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  1. Hello NJgunforums! I've been lurking here for quite awhile now and I figured I'd finally make a post. Pretty new gun owner. Got my first firearm a little over a year ago when I turned 22. Here it is CZ P07 Gen 2 Then the gun bug hit and I bought a Maverick 88 sort of on a whim. xD Lately I've been obsessing over the SKS and have been seriously considering getting one very soon from Classic Firearms https://www.classicfirearms.com/yugo-sks-semi-auto-excellent I think its such a pretty rifle, plus the price of 7.62x39 is very appealing. I shoot at Shore Shot in Lakewood all the time. Looking forward to the new range they're building off Englishtown Rd (Union Hill Gun Club). It looks like it going to be a really nice place. And its a lot closer to me than Lakewood. lol I'm also a huge car nut, audiophile, and my favorite band is The Doors. Some of my favorite youtube gun channels are Hickok45, IraqVeteran8888, and Nutnfancy. And I guess that's it for now.
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