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    • fresh pan fried noodles... dim sum... beef & tomatos... salt & pepper pork.  wash it all down with some tsing tao damn I miss chinatown   saint marks is amazing too for japanese izakaya and gigantic bottles of hot or cold sake  
    • screw take-out... Now I want to take a trip to china town and hit up Wo-Hop
    • AVB, thanks for posting this.  I have a lot of the same concerns that you had as you set out for your trip.  When the permits are issued I plan to carry a Walther PPS M2 when I travel to states where my permits allow.  To help with the varying laws, I think the apps and cheat sheets you wrote about will help a lot.   The issues I am looking for insight on are how to safely and legally go from fopa transport to carry, best way to deal with bathroom stops and what will be the best holster type and position to use.  As far as all of this ergonomic stuff, I wasn't sure how well any particular IWB would work while driving. I've seen a couple very soft leather IWB holsters with some sort of lambskin interior.  Maybe this isn't a real concern but something as soft as that might allow the trigger to be pressed while in the holster. Or create some sort of crappy, unsafe draw stroke in a hurry if the weapon shifts around.  It looks comfortable but my uninformed innitial thought was something more like a Kydex molded holster with some soft leather on the outside.  Something that keeps the weapon in the same place every time my hand goes to draw it. I think bringing a bag along is helpful.  HE...I was going with Michael Kors.... but now you got me considering Coach....  I wouldn't do SoB.  I'd probably duct tape it between my shoulder blades first.  Can't remember what tv show or movie I saw that in..... And then after I sort this basic operational stuff out out and get comfortable ...and not paranoid about carrying, there's the important issue of how well will I perform / react if a situation arises where I need to use the weapon?  Gun games are fun and help with the mechanics I suppose.  But none of them help with the decision process leading up to drawing and firing the weapon.  At least, I don't believe they do. Different type of training. Different mindset.  I believe.  A conversation for a different thread. Again, excellent thread AVB.  Thanks for starting it and drawing in a lot of excellent comments from others.  
    • Crap, now i'm hungry and its too late to order takeout. Going to raid the fridge..   The chicken with cashews is a new favorite, as is the chicken with broccoli in some sort of garlic sauce. That stuff is bangin'.
      I'm Jewish and follow a fair bit of the rules, so no shrimp or pork for me, so i'm probably a bad person to ask..  
    • Pretty much everything listed here is all take-out quality stuff. Singapore Mei Fun is probably the most legit.  Boneless Rib Tips are good. Fried Chicken from Chinese takeout places is usually good.  The Iced tea (if not in a bottle) is usually Lipton powder mix, lol.