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  1. So yes, $100 pay per view here but it is Free in Russia. You can watch it live on www.1tv.ru starting at 11:30 PM eastern via live stream. You just need to use a browser which will show you to be in Europe. Download Opera browser, Opera.com, Click on new private tab from menu. In the VPN tab, click and select Netherlands. When you go to 1tv.ru it will think you are there and let you stream it free. Tada!
  2. So we have 2 rokus. With Roku, best way to think about it is like Apple TV. There are three levels of channels. 1. Totally free 2. Free* if you have a the channel already through cable or otherwise. 3. Paid Most of the channels like History, etc will have completely free content, and then more content if you subscribe. HBO and Showtime will have both, options 2 and 3. Then there is the whole thing of "grey" channels and various apps out there that give you free channels, etc. Plenty of free stuff on Roku though and well worth it. Even just to have easier way to watch Amazon Prime and Netflix. We have it for the Russian tv packages.
  3. again? Seems every few months we have a "moorestown invasion" thread.
  4. Yep, no need to put in media codes or anything else. If you just copy and paste the youtube video address, it will automatically embed it. =)
  5. Wow, this may be one of the cheapest 10mm that you can get. Looking forward to seeing some reviews.
  6. Found this quite interesting and funny at the same time. Legal to shoot terrorists... https://sputniknews.com/europe/201706291055076372-czech-republic-firearms-terrorism/ .... now if we were only so forward thinking as Czech Republic. lol. ois vai.
  7. A few years in the making but I want to wish a very warm welcome to our newest vendor, @bushmaster & his company, Cheyenne Gunsmith & Firearms, in Manville, NJ. You can find Bob in a few places, starting with his NJGF Vendor/FFL page here... Cheyenne Gunsmith & Firearms - NJGF FFL His website - http://www.cheyennefirearms.com/ and Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/CheyenneFirearms/ Thank you for supporting the firearms community, the floor is yours.
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