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  1. Just applied for 4 permits in Freehold Twp. today. The secretary stated that it will take 3 months until they are ready. That seems accurate because I received my neighbor's reference letter on Monday 2/8 and he said he applied 3 months ago. Freehold was always around a month in the not to distant pass. I guess not anymore. Such a great feeling living in NJ!
  2. On Sat, 1/3, I picked up a Ruger 10/22 Takedown rifle with a black/grey wood laminated stock and flash suppressor. Steve is a great guy to deal with and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. We had a good conversation as well since NICS was running behind by a bout an hour. All in all, excellent to deal with and I will be conducting more transactions with Steve as funds permit (of course!) Thanks again!!!!
  3. They say their website will be updated soon. If you go to their facebook page, they have some pictures posted.
  4. In case nobody has heard, a new gun shop opened in howell. They have about 100 firearms in stock, they do transfers for $20 plus $15 for NICS fees, will do special orders, and is a full time gunsmith. They will also modify firearms that are not NJ compliant. Hopefully they will be in business for years to come. Howell Gun Works 2446 Route 9 South Howell, NJ 848-444-9400 Th, Fr, Mo 11-7 Sa 11-6 Appointments available on Tu and We Also on facebook
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