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  1. Thanks for the response guys, yeah since I'm at home now and it's easier to receive things here I placed an order for a BCM 14.5 upper with a pinned brake on it. I'll just ship it complete and then hopefully can find a range in the area of my new place and get some shooting in. I'm starting to think NJ is a bit more strict then CA, even though I can take off this terrible MagLock I'm a little sketched out about not having my FPID and going to the range even though I know it's 100% fine.
  2. Hi guys, I've been reading around the site and others and I was hoping someone could clarify on what my best option would be. I've sold off most of the collection and I'm really just planning on moving over with a compliant lower and then buying a compliant upper once I'm settled in. I'm flying into Newark in the next few weeks and I was thinking I could just check the lower but I'm flying in on a Sunday and staying at a hotel that night before getting the keys to my new place on Monday. It seems like the hotel wouldn't be covered under the exemptions so I'm not sure if this would work. I thought about shipping it to myself through USPS but I don't think I can do the lower because it falls under "other firearms capable of being concealed on the person" under the USPS rules. UPS & FedEx are out because they only allow FFL to FFL. Do you think staying at the hotel for one night would cause an issue? If so, would my best bet be to just buy the compliant upper now and ship the entire rifle through USPS to avoid any issues? Thanks in advance!
  3. baph

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    Those NFA in PA are tempting but I think that drive might be a little too long. I was thinking about keeping them but since NJ has no handgun roster selling them opens up the doors for some nice 2011 purchases. Yeah, the no roster thing is pretty big I've always wanted a 2011 even if it's limited to 10 rounds. I've been looking at a couple apartments in the Harrison area, near the PATH station. My commute will be up closer to the Overpeck Park area so definitely will need to bring my car. Is PA to the Overpeck Park area doable? Seems like it would be 2 hours each way.
  4. baph

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    Hey everyone, new member here and currently in California. Moving to NJ within the next couple months for work and came across the forum and have already come across lots of good info on the laws and everything here. Sold off a lot of the collection but currently left with an AI AX, KAC SR16 AR Pistol, and a Wilson 1911. Most likely selling them all before I move and starting a brand new collection in NJ. Excited to join to forum and make the move.
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