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  1. Thanks all! It's a coming of age story, so my character's unthinking carelessness regards the handgun is part of that messiness. I had thought that perhaps, in 1990, laws/police were slightly more casual regards handguns than today. But if I understand the general gist of these replies, NJ has some of the strictest laws in the nation. So perhaps even thirty years ago, my character would have been in big trouble, i.e., arrest, fine, court. If I get published I will be sure to thank and credit NJGF. Cheers everybody, and thanks again.
  2. Hi all-- Yes, I have shot a gun skeet shooting. In the fictional story I'm researching, the Beretta was given to the daughter by the father for self defense after she was raped. The Beretta had been one by the daughter's mother. The daughter did not inherit the gun formally, it was simply given to her by her father after the rape. SO, just to emphasize, this is not a true story, this is a work of fiction but I want the events to hew to the truth nonetheless. I have no idea what the question about pork rolls or egg and cheese is about. Is that code for something? Thanks, Hope
  3. Hi, and thank you. I am writing a novel in which the protagonist, a 21-year-old college student from Northern NJ, is given a Beretta by her father after she is sexually assaulted. I need her character to be stopped on I-95 in Jersey by state police for speeding, then for the cop to spy the Beretta in the glove compartment when she reaches into it for her registration. Backstory: Her father wants her to have the handgun for self defense. At the point in the story where she gets pulled over for speeding, she has only use the Beretta at her local firing range. She has grown up going to the range for clay pigeon shooting, so is not averse to guns, and in fact carries this handgun in her backpack and her car's glove compartment. Her attachment to the gun is more sentimental than practical because it was her mother's before her mother died. So -- I'm not a troll, I'm a writer trying to research. Thought folks might remember the atmosphere around people carrying handguns back in 1990, as it feels more polarized now? I think my protagonist will get in trouble for not having a permit to carry, even in 1990, and for not having her gun license on her. But not sure of the penalties. Any input is appreciated!
  4. Dear forum, I'm new here, so not sure if my question can be answered, or which forum it makes sense to post in. I have to research a specific situation: it's 1990. A young woman is driving on i-95 in Jersey and gets pulled over for speeding. The NJ State police officer discovers she has an old Beretta (1964) in her glove compartment, with one bullet in the magazine. She has no Permit to Carry and no license for it. She had inherited it from her mother, and used it for sport at a gun range. Now she is carrying it around because she is careless and also because she has an idea she could use it for self-defense. Does she get arrested? A summons to court? A fine and summons? I researched gun laws in NJ and just couldn't tell what the penalties might be. Thank you, Anna
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