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    Fun idea, but I am NOT shaving my back just so I can duct tape a pistol to it.
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    Nice review! I got the Laser Academy for Christmas, but have not yet had a chance to try it out.
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    Unfortunately not at this time, however I will ask Mantis when I see their feedback about the article. I will inquire if there are any upcoming promotions for Black Friday/etc.
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    We should also top calling it fake news.... It's not news at all.... its propaganda. The "news" has become a wing of the democrat party.. This is not new, it's been happening for years. At this point they just don't hide it. Evem FOX (non Entertainment) hosts spread false news and glorified spin... Judge Napolitano is a great example along with Schlep Smith... Speaking of Schlep... he's been MIA... On top of this.. Fox continues to back up CNN when they complain about trump attacking the media.... its all a shame..
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    Great article and spot on. I believe it will be the FAKE media that will be leading the country into the next Civil War. The primary reason for such a huge divide in the country is due to the inaccurate reporting by the media, and they are never held to account when publishing total lies. This situation with the teenagers is just another example. ALL the Liberal media as well as Dem politicians, Liberal Hollywood, etc. all jumped on this FAKE story to excoriate the teen, when in fact, he was totally innocent. The comments people posted on social media were totally disgusting. At some point, the Liberal media will Dox the wrong person/group, and that's when the shooting will start....
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    very good advice, dont forget , a warrant is limited in its scope , if they are looking for x then where would x typically be. say you give consent to say look in your safe, then please dont forget consent can be revoked at any time. look in my safe and night stand typical places where one could hide x doesnt mean look in your kids rooms etc. Consent is always often done with a written signed form by you, this gives the officer permission and acts as proof they asked and you verbally consented .one could say write in, the scope of looking around is limited to XXXX. I never in a hundred years thought we would be talking about this in the unites states of America. well this is the peoples republic of nj. sadly shaking head. worst case read anything you sign, call your attorney. not saying this will happen but knowledge is power. It will go like any other state. wife or neighbor calls, burglary or fire investigation etc, and x is found during that. Any officer can ask to look at anything, probable cause is needed for a warrant. unless there is an immediate threat to public safety. persons and cars basicly moveable objects are easier to search if you know what your doing, homes are tougher to obtain search warrants for, there probable cause is the bench mark. oh yes and dont forget , gray area is any adult occupant kid, wife or uncle staying over for holiday can certainly open that door and say sure come on in eben if your not home. I need to stop here, this is a public forum, the last thing we need is bad guy learning the ropes. if any other leo or attorney or anyone else care to add feel free.
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    You claim none of us will receive an 18 month jail sentence for possessing a 15 round mag yet that is precisely the purpose of the legislation. Murphy and his fellow totalitarians in the NJ legislature and judiciary want nothing less than eradication of legal gun ownership in this state. If that means throwing every gun owner in jail for spurious, unconstitutional crimes then so be it. It is settled law in NJ that "When dealing with guns, the citizen acts at his peril". So yeah, perhaps some of us would get off with a fine and no jail time (and loss of the right to ever own a firearm again), but there's no guarantee and that's precisely the point. For someone whose dealings with law enforcement never extended beyond a speeding ticket, the prospect of a felony prosecution, possible jail time, and the loss of their constitutional rights - not to mention the potential deleterious effect on their future employment prospects - is a massive incentive to get on the first train out of here. You categorize as imbeciles those who believe the intent of this legislation is to "nail unsuspecting gun owners". Given the public record of NJ courts and the legislature, it's the imbecile who believes otherwise.

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