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  1. There must be like 20 steaks knives in my kitchen and a chainsaw in the garage that I didn't need a stupid FID card or mental health records or even a background check for lol. But I guess complaining about how it's stupid doesn't change the system. All that can be done is either play the game and try to meet the requirements or move to a better state. :/ I would love to just move since I hate NJ anyway but don't really have a good job opportunity somewhere else right now.
  2. The references thing is also annoying. There is one friend I have who I'm comfortable asking but for other people there's stigma to it and they might not want to be bothered. That seems like discrimination on people that don't have a ton of friends also lol. That is good to know though about the GP. Yeah that's what I thought. Frankly it is none of their business and they should only be concerned with court ordered commitments. In that case I'd actually agree maybe they shouldn't own guns anyway haha, but that's different.
  3. What can you do without an FID card? Can you take a firearms safety or training class? Can you rent a weapon for use at a shooting range? Are some weapons except from needing an FID card? Or is there nothing someone can do without the card until they move out of the state of New Jersey?
  4. That's why it still doesn't feel like in my case I should have to put yes since it sounds like they ask hospital or mental institution on an inpatient or outpatient basis and not a private office which is not a hospital or institution for any medical or psychiatric condition. And I don't think having mild anxiety is a psychiatric condition. Can anyone honestly say they don't have that at one point or another? lol
  5. Thanks so much for asking for me. Did he say where exactly they get the records from during a mental health check? Do they have access to your whole entire medical history or only stuff that was a legal problem? Right, nothing would have been reported that I was a danger to myself or others since I never was. Also, a new question. Would it matter if the person was a minor under 18 at the time any of that happened or would the records be sealed/expunged automatically?
  6. I wouldn't intentionally commit a felony so no one has to worry about that. It honestly sounds like the laws are so strict and confusing with the wording and what is allowed and not allowed that many people could break a law here by accident, and you're right it's not worth potential consequences. The police should be understanding about that (after all they're gunowners themselves) but they might not be. So yeah, hopefully I'll get the opportunity for work or another reason to move to a nicer state and then this won't be an issue anymore. That's really the ideal situation even if I did have and FID card. And no worries, I guess there really isn't anything else you can tell me.
  7. I would think but it's New Jersey. When someone suggested I get a letter from a doctor that just says I'm not a danger to myself or others they would agree with that but it would be hard to bring up with them without using the "G" word. Also, if a police department I was filing for an FID card did that they'd also use the "G" word so I don't see how you get that without the doctor knowing what's going on... unless I was to see another doctor I never met before for an evaluation to get such forms. I admit though I'm leaning towards this whole process not being worth it if it's that much work.
  8. I have a hunch that's exactly what they want. The whole process is to discourage you. They use vague wording that's not clearly defined so you don't know exactly what they're even asking and then use words like "felony" like you just did to scare you out of applying. A felony for trying to access your second amendment rights and making a simple mistake on that form when the entire permit is unconstitutional and against the hippa acts. sheesh, it would be easier to just move to a better state and then only have to fill out the 4473 for nics, but then they sort of win. :/
  9. What's unfortunate is how the state of New Jersey apparently doesn't respect the 2nd amendment or Hippa. In about 46 other states as long as you weren't forcibly committed or a felon you are eligible your doctor isn't part of the process. I think it is safe to put no for that question should I choose to apply because it asks if I've ever been treated in a hospital or mental institution and I haven't. I don't think seeing a general practitioner for medication or a counselor at my own volition for medication, which is actually extremely common is what they're asking about or a problem. Maybe I'll ask a lawyer who is more familiar with NJ laws.
  10. Yeah that question on the 4473 I'd be able to answer honestly and unmistakably as no which is why it would seem like many people that aren't eligible in the state of NJ or who would be questioned would be fine in most other states where it's just a nics background check.
  11. I think most doctor's wouldn't sign fill out these forms for liability reasons because if there was a problem they wouldn't want it on their conscience or possibly get in some kind of trouble. He probably is a democrat. But I don't blame him. He's entitled to his opinion and I don't feel he's obligated to do anything he doesn't want to. I blame the process of needing an FID Card and how much leeway they have in denying one. You use the word "right" but clearly it isn't if you need a permit which you can be denied for at their discretion. But it's just the unfairness that bothers me. If I have to prove that I'm not mentally unstable to own weapons than everyone in all 50 states should also whether they ever had some kind of medical treatment or not. And someone really is determined to be mentally unstable than perhaps they shouldn't even be free or be allowed to do other things like drive a car, own knives and tools, household products that could be used as poison, and do a million other things that can be potentially dangerous haha.
  12. I did actually bring it up with my doctor the last time I had a check up saying I might want to apply for this and there was a question about treatment. He said he doesn't think it would be a problem but admitted he doesn't have an FID card and doesn't know what the process entails. He said that even though he thinks I'm harmless he doesn't sign forms like that for liability and personal reasons and that people don't need a gun anyway. So it's like yeah I could see another doctor for an evaluation if asked for one and hire a lawyer and appeal it but it's like I'm busy and don't have time for all that lol. Yeah there's always going to be some bad apples but I feel that doesn't mean they should ruin the right for everyone or everyone that arouses even the slightest bit of suspicion. There is a quote by Benjamin Franklin that "those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither." But I guess the state of NJ already made their choice in voting for someone who promised to increase gun control in an already heavily restricted state.
  13. They care about commitments to mental institutions and you don't have to get a FID card/permit to purchase weapons in most states through your police department. Private medical records that you obtain on your own shouldn't make it to the NICS database. Even in this state the question on that form is still misunderstood and I haven't found a clear answer. The way I'm reading it, have you ever been treated in a hospital or mental institution?... not by your family practitioner in a private practice that you asked for and paid for an appointment. Maybe I don't even want the FID card since I think this process is unconstitutional and against the hippa act. And even if you do pass it and aren't denied arbitrarily you have all these restrictions and other loopholes to take weapons away at any time where maybe as someone said it's easier and safer to avoid legal problems to just to have other hobbies in this particular state.
  14. It's alright if the answers aren't ones I want to hear. That's why I'm asking so I know if I'm eligible before applying. If it's really that much of a problem that I take medication for anxiety and talk to someone about how I was in a relationship that didn't go well than it's disappointing but yes it's not the end of the world. I can wait until I move to another state where I would pass a background check easily and not be discriminated against or need to sign forms for my private medical file to be released. If anything they should be more concerned about people that DON'T get treatment if they've ever been in a rough time lol. Silly New Jersey haha.
  15. Oh it is in order. The pills help me hold a job and do things I need to do in life. In every other situation this is private and discrimination is illegal. Nobody here was ever on medication or talked to a shrink at some point in their lives? Everyone is only human lol.
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