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  1. Good idea on how they ship. The question is... while they have the good stuff on the front, the sides are only 1/8th inch thick... Seems like can do better?
  2. "Yes, I have a pocket knife (on me, on seat, in glove box, etc.)" Saying you do not and then having them find it... only makes it worse and you have to justify the douchebag thing of how a pocket knife is not a weapon. In the past, saying I have one, was not an issue. If asked why... then you can say why. Be it opening boxes, gardening, or I always have one in the car for quick fixes, or cutting fruit on the go. =)
  3. Ah, except the part of shooting in your backyard... Does your town have discharge laws? In most of Central Jersey there were discharge laws on the books. Now, once again the broader issue of carrying on property is the difference in being right vs being effective... You are absolutely 100% within your rights to open carry on your property, heck, walk around with an AR and an AK on your back... the question is, how effective is it? Have a noisy neighbor? Watch how quickly they call the cops and swat shows up to reports of "gun walking around with assault rifles." Yes, they will sort it out later. Just remember NYC transit laws... yes, FOPA protects you, but NYC doesn't care and they arrest first, then sort out later. Hence why, carrying on own property... conceal carry it, especially if you have small property or in an urban area. If you live in the boonies or are on a few acres, then it all goes out the window and do as you want.
  4. Depends on the size of your company and whether you want to risk losing it all. Again, there is the cost of compliance vs opportunity costs. I think companies will either comply (larger) or won't ship. Smaller companies who ignore the laws will be made an example out of once they are found out about. Look at the bump stock thing... AG's contacted manufacturers and got lists of buyers in their state. (IIRC).
  5. ...that is assuming you have anything actually on natural gas. =)
  6. Interesting, range looks quite nice for an indoor facility. Membership is also quite reasonable for NJ... but I am sure a large part of it is where it is located... south south Jersey. This range would clean up in North or Central Jersey, but have a harder time trying to make a case for it in AC. IF they can get the tourists, ala what Vegas ranges do, they would make a killing, unfortunately AC is a slump/dump. The 100 yard indoor is certainly an amazing competitive advantage though.
  7. Yes and no. No that you can always go to Walmart in PA and buy ammo, Yes in that they can use it to litigate shippers willing to send ammo to NJ.
  8. Well that would be fairly simple and what NJ has done in the past. They do a search for ammo sellers, make a fake order and see if they ship and comply with NJ Laws. Through legislation and more importantly lawsuits, they can drive out of state companies to comply... or more specifically you will see messages of... "NJ: We do not ship ammunition to the state of NJ."
  9. Was wondering which it was... my guess was Franchi... but that was also A-5 based or vice versa.
  10. This +1000 A few converted mags I saw The baseplate just came off, they were blocked but not sealed. Another had rivets through the bottom which can be more or less easily punched out and then reinstalled. For gluing, depends on what glue, etc. Can always try heat... others can like break from shattering. If Epoxy? eh... Just get some new mags and bury these deep in the closet... (In PA of course that is....)
  11. I would think it went something like this... Some regular hunter guy gets there and starts seeing new faces and a crowd develop and a guy who has a gun that looks "tacticool" so he calls in a tip or to one of his buddies.
  12. Wow that was terrific, I think the biggest shotgun or NJGF meetup in our history? Thanks Nick and Ray Ray for getting this together. Was awesome to see some old faces and new faces. 30 people? Yep sounds about right!
  13. Thanks for bringing it up. I will take a look however I do not believe there were any attempts.... particularly as most spam is geared towards actual spam and not political messages. In either case, even when registered, members cannot see each other's email addresses as they are all encrypted on back end and not shown. What is possible is that your email was typed somewhere in a message, and someone might have used a screen grabber to capture emails... but it could have been any website and why generally we would not want anyone to write their email in a message that is public.
  14. So yes, $100 pay per view here but it is Free in Russia. You can watch it live on www.1tv.ru starting at 11:30 PM eastern via live stream. You just need to use a browser which will show you to be in Europe. Download Opera browser, Opera.com, Click on new private tab from menu. In the VPN tab, click and select Netherlands. When you go to 1tv.ru it will think you are there and let you stream it free. Tada!
  15. So we have 2 rokus. With Roku, best way to think about it is like Apple TV. There are three levels of channels. 1. Totally free 2. Free* if you have a the channel already through cable or otherwise. 3. Paid Most of the channels like History, etc will have completely free content, and then more content if you subscribe. HBO and Showtime will have both, options 2 and 3. Then there is the whole thing of "grey" channels and various apps out there that give you free channels, etc. Plenty of free stuff on Roku though and well worth it. Even just to have easier way to watch Amazon Prime and Netflix. We have it for the Russian tv packages.