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  1. I just don't see why the state demands it when you have to go through the background check to purchase anyway. It's clearly just to discourage you by making you go through a process involving fees and waiting periods references and hassles.
  2. Sure, but it's not as bad as asking for an FID permit. All states require a background check anyway so why isn't that enough? Why do I have to go to a police station and get finger printed and come up with references and all this other crap first just to get to the next step?! I think that's very unconstitutional and not needed. I'm really pissed about it.
  3. I'm usually never for stronger restrictions but I admit I don't think it's unreasonable to ask people to take a training course prior to getting the permit. I'm going to do that anyway.
  4. What do you predict him changing? It's already one of the only states that requires this FID. If he could make it harder for people to get maybe he could also make it easier to take away even if you already have it?
  5. When you apply for an FID do they also want to do a background check on other people that live in the same household? I don't want the other person in the household to get questioned or even know that I'm applying lol.
  6. And the damage to the car can be expensive if it's a very deep one. We get potholes the size of craters in some winters. In the southeast you never see a pothole. NJ sucks.
  7. Hi there Raze. Did you decide on a make and model for a firearm yet for your first purchase?
  8. Can I get more information on how that works?
  9. Wow. That sounds like some serious entrapment for the cop to go out of his way to rent a stand with inventory on display everything and then then tell you that he'll sell to you without paper work. What a jerk.
  10. Well someone one another thread accused me of being Governor Phil Murphy with some agenda trying to chip away at gun rights. But it's just that-- paranoia. Yes I do realize now the gun show loophole is fake news and propaganda from Obama and other democrat politicians. There are videos testing it out where the guy wasn't able to buy without a background check. I wasn't looking to do that myself I was just asking for information as newbies often do. In fact every post I write people are responding that it sounds "fishy" but you'd think that other people with an interest in guns who probably own them wouldn't see it as suspicious or concerning that someone else would share the same interest. That's why I don't even feel comfortable asking for 2 references for the FID application.
  11. Lol no. I was asking out of curiosity not because I was planning to do that. It does now appear that it's misinformation and democrat propaganda anyway that dangerous people can buy weapons without a background check, at least from gun shows. I don't have a criminal record so I'd have nothing to be afraid of in background checks. But you aren't completely far off. I really don't like the part where they ask for two references for the FID card since I don't know people in NJ that I'm comfortable asking for that. And there's a chance I might be moving within a year or two in which case I could just not even bother. And I don't think I'm wrong or should be looked at as "suspicious" for having an objection to that since I understand only 4 states require such a card.
  12. Sometimes when you watch political debates you hear people bringing up something called the "gunshow loophole". What does this mean exactly? That during gun shows or a private sale the vendor might decline to do a background check? Could someone without an NJ FID or even a convicted felon by a weapon there?
  13. I was only asking if it would legally be a problem to leave the shotgun in my closet for example without it being locked. I'll probably keep the shells separate from it when I'm not using it though.
  14. Blah I hate this state so much. I want to move to Florida or Texas. There's nothing in New Jersey but cold weather, traffic, and excessive gun control lol.
  15. Yeah, the only other person in the house is my mom who doesn't have an FID but won't be handling the gun and she's mentally stable with no criminal background lol. I'm just wondering if there is a rule about keeping it in your house when you don't live alone. Yeah I already made a separate thread ranting about ridiculous gun control measures in NJ. I'm actually not talking about handguns though, I only want a shotgun. Do you think he'll try to block people buying long guns also more than they already are?