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  1. Thank you. This is a M&P 15-22 that is jersey legal. He is offering it for $330 plus $50 NCIS check and transfer fee.
  2. A private seller offered to sell me a gun never used (made NJ legal) at $50 off of retail new. (of course we would go through a FFL) Is it worth it? Or is it better to go with a new one for $50 more? Thank you
  3. Both of the above locations are not too far away from me. It looks like Shore Shot is more popular on Instagram and Yelp. But can anyone give any feedback between the two? Thank you
  4. Thank you. Being that I am new at this, is there a guide online to help me select between the different components?
  5. What are the benefits of building an ar-15 over purchasing something like a Troy Other? Thank you
  6. I just got my gun permit. Where is a good place for me to go to learn about gun safety as well as how to handle a gun better. I am located in Jackson. Thank you
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