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  1. Or maybe what you could do if you live in a state that makes you register your weapons, do that as you're required to, but then a month later report one of them stolen or destroyed in a boating accident so if an overbearing government ever does come to confiscate them you at least have one that's no longer recorded as being owned by you. lol
  2. It would just be so funny to see the look on Gov Murphy and David Hogg's faces if suddenly people just started 3d printing and mass producing ar-15 rifles in their house and circumvented all the magazine restrictions, permits, nics checks and everything lmao.
  3. It would be hilarious if people just started 3D printing functional firearms and all of those gun control measures became impossible to enforce. lol It would be the biggest F YOU ever to this new governor and all these whiny young college students crying about guns.
  4. I said maybe banning the most dangerous military grade weapons (which is already the case in all 50 states) is reasonable and people disagreed. But current laws are now that any gun, even a single shot hunting rifle can be taken away from you without due process because of a restraining order or a complaint from family or a mental health worker you're all fine with.... I just don't know what to say. It's also a load of bull that you need an FID card to buy anything at all which can be very difficult to get, but again the only thing people here complain about is the magazine restrictions. This is why we're losing this fight lol.
  5. It's funny how I say okay maybe you don't need a rocket launcher or a mini gun and you snap at me (I don't think you can anywhere), but then when I complain that a lot of these gun control measures violate due process and people are guilty until proven innocent many don't agree.
  6. That's exactly what I've been complaining about on here! It seems that with a lot of things gun related their is no due process. You'd think people would be more concerned about how easily they could just take away thousands of dollars worth of weapons and all your weapon rights because of something as simple as a temporary restraining order or a visit to the psychiatrist's office or a crazy ex girlfriend calling something in before you care about how many rounds your magazine can hold.
  7. The 10 round magazine restriction doesn't bother me as much as how they make it very hard in this state to buy one but very easy to take away. Though it's very troubling because how do we know in a few years they won't go down to 5? I admit I kind of agree that the average joe shouldn't need a fully automatic assault weapon with a drum magazine and armor piercing bullets, but when you tell someone they can't have any weapons at all because of the tiniest thing it seems like a blatant infringement of the 2nd amendment.
  8. Nope. The law says you don't have a right to defend yourself against a criminal who has no respect for the law and might have his own gun with a higher magazine from the black market. Did you think you had rights?
  9. I imagine there's a grace period but that's why I'm asking for some more clarification about what these changes are exactly. The only thing that's clear is this agenda to chip away on the right to bare arms slowly and with individual people with the real objective of removing guns almost completely from everybody, but they know they can't do it at all at once so for now we have this.
  10. I'm a little confused by exactly what was signed and what it means for gun owners or potential gun owners in New Jersey. 1. The most glaring one is him saying 10 round magazines are the maximum and not 15. I guess this means that most full size pistols that hold 15-17 rounds are now contraband. Does this apply to magazines already owned? Is there a punishment if you have one anyway or if it was bought legally somewhere else but then moved here? 2. Then there is one that says that mental health professionals must inform law enforcement if someone is a danger to themselves or others? I thought they already had to do this. The mental health part of background checks are already highly confusing. If someone was forcibly hospitalized in a facility by a judge that seems clear enough to revoke you. But do those laws, current or new, mean someone that sees a psychiatrist on a voluntary outpatient basis once in a while for something like anxiety or stress are now forbidden? It's not clear. 3. And then he says that private gun sales are also subject to background checks,but again I thought this was already done where there's no escaping needing an FPID card and a NICs check so what's the change? 4. Need to show justifiable need for a concealed carry permit? Lol, I thought this already was next to impossible here unless you were a detective or something. 5. Then there is something about not just family members but basically anyone being allowed to ask the law enforcement to remove somebody else's weapons. I wonder what other rights you can request be stripped of someone else for any reason. I feel like all of this can be better simplified by saying we're going to make it as difficult as possible for you to buy and keep firearms unless someone can better explain this to me.
  11. Yes that's where America is as a whole with most people falling somewhere in between but I would think people on this forum would lean more towards a right to own as opposed to saying if there is the slightest red flag that goes up like a restraining order from former partner, take everything away.
  12. Excellent points. It's outrageous how many gun owners on this forum disagree with me on this and don't want to protect their own rights.
  13. Who people date I think is their own business, even if it goes sour and the restraining order comes. I propose that checks for restraining orders be removed from the background check lookup nand people not be denied if that's the only red flag that comes up as their are way too many unknowns so they shouldn't be discriminated against.
  14. I do actually. I think both curbing 2a rights and state income tax are ridiculous. Democrats on mainstream media also piss me off, especially the late night comedy ones.
  15. Congratulations on your move. The socialist people's republic of New Jermany gave me a good laugh. I've talked to people from Jacksonville. It sounds like a much better place.