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  1. I know this would only be speculation but does anyone have any knowledge of short/long-term possible implications for gun laws? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the quick answer (which is what I thought, based on the posts that were correct). Funny how much misinformation is out there (especially individuals stating the legal status simply based on seeing it at a NJFFL’s store). Actually, considering how complex our state’s gun laws are, I’m not surprised. anyway, thanks for info. Just out of curiosity, is anyone aware of any <50 oz options out there? I remember hearing mention of an off-brand long barreled MAC10 hybrid (the manufacturer’s name is eluding me right now)...I’m surprised there aren’t specialty gun companies capitalizing more on the ridiculous laws certain states are forced to follow.
  3. Hey guys, can someone provide me with a definitive answer about the legality of the Ruger Charger (standard model or takedown model, any info would be appreciated) handgun? I searched far and wide and found countless contradictory statements (though most were multiple years old). Anyway, providing it has the NJ legal 15 round magazine, is this handgun able to be purchased and owned in NJ? Thanks in advance, sincerely, stephen
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