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New to Firearms, looking for AK variant

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Hi all, 

new member and new to firearms. Been shooting a bunch of rentals and looking to pickup an AK variant as my first purchase. Anybody know any dealer that has any AKs in stock (Arsenal, N/O/Z-Pap, Wasr-10s). If not is it possible to have a dealer order one for me straight from the manufacturer?

Thanks In Advance

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I have a PSA AK-P... not NJ legal, but their GF3 line is good to go. I’d put it above my WASR.

But if the market is like anywhere else, probably not going to find anything AK pattern out there. When I lived in NJ, HGW would have a few on the racks from time to time. Monmouth Arms is a great place to look, as well.

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23 hours ago, IRFanatic said:

I’ve seen JT customs post on arms list a lot, any reviews on them?

Palmetto makes an excellent AK - problem is they stopped making AK's and ramped up production on AR's because AR's are less expensive to build and have a better profit margin for the mfg.

AK's in general are on B/O everywhere - we have Arsenals in stock, and are the only dealer in NJ authorized by Arsenal to do compliance work on their rifles. Anyone else making an Arsenal NJ Compliant automaticly voids the warranty (FYI)


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