas, or, and for the last few years, at Epik.com, a registrar owned by a Freedom loving, CEO Rob Monster, someone I have come to known fairly well over the prior few years. Before Gab.com, Parler.com and now AR15.com found Epik.com, we have been using them for NJGunForums.com registration along with many other domains in my firearms portfolio. The company is strongly in support of the First and Second Amendments and I do not have any concerns there. In either case, if there is trouble on the horizon, the next step would be to register the domain at an offshore registrar. Hosting wise, there is a weeeeeee bit more exposure. NJGF is hosted on a dedicated server, with a host we have used for the last 8 years or so. I have had multiple discussions with the host over the years regarding firearms and they are completely okay with the firearms community. More than that, we are not on a "cloud" hosting platform where the data is all over the place, the data is on a server, backed up to two drivers. We DO use Amazon for cheap backup storage however, however an outage there, would have no impact on the community. As a backup, I maintain a number of backup hosts offshore as well, currently Norway, a country that values internet freedom, and will look into adding a second in either Switzerland or Bulgaria. In the event the current host would have an issue with the firearms community, it would take a few hours to transition to an offshore hosting account. Many people have asked about what they can do, and why we have "Premier Memberships" on the forum, this is why. Bottom Line While I am deeply concerned about the "cancel culture," I am not concerned about being in the position that AR15.com is today, and what many other firearms communities may find themselves in tomorrow. For the last 10 years, these concerns were top of mind and it is why we block traffic from most of Asia, and have the domain registered and servers hosted where we do. If you want to support the community and help with the additional backup servers, please consider becoming a Premier Member. You can do that here... https://www.njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/store/category/1-premier-membership/ If you have domains left over at GoDaddy, and want to tell them to pound sand, I highly recommend Epik.com, and it is where I have the vast majority of my domains registered, please use our link, http://slav.li/epik Thanks! -Maks
  9. You are in america now? Where at? Time to buy your suppressor!
  10. Good day, It is about 2 weeks away from Shot Show opening up media registrations for Shot Show 2021. Yes, the show is going ahead and this year will be even bigger than last year. Registration will be limited with on-site registration removed and I suspect Media registration will be shut down by end of November. In prior years I have been bombarded by requests for credentials (which you need in order to register) so I have put together a single response form here. Priority will be given to those who are willing to help out with gathering content or helping capture photos/videos for my YT channel. https://forms.gle/zk1u3DSgrxuhVnPR8
  11. More people check email than read here... it was also fairly limited and time sensitive as there was a small allocation of lowers available from PSA. Easiest and fastest thing to do was to send out an email, with auto replies and a form going to fill out a spreadsheet. And because this was a really big hook up from PSA and the three vendors, priority was put on those who opted in to receive email messages. When we did lowers last time, it was 4 or 5 pages of people arguing and quite simply there was not enough time for that. If you have a preferred dealer, and you want some, let me know and will ask the dealers if they would honor the reserved pricing... In either case, the prices for these should still be lower than the original lowers we did in 2010 IIRC. =) Which was $125 IIRC.
  12. Hello everyone! Another post here for those that did not read my three prior emails. NJGF Engraved lowers are here from PSA and available at very reasonable prices! We have partnered with Palmetto State Armory and were able to get an allocation of their Stealth AR-15 Lower Receivers engraved with an NJGF logo on the other side. Three NJ FFLs have agreed to carry them for NJGF members and have ordered some extra receivers for stock. They are: @TechOpsInternational in Phillipsburg, NJ, a forum vendor and the Troy "Other Firearm" exclusive distributor, @tj462nj WeShoot in Lakewood, NJ, formerly Garden State Shooting Center, and a long time supporter of the forum, and @swatfirearms in Hammonton, NJ, a good friend and a supporter of the community. While prices were guaranteed for initial responders, the FFLs do have some lowers available at very reasonable prices. Please reach out to them for more information and make sure to tell them you are a forum member who wants a lower, but did not reserve one. For those that responded earlier, the dealers have your information so please make arrangements to pick them up, they will not hold them for you long. Lowers are getting quite scarce these days so here is your opportunity to get one or two at a good price.
  13. Hey guys, a few folks have not yet, I believe the vast majority have. Will go through the list and see who has not yet and make sure you do.
  14. Awesome! Would be awesome. Let me know or can include you on PM. Thanks Jack!
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