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  1. Haha nice! I like that idea. Sent via Tapatalk HD on my iPad
  2. Whats the law on carrying a knife? Blade length? Anyone know?
  3. Haha there we go! Sent via Tapatalk HD on my iPad
  4. Nope. Can't do that. I'm hired to write estimates for the insurance claims submitted for the homes. 90% of those claims are vandalism and stolen copper pipes (wonderful Philadelphia and Camden). So now you see why I wish I could apply and actually get one. If you find me a new job that pays what I'm making I'll gladly switch. lolSent via Tapatalk HD on my iPad
  5. Yeah I think it's NJ, NY, and I believe 2 or 3 others. The rest allow it. Unfortunately PA gives them out like candy, but at least they issue them. I seriously feel that they need to either make them like drivers licenses where they are reciprocal or create one national license to carry which would require a $100 charge for FBI background check and filing. I see nothing wrong with that as long as they make it available nationally...
  6. PS.... I spoke with a NJ State Trooper and told him that I had my PA license to carry and wanted to know if there was a way I could get my NJ permit. His response was, "Isn't your PA permit valid in NJ?" and when I said no he said, "Oh well I wouldn't worry about it. You have a good reason to carry and if I ever pulled you over I would let you go." and I was stunned and laughed and said, "welllll....I don't wanna count on it being you every time I get pulled over". Seriously?!? I'm not generalizing!!!! Just had to share that true story... Sent via Tapatalk HD on my iPad
  7. OMG. You guys have seriously provided me with a solid 10 min of laughter. I loved all the comments, you guys are a riot. I sincerely appreciate the answers and I pretty much heard its impossible and I would be wasting my time. Seriously makes me want to file suit against the state because it angers me. I genuinely feel that I have a legitimate reason to carry and I know I would be denied. I figured I would make this post in hopes that someone knew something that I didn't. :-( Sent via Tapatalk HD on my iPad
  8. Hey guys, I'm from PA and have my concealed carry license in PA. I travel into NJ often for work so I am usually unable to carry my weapon as NJ does not recognize the PA license to carry concealed. I spoke with several officers in NJ and no one seems to know for sure if I can successfully obtain a concealed carry license in NJ. For those wondering why I may want it, I inspect vacant homes (typically foreclosed homes) for banks almost every day and have been in several dangerous situations. I find I feel 1000x more comfortable and secure when I'm in PA and can carry the weapon on me when in these vacant homes in bad neighborhoods. Does anyone know if I can ACTUALLY obtain the concealed carry license in NJ? I have heard NJ is a "may issue" state and PA is a "will issue" state. I've also heard its near impossible to get a concealed carry license in NJ unless you are a police officer or retired officer... Any help offered is appreciated. Sent via Tapatalk HD on my iPad
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