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  1. So I just got a G2C... and must say. pretty dang impressed for the money!
  2. Maksim

    NFA Picture Thread

    Ah. Did not know pre-samples were allowed. Awesome. =)
  3. Would not be surprised. In any case, anyone have updates on the bump stock lawsuits? Have not really followed it in a while.
  4. Was excited over this gun ever since I saw it at Shot Show 2019. Anxiously waited and was able to get mine a few months ago. Finally had a chance to take it out to a match, slap on an RMR, and complete the first video! I really appreciate you guys watching, liking, sharing and commenting!
  5. Maksim

    NFA Picture Thread

    Pics... =P Full auto UZI in NJ ? Dealer sample?
  6. Why not get both? =) The Troy flash hider actually does a decent job with reducing recoil as well. Was fairly impressed although after hundreds of rounds, with a few machine guns sprinkled in... your shoulder does start to feel it a tad.
  7. Maksim

    NFA Picture Thread

    Paul, are these all pre/transferrables? I.e. you have been busy since moving out to the desert?
  8. Then there is a bit less difference as you can push the 308 beyond what it was originally designed for. I.e load it long. Factory SAMI spec 308 winchester is going to be leaving quite a bit of tolerances vs what the gun is capable of doing. 6.5 CM was designed for precision to begin with, so the SAMI specs are closer to optimal. Furthermore, 308 brass is a lot more common, and especially if you already have a 308 bolt gun... so reloading it may end up being a tad cheaper. There are also more bullet choices though with the rise of 6.5 CM, the gap is closing quite a bit.
  9. If I am getting into the game... just get 6.5 CM... particularly if you are likely not going to reload.
  10. Done... https://www.njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/forum/211-other-firearms-non-nfa/ and Done... https://www.njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/forum/212-nfa-forum/ Will move topics over time.
  11. So i have the Troy video done and have a Variant 1 from Dark Storm which i will do shortly. Good idea on a sub section. Will add in a bit.
  12. Weird... what town is it? Grabbed folder and went? Don't they review them with you? In my town, when I lived in the socialist republic, the detective would always go over the permits with me to verify my info and to make sure the clerks in the office did not leave anything off and then I would sign them on the spot in front of him. As others above here mentioned, @GRIZ @High Exposure Don't wait around to pick up permits... get them as soon as you get the call they are ready. Time is wasting as soon as they are signed and as such, with OGAM, you are generally wasting one of the permits unless you go through exemption.
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