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  1. Was going to say, even the original series of Miami Vice is terrific as far as guns go.
  2. I see your Arhnuld... and raise you a Stallone...
  3. Was doing a search and this came up. Let's bring it up from 6 years ago. =P
  4. ... If that many @Ray Ray.
  5. No no... the one with the shotgun. =)
  6. Whoa..... Cheesy?!?!?!!? Explain yourself.... Don't make me dig up that picture ray ray. =P lol. You know.... THAT picture that shall not be talked about.
  7. Yeah... It's freaking AWESOME! One of my favorite movies. =)
  8. What's wrong with Miami Vice? =)
  9. If we are including foreign movies... 9th Company (a Russian movie about Afghanistan, plenty of AK and Dragunov porn)... and porn. =) Thank you YouTube.
  10. Really about time that ruger gets the takedown figured out. SW was by far the easiest with the 22A (predecessor to the victory).... one button on the front and voila. Buckmark was always good too, variety of styles and just the one screw. Finally Ruger gets it done. They are nice guns, just not sure how to justify $500... whereas you can get 2 smiths for that price.
  11. Actually..... Miami Vice movie...
  12. Having just seen John Wick.... I think that has a good start. I have not seen JW 2 yet... 13 Hours is also pretty damn good at making you want to go buy more guns.
  13. Looking forward to seeing this. I still have not built out my NJGF lower we did a few years back... and looks quite interesting.
  14. Now I got to ask.... how the heck are you typing up those longs posts.... on a mobile device? Please tell me it is at least a tablet. =)