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  1. Hi everyone I was looking into getting the new Daniel Defense PDW chambered in .300 blackout and was wondering if anyone here had gotten one and their experience with it so far. I’ve heard nothing but good things from videos but was hoping someone local has got their own opinion so far.
  2. Hi everyone, I recently bought a Sig P226 online and need to return it. They’ve accepted the return but was wondering did I just lose one of my handgun permits or will I get another due to me not keeping the gun? Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, just bought a Sig P226 Legion and it comes with 15 round mags. In the market for 10 round mags, and was wondering if anyone had opinions on using Sig Mags or Mec Gear. Heard Sig mags can cause some issues and Mec are better. If anyone has experience in this area please let me know.
  4. I’ve seen federal sell both 115 grain ammo but one says range and the other doesn’t, is there a huge difference?
  5. Hi everyone, new to ammo and would like some help choosing range ammo in 9mm. My range states they don’t allow armor piercing, tracer, or steel core ammunition allowed. Can anyone help me choose ammo that will be okay to use at the range. thanks
  6. Looking into a range bag and can’t decide between the Osage River Tactical Bag or the 5.11 Tactical Range Ready Bag. Looking to carry around 3-4 handguns with me including, ammo and accessories. Anyone have any advice on choosing between the two?
  7. Please do, I’m interested in getting a DDM4 V11 Man you’re a lifesaver, if I have any other questions I’ll let you know
  8. Dommerc

    Sig P226 Legion

    Left NY to come here so didn’t get much better. Thanks for the advice
  9. Anyone here running a Daniel Defense rifle that’s state complaint? On their site it says they can’t ship here to NJ and wanted to know if there’s any way I can use one of their rifles here.
  10. Dommerc

    Sig P226 Legion

    Looking into the Sig P226 Legion for my first handgun after moving to NJ. Anyone have any experience with them and also are they fully state complaint or is modification needed? Any advice is appreciated
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