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  1. Chrome browser, safari etc and it f’in sucks! I am far less inclined to visit the forums as much as I used too since it’s such a pia to navigate via mobile.
  2. weighs about 100lbs assembled but disassembles easily for transport and heaviest part is 26lbs
  3. Shoprider Dasher 4 Mobility Scooter Was my 92yr old grandmothers backup scooter in case her other one broke. She's been in assisted living but now she can't get around anymore and has been moved to full time care floor and is suffering from dementia. I have been storing it and no longer have room. She said to sell it to help pay bills. Holds full charge and is in great shape beside being a little dusty. Comes with charger cable and 2 Keys. Seat rotates for easy access, folds down and is also removable for transport. Steering also folds. Great 4 wheel scooter for getting around. $400 cash, paypal. venmo or cash app. Hillsborough, Somerset County.
  4. chris just posted in my mewe group chat, you can text him also. he says he usually responds to texts more than anything 9738410505
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