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  1. I wish Piers would just shut up and quit talking over him.
  2. Piers Morgan's Anti-Gun Argument Destroyed In Reality Check http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRJ0ls_W9XM "Makes you wonder if England is such a wonderful place, why is Piers Morgan living here. Oh right the taxes, and crime." "Where does this non citizen get off sticking his fargin nose all up in our business? If an American went to any other country and started spewing crap against the founding documents of that country he would be killed for treason, period. Or spend the rest of his life in a hole. Do non citizens get to benifit from our 1stA? He needs to go back from where he came." These quotes are not my words but was thinking the same thing. You know if we went to England and starting spewing BS about their government you would get arrested.
  3. which Dicks? I was @ princeton and got a 22lr on 1/3 and they got NICS back 1/5. they had to fax it since phones are down. I remeber reading somewhere someone said one of the dicks stores fax was not working.
  4. just wanted to say hey from a new supporter, been indecisive about joining but finally made the plunge. hope to learn and share
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