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  1. Any chance I can own this as a collectible? Not looking to carry or have it leave my house.
  2. Anybody know where I can buy some near Monmouth county? LGS doesn’t have any
  3. My range only allows brass cased ammunition.
  4. I meant reasonably priced, I see some places around .50 per round while others at .75. I meant closer to .50
  5. Anybody know where I can buy reasonably priced brass cased 7.62x39mm? I placed an order with gunners outlet but they required Someone over the age of 21 (even though it’s rifle ammo).
  6. I’ve seen JT customs post on arms list a lot, any reviews on them?
  7. Hi all, new member and new to firearms. Been shooting a bunch of rentals and looking to pickup an AK variant as my first purchase. Anybody know any dealer that has any AKs in stock (Arsenal, N/O/Z-Pap, Wasr-10s). If not is it possible to have a dealer order one for me straight from the manufacturer? Thanks In Advance
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