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  1. Maksim

    More great news

    Not sure how it was for the Brunswick’s but I am assuming it would be because during the day the snow and sleet were melting.... and would undoubtedly turn to black ice. North of 78 has tons of ice... but in either case, it was damned if you do damned if you don’t.
  2. Maksim

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    Ended up with about 4” and tons of ice. Foetunately the snow blower made quick work or ice and snow, then finished up shoveling the sleet.
  3. Maksim

    Glock 48. The new NJ G19.

    Buy a glock 19. =P
  4. Maksim

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    What site is that?
  5. Maksim

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    And likely 10 miles west towards Phillipsburgh it is snow. =) Although I think it just turned to rain here too. But... eh, I don't think it was the wrong call. Could have shifted either way and doomed if you do, doomed if you don't scenario.
  6. Maksim

    Fireplace Help (LP)

    Vented up through the roof, pulls air in from outside behind the fireplace. There was styrofoam plugged into the vent pulling in from outside. I suppose to prevent pests.
  7. Maksim

    Fireplace Help (LP)

    Thanks and you are quite right... but I am also not an idiot and posted quickly without ever looking into it until tonight, the only reason why being in case of power outage. Obviously I was not just going to plug in a tank and turn it on. Give me some credit. I would clean and inspect the system and if I was still not 100% confident I would bring someone out. I am quite conservative and would not willingly risk my family. I also know there are tons of scammers around who overcharge for simple things or things that were not even wrong.... i.e. previous owner hired a "reputable" company to pump a septic tank. They charged him $1,200 and pumped exactly zero gallons. How do I know? Because when the owner redid the landscaping, those "professionals" covered over the septic tank access lid. lol. The company, if anything, pumped from the secondary tank. This is the beauty of the community, I can get honest help here, and with it, can decide what is within my limits or not, and then not get ripped off if I do hire someone for it. But simply saying "you don't know anything, call a professional" isn't really helpful. I got a few boxes of clays from the last meetup... no need to. =)
  8. Maksim

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    Heh, completely snow covered, around 3" here.
  9. Maksim

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    aholes? Yep... unless you speak French. Whenever I go to Canada, far prefer Quebec and Montreal to Toronto. Not sure where you are in NH, but we have friends in Dover and Manchester, and visit quite often but when you go further north it is just dreary... Going up to the white mountains and Loon is a whole different world.
  10. Maksim

    Fireplace Help (LP)

    Got it up, Heat n Home/Heatilator 4236IL, propane model. 24,000 btu max. Will deal with after shot show.
  11. Maksim

    Grip on my FN 509 tactical too aggressive

    Love the P10C When I first started shooting I loved the hogue rubber grips. At some point, something clicked or changed and I went to as aggressive as I could get. lol. Probably due to shooting mostly in matches... the rubber and plastic grips get too slippery as your hands sweat in the summer time outside.
  12. Maksim

    Fireplace Help (LP)

    IIRC, battery/spark. The entire bottom panel is still sealed up with tape. lol Have not opened it to check it out.
  13. Maksim

    Scored. P365

    There is the CZ75 Compact... but it is not that small. but there is this guy... https://cz-usa.com/product/cz-2075-rami-9mm-black-alloy-14-rd-mags/
  14. Most recently, these talks are essentially sales pitches for US Law Shield which he is part of.

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