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  1. I'm aware the state rarely grants carrying permits of any kind to most people, but I figured I'd ask if anyone on this forum has successfully been given a permit.
  2. Yes, just got off the phone with Theresa (sp.?) She is looking into setting me up with some of her contacts at a shooting range and gun shop. I'd also like to talk with a few of you (who are willing to speak) in the next couple of days about your experiences buying and carrying.
  3. After reading everyone's comments so far, I've expanded the story to this, in addition to my original request (which is at the very beginning of this thread): 1. What is the process to legally buy and carry a gun (rifles, long guns, shotguns, then handguns) in this state? I want to speak with various people and listen to their experiences of buying or carrying (or trying to buy or carry), and not just read state protocol, which I know is in abundance online. I plan to go to my municipal police department and request an application for owning a shotgun/rifle/long gun. 2. Which mental conditions preclude applicants from owning any kind of gun in NJ? Do common diagnosed conditions, like depression and anxiety (among others), disadvantage applicants? 3. What other factors, in your experience, pose as a particular advantage or disadvantage to applicants for legal gun ownership in NJ? Like I mentioned before, I plan on visiting a gun shop and shooting range around here for this story. Hope this helps clarify some forum members' questions. As I mentioned, please feel free to contact me, either on this website, at 908-801-4853, or at [email protected] Ideally, I'd like to have the ball rolling on interviews and meet-ups by Thursday, March 8, although there's a very good chance this impending nor'easter will delay things.
  4. Hey, all. Just letting everyone know I'm still following this thread closely and reading each comment. Each comment is coming through to my email, so I'm reading them there. If anyone would like to send me a message for this story, it's [email protected] Thanks!
  5. Thomas Costello is a photographer for the APP. His name is with the video caption. The video is posted at the top of the page, as it's done with every other story and opinion piece on the APP website, but Tom had nothing to do with this written content. This letter to the editor is opinion, submitted by a reader, Luke Stango. What Mr. Stango submitted to the APP was subsequently published.
  6. @BobA, I'm assuming you already know this, but I figured I'd clarify for everyone else. The link above routes to a letter to the editor, submitted by a reader. It is not an article produced by an APP reporter or editor.
  7. @siderman, I'm planning on going to a local gun shop and also a shooting range, if time permits, as part of this story. While I won't be buying a gun in the next week while I do this piece for work, I feel like this will certainly be educational, not only to me, but to others who read this.
  8. @Zeke, I'm with The Asbury Park Press. @stuckinNJ, sorry you feel the story won't be objective. To clarify for you, and for others, my intention is to research and write a story that takes a potential firearm consumer through the experience of buying a gun. I'll be commenting and hopefully be speaking with a few of you, so if you feel there is "spin" while we speak during interviews or while you read the story, please let me know.
  9. Hi, I am looking to speak with a subject, preferably someone who lives in Monmouth or Ocean counties, who was seriously considering buying any kind of firearm prior to Feb. 14, the date of the shooting in Parkland, Florida. Did that shooting -- and the subsequent heated debate on gun control -- make you want to buy a gun more, or did it reverse your decision to buy? I'd also like to know for which purpose(s) you would use the gun. If you fit this profile, please contact me, even if you don't live in Monmouth or Ocean counties -- although I ask that you do live somewhere in New Jersey. You can contact me here, or at 908-801-4853. Please contact me by Thursday, March 8, 2018, at the latest. Thank you. Katie
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