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  1. there was text and lots of pics, i removed it in order to take new pics, Post updated now
  2. the lot was split so i edited post and need to update with whats left
  3. $75 a pair per box. Two cameras per box, 4 boxes available = 8 cameras. reduced to $65 a pair Hillsborough, Somerset County Cash, Venmo, Cash App, or Paypal. These are great reliable cams and will provide you with peace of mind protecting your loved ones, personal belongings, your home or business. WiFi or Ethernet capability. Great for nanny cams for checking on the kids while at work. Checking in on elderly parents, Security for your home or set them up on your vacation home or trailer, so you can stay connected to what’s going on 24/7. Has built in led Infrared lamps for night vision and is excellent in extreme low light conditions. Free app that works from your phone, tablet, computer. Save to your private youtube or Google drive Two way communication with built in mic and speaker. Motion or audio activation with notification for security. They’re Samsung. Excellent technology.
  4. immediate is father, mother, brother, sister, wife, husband. October 1st was day law became effective. so anything September 31st and before fell under old way
  5. This is how I ask sales be posted in my group. Of course it goes with out saying that its not followed to the T but for most part the info is provided.
  6. yeah its extremely harder to move used stuff now with the extra fees for transfers. someones gotta take the hit and that's why on my site (NJ GUNS FOR SALE on MEWE) I recommend buyers and sellers split ffl cost. either way its a extra 40-50 bucks on someones end if not. especially low end stuff, i have a couple rifles its just not worth selling now cause the extra fees make it absurd. hell i really need the money too but selling a 150.00 for 200 is not gonna happen for the most part.
  7. preferably, I don't have time to split and part out. before I have to be out and find new place by end of month.
  8. ogfarmer


    Moving and need to clear out extra baggage and need funds asap $100 for all Hillsborough, cash, Venmo, paypal or cash app Torch and fuel Hacksaw New Hatchet B&D Drill Skill Drill Battery tester (used once) 2 battery tenders wire brush and soft brush rubber mallet screwdrivers fencing pliers electrical wire pliers razor knife tape measure Craftsman Impact Wrench Brake honing kit tool box
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