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  1. So since I started collecting firearms in February, I've had the same storage setup: a locked walk-in closet with firearms on display, and a small gun safe, fits 24 guns but i only keep room for a few and hold most of my ammo in there. The closet and the safe are both in my bedroom. The closet shares a wall with my bathroom - in particular, my shower. Due to some small cracks in the tiles of the shower, water has been getting inside the wall, slowly creating mold on the other side (in my gun closet.) It took a while for me to notice because i had an ammo bag and a few boxes of shotgun shells stacked exactly where the mold was forming, I only noticed when I picked up a box of shells and noticed it was wet. Upon further investigation, my firearms are damaged and I'm gonna guess it's from moisture. Here are some pics of the damage to just a few of the guns so you get the idea: https://ibb.co/mnU9gU https://ibb.co/nNcJap https://ibb.co/n8jyap https://ibb.co/fxBdap There is similar (but not as bad) small blue spots and rust on my desert eagle, walther p99 and two other ARs I'm getting the wall fixed and redone obviously, in the meantime I have a bunch of guns laying around my bedroom, and i'm looking for proper storage solutions. I bought 5 packs of 50-gram silica packs from amazon, as well as 2 eva-dry dehumidifiers. Here are my questions: 1: what should I do about the firearms? I ordered all the cleaning supplies I could possibly find, but I don't really know what to do with them. I have mpro copper cleaner, hoppes rust & lead remover, and a bunch of different cleaning solvents and gun oils. Not sure if any of that is useful in this situation, but if it is, what should I do with it? I'm a novice at this 2: From now on (after getting the leak and wall fixed) if i keep a dehumidifier in the gun closet, another dehumidifier somewhere near the safe, plus one silica pack inside of the safe, will that suffice? 3: from 1-10 how fucked are my guns? i'm really neurotic about taking care of them, but like I said I'm also a novice at all the maintenance and storage stuff. Are they still in good enough condition? or am i looking at bad performance issues down the road?
  2. man, you're really bothered by the fact that I like the look of the fake can lol. it's alright i appreciate your right to have a closed mind. anyways i have my answer and don't know how to delete threads so i'm just gonna unsubscribe to it, thanks guys!
  3. something of the sort, yes. perhaps just a black hole to another realm.
  4. update, if anyone wants to know took it to the range with the fake can yesterday, i let the rangemaster know before i took it out that i have a fake silencer and asked if it was cool, he actually thought it was awesome and asked if he could screw it on himself, which of course i let him didn't work though. i fired the first round and, first of all we still have no idea what happened to the bullet, but the brass got stuck in the ejection port and left the slide stuck halfway. There was nothing on the target but it is basically a statistical impossibility that i missed, i had the target VERY close at first just to test the can bc the sights don't reach over the can and i wanted to see what i was aiming at. the rangemaster was watching the whole time and he said he honestly believes that my first shot was coincidentally a blank, and that explains why the brass didn't eject (something about not having enough powder or something) but i don't know about that. He said i should try one more shot but i wasn't risking damage to the gun so i took it off and put 99 rounds through it just fine. tl;dr - it doesn't work but my gun seems to be ok. still gonna keep it on when its in the display closet at home. edit: also i obviously checked the inside of the can and it looks completely clean, so i really don't know what happened
  5. https://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/84723/Uzi+Tactical+Rifle+Semi-Auto+22LR+16\ assuming you could pin the stock and get a 10 rd mag? while we're here, what about any Mp5 or Mp7 clones?
  6. I'm okay with it not serving a purpose if I think it looks nice and isn't mechanically damaging to the gun. but to each his own i guess
  7. yeah that's it! cool, i'll try it out thanks! just because i like the way it looks, but i'm also not willing to sacrifice the integrity of the gun for it so if there's a technical reason not to keep it on, I'm all ears
  8. sorry if this is a dumb question. I got this Pike Arms $30.00 fake can for my M9A3 because I like the way it looks. I know the general opinion in the firearms community about fake suppressors but since this is a NJ forum I don't expect tons of hate All I want to know is if I'm doing any long term damage to the gun by shooting it with this cheap, heavy fake can on it. It feels as heavy as the gun itself. I know the M9A3 doesn't have a floating barrel so there's no feeding issues to worry about, but when I rack it it just sounds like, heavy or something. I haven't shot it yet, so I'm wondering is it ok to shoot with this heavy and cheap thing? https://ibb.co/b8UGu7
  9. Ah okay thanks! Dang i'm having a hard time finding a fake can to fit the m9a3
  10. How about this thing? May be a dumb question, but It says "any caliber" so i'm assuming its purely aesthetic and I cannot shoot the gun while this is on it? I want to put it on my 9mm M9a3 and it'd be nice to keep it on while I shoot https://www.wingtactical.com/firearm-parts/ar-15/muzzle-devices/spikes-tactical-car-1-fake-can-1-2-28-tpi/
  11. Hey, if anyone's interested here's a solid update! My tinnitus has decreased significantly and i can only hear the ringing if i focus on it in a quiet room. It's completely tolerable and I am extraordinarily grateful for that! Went back to the range for the first time today and I let all my new firearms see their debut. I shot 9mm, 5.56, 12 gauge and .308 rounds at a packed indoor range with double hearing protection and my tinnitus was not affected at all. I know the .308 was loud for sure, cause the guy and gal next to me looked disgusted and jumped every time I set it off So, I know this is an old post but I am just very happy that I can safely get back to the range with all my new gadgets, and hopefully for anyone who had/has the same question I did - is it safe to go back to the range after noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus (gunshot noise specifically) - the answer is probably yes! just double up on earpro Now I feel safe saving up for a shiny S&W .460 XVR hopefully the sound doesn't pop fillings out of my teeth lol
  12. also, turns out that compensator/fake suppressor actually does fit on the g36 as well! nice!!!
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