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  1. Maks is it possible to add a way for users to be able delete their posts they started rather having to change title to "please delete" or bother a admin? I would like to be able to remove my posts in marketplace etc when no longer needed. Admins aren't deleting them
  2. there is no law specific, its discretionary of issuing authority. the can request them if they want.
  3. ogfarmer

    KFC or Popeyes

    used to be KFC fan but now that there's a popeyes in manville im hooked AF. kfc is just soggy under cooked mess now. i do like their mashed potatoes, gravy and slaw still popeyes spicy is da bomb. never soggy and always cooked thru. popeyes mash and slaw isn't too bad either.
  4. ogfarmer

    Classic scammer abuse...

    are you seeing my pm's?
  5. SOLD WTS- 1 Springfield 1911 EMP 9mm 9rd Magazine New Factory Springfield 1911 EMP 9mm 9rd magazine. Paypal, Venmo or Cash App Hillsborough
  6. WTS- PS90 package $1200 PS90 5.7x28mm Approx 100 rounds thru it w/ box I believe has Gen 3 trigger pack. 4 x 10rd mags 550rds AE 5.7x28 40gr FMJ 50 rds FN Lead free bullet Transfer @ Cheyenne Gunsmith and Firearms in Manville. Will split transfer fee. Buyer pays $25
  7. ogfarmer

    Coffee Houses With Live Entertainment

    how old are you daughters that their drinking coffee? thought your kids were on younger side
  8. ogfarmer

    Where to get a piece of AR500

    https://pewpewplates.com/ company right in plainfield owned by a member here and professional shooter

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