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  1. whats TTC transfer fee rate? Cheyenne Gunsmith and Firearms in Manville probably cheaper and probably could get the rifle for you. Robs prices are usually really good. and his customer service is great.
  2. FPID's DO EXPIRE! Law changed back in 2015 30 days after change of address, sex or name.
  3. Gauge block set sold everything else still available negotiable will trade for ammo, star wars stuff or action figure lots etc...
  4. Robert Teodorczy Cheyanne Gunsmith and Firearms in Manville . He home based ffl and can get you pretty much anything u want. Good guy and usually has good deals due to low overhead costs. cherck his site and fb page. He always treated me good. also Middlebrook firearms on rt 22 in greenbrook near harbor frieght is ok i have bought a bunch from heritage guild but they are pricey and their transfer fees suck
  5. will trade for items besides actual firearms
  6. Lot of machinist tools I inherited from my grandfather, I have no use for this stuff and no more room to keep storing it. $300 obo for all of it Lot of Taps, Dies, Gauge Blocks etc Vintage Wells Bros Little Giant taps and dies Various other Taps and Dies etc.. Vintage wooden Boxs Hoke P&W Gauge Blocks from 1943 missing a few pieces. see images here- https://cnj.craigslist.org/tls/d/hillsborough-machinist-taps-dies-gauge/7101344522.html
  7. i live in hillsborough too, they are usually very quick with the process
  8. husqvarna makes a pretty nice one. I was sponsored by them in college for timber sports and had all their gear. there available from lowes, tractor supply etc just google them or buy direct from husqys website
  9. just sold some of those sets got $15 for all three after having them listed multiple places for over a year
  10. 2a sanctuary means nothing like that. all laws are still enforceable laws
  11. I have used John recently and hes good guy and helped me get thru something.
  12. Gun shows cancelled. eagje arms just posted that local government closed it due to virus
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