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  1. I was able to schedule my fingerprints over 3 weeks out. Click on the box it will give me the option to schedule past 7 days.
  2. Thanks for the information
  3. We're all the shoots singled handed. What were the distances
  4. Not sure if this will help anyone but he does a fair job of explaining the NJ Qualifications
  5. Samiam I was the person who asked. They called the other day because they had an opening I'm the July 30 class. While on the call I asked him what the shooting qualifications were all he said was HQC2 40 out of 50 shots ask why 400 rounds of ammo was needed he said lots of practice
  6. Golf what was the shooting distances and number of shots per distance
  7. Did the same thing but used Walmart One thing I did do was cut four into 1.5x1.5 and four into 2x2 total eight pictures will be ready for either way.
  8. Just a FYI if you have TD bank account getting something notarized FREE So check your bank they may do it for the same cost
  9. Samiam Are you going to the class given by Full Metal Jacket in Seaview. If so can you post what they required for the shooting part of the class
  10. Mr Sut Did you do your fingerprints prior to dropping off your application. Reason I ask is the State Police web says that they will let you know about fingerprints when you submit your application
  11. Glad to hear that the e-permit is working. I have been waiting now 45 days under the paper process since being approved by the NJSP to print my permits. Started the process on Sept 7, 2020 approved in 43 days on Oct 19 2020 and still waiting on NJSP to print the permits.
  12. Lots of delays are being BLAMED on corvid 19 virus. Not sure that truly correct here at all. All NJSP has to do is print the permits 44 days and counting.
  13. Well just an update still waiting only been 83 days since start of application 44 days since being approved for the permits Hope by Christmas please Santa
  14. I live where the NJSP provide law enforcement Filled the application Sept 8 2020. Received the following on Oct 16, 2020 Your application for a New Jersey Firearm Purchaser Identification Card and/or Permit to Purchase a Handgun(s) has been approved by the issuing authority. Nov 5 Still waiting for NJSP to print the permits Since the start of the application to today Nov 5 - 58 days and waiting
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