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  1. the lady at the record dept understood my frustration and said its what the state wants. that was another PITA. i had to leave work early and just like a mcdonalds breakfast i was told i wasnt there in time. so they handed me the paperwork and told me to come back. i know its no great revalation with this group but its just ridiculous to put law abiding gun owners through this nonsense. between this and my security job this will probably be the 5th time im getting fingerprinted. ITS STILL ME! NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!!! -Roger
  2. not happy, just called old bridge and was told i need to do the whole process over again. paperwork, prints, the whole routine. doesnt seem right for literally moving less than 100 yards.
  3. oh thought he might have stuck up your spot or something.
  4. sounds like i should do myself a favor and call the PD on monday. thanks all. -Roger
  5. just moved recently (same town, same apartment complex, just new address) havent made a purchase recently but ive wondered will it be a problem with my current card not matching my DL. will i have to go through the process again or will the PD be able to just update my info and give me a new card? -Roger
  6. hello all! just wanted to reintroduce myself to the board. my last account got a little screwed up when the board changed formats so i had to create a new one. looking forward to posting and getting back in the mix! -Roger
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