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  1. More than anything else, the system has to know regular Joe out there is not some illiterate idiot who can be ignored. Just like professional standards and internal affairs, its far more important to report incidents than leaving them be, even if we know nothing good may out of it immediately. Imagine every applicant out there sending registered mail with a personal statement including this directive attached and request to process their dang application within the timelines outlined.
  2. Thanks for sharing. Assuming they need fingerprints to run the background check (mental health may proceed in parallel), your really took about a month and half from FP to permit in hand. If you remove the time NJSP sat on your permit after it was issues, its really a month since your FP to court issuing., isnt it ? Hoping the process improves dramatically but PDs themselves are sitting on these permits for more than a month already.
  3. How much of your 2-3 months is with PD vs Court ? Ball park ?
  4. Then call the Superior Court. If only every applicant called, emailed etc everyone from PD to country prosecutor (if they got involved) and Superior Courts. Too many think its not "nice" to follow up. PD gets 30 days before follow up. Courts get two to three weeks before follow up. PD gets a certified letter after 60 days. Courts get certified letter after 30 days.
  5. Bergen County is dragging its feet. Multiple reports indicate (FB and my PD) that bergen county PDs got opportunity to turn in application this week. There are some reports that the applications were turned into "DA" office, what ever that means. My hope is that PD is not going claim they did their job and court gonna claim they never got them, in the meantime applications rot in some "DA" office until cows come home. Judge Kazlau of superior court is the one who processes permit applications in Bergen County. 201-221-0700 Ext 25512.
  6. I agree 100% but we also have to understand that in the civilized world, the right course of action is lawsuits. Now that great Justice Thomas directly quoted "permit abuse" in the Bruen opinion, it should open more doors for lawsuits when combined with the 30 day directive.
  7. Its the Govt folks. PD doesnt want to do anything that goes against Country Prosecutor. NJSP doesnt want to do anything against AG. AG doesnt want to do anything that goes against Sabertooth. Judges dont want to do anything that goes against established process (and, unfortunately in the current law). Sure, just like they removed "Justifiable Need" out of the process without actually changing the law or admin code yet, they could read SCOTUS opinion and say " we gonna get rid of 'abusive" steps" out of the process. But that would mean someone sticking their neck out. And that ain't happening in Govt, much less in NJ Govt. Sorry bud, thats what it is, or a class action law suit from FPC requesting immediate relief. And being PTC is used for self-protection, there is a real argument in favor of immediate relief.
  8. That is great news. Buttttt, does that mean they have no tracker at all at Court level in terms of what is approved and what is not ? And does it also mean they are not requiring zoom/inperson attendance ?
  9. Yo my man in robe, Wazup, when u gonna sign my papper. I wanna pack my shit and go see my gurl..
  10. If the court had it for 17 days and you have not heard from them, I would write a nice letter to judge requesting approval within the time window of the directive. And attach copy of the directive 2019
  11. What I heard and read is, 60 days for the PD (law / admin code) and 30 days for courts (courts directive from 2019). How long its been since your app was sent to court ?
  12. NRA is trying to make a buck off this. They supported enough gun laws. Either they get aggressive with pushing back and stop feeding more sh*t into the laws or they should go out of business.
  13. I aint no lawyer, but the document says "remanding the matter for further proceedings".. right ? https://federalcriminallawcenter.com/2021/10/what-does-remand-for-further-proceedings-mean/
  14. On the format, every range is doing their own thing. So you do what you feel comfortable or ask your PD of any preference. One NJ PD put up some sample documents on their website - https://www.oldbridge.com/page/firearms-applications . Again, thats just sample and their suggestion. You do you.
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