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  1. 2 cases 240 count each for $200 per case (83 cents per round) Located near Denville, NJ Have fired several hundred through my M48 without a hitch Am selling to raise cash for Christmas expenses NJ Driver License and NJ Fire Arms ID Card need to make purchase SPEC's This 7.92x57IS (8MM Mauser) steel cased ammunition has been made from excess military stock, using steel casings wiith polymer or lacquer coating to ensure proper functionality. These can be received from multiple LOT’s, and can come with copper versions of the bi-metal jacketed bullets, while some have crupo-nickel bimetal jacketed bullets.Weight sorted projectiles with precision dropped powder results in a round with near match grade accuracy. Primers have been replaced with new production berdan primers, while in our testing they tested as non-corrosive, recommend that you still treat the ammo as corrosive. Projectile:197.5 Grain Steel Core Bi-Metal FMJ Bullet Diameter:.323″ Muzzle Velocity:2500 FPS Muzzle Energy: 2741 FT/LBS The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale
  2. Thank you very much for this video. I was able to disassemble, clean and reassemble the bolt. Have a Great 4th
  3. Hello, just bought my first surplus rifle a few days ago and wanted to break it down inspect/clean it. As it didn't come with a manual I am trying my best off YouTube video's. I attempted to disassemble the bolt with the safety in the fire position rather then vertical safe and unlock. The detent was depressed and rear portion of the bolt rotated a quarter turn to the left. The rear of the bolt will no longer rotate in either direction. The safety seems stuck in fire position and now because of the current bolt alignment it can not longer be reinserted all the into the receiver. Any thoughts on how to correct this or constructive feedback would be appreciated. Thank You.
  4. hello, did you sell k31 from a ways back?

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