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  1. Any outdoor? Maybe something in PA, not to far from Central Jersey?
  2. @Frogskins, I have been to heritage guild in Easton. I may have to reach out to them @ always_an_eagle, I do have a friend that has his hunting license but what do the wildlife management areas offer?
  3. I live in Central NJ and none of my normal ranges are open. Does anyone know of a place in NJ or PA thats does not require a membership? Thanks
  4. I did find a .22. Wound up picking up a 617 with the 6" barrel. I'm absolutely going to look into the speedloader.
  5. Looking to buy a DA/SA .22 revolver such as a Smith & Wesson 617 or Ruger GP100 or SP101. Thank, Scott
  6. I'm going to be ordering my Shadow 2 from a shop in PA. they will substitute 10rd magazines. Price is better than anything I have found in NJ, that includes the cost for shipping, and FFL.
  7. Had a chance to shoot the Px4 over the weekend and was relly impressed. However, I held a CZ Rami and now I want one!!!
  8. Krdshrk or High Exposure, Have you been able to compare a CZ to the Beretta? I know the CZ is a tack driver but how close is the LTT by comparison? High Exposure, How did you like the PX4 compact?. That is another one this is on my short list.
  9. I believe it's a weight issue. I think IDPA allows up to 43oz with the Shadow 2 coming in at 46.5oz.
  10. More range gun, thought it would be good if it could cover dual purpose. I hear nothing but great things about both with everyone praising the CZ for low recoil and precision, but for some reason, I am drawn to the looks of the Beretta. I just don't know how far off the recoil and precision are with the Beretta. Also, while I don't currently compete, I may consider IDPA and I don't think you can use the Shadow. Thanks
  11. I'm looking to purchase a CZ Shadow 2 or Beretta 92 Elite LTT. I only have experience using friends CZ SP-01 with the CGW performance kit installed. I can't find any place that rents them, so I am looking for advice from anyone that may own or have shot both? This will be mainly a range gun. I have held both and like the feel of them somewhat equally. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Looking for a Beretta Elite LTT or a CZ Shadow 2 but might consider a worked up SP-01. Located in Bridgewater.
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