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  1. Appreciate any recommendations on decent lawyer involved in estate and tax law.
  2. PD took about 6 weeks to submit to Court. MO cashed after 4 weeks of submitting to Court. Issue date is about 3 weeks after MO cashed. Printing / Typing took another week. Call to pick up permit from PD - another two weeks. All in all, approx 4 months.. tooooo long to exercise a Constitutional Right. But thats another thread.
  3. After a looong 4 month process, permit is finally in hand. Bergen County. Nothing special, just various components of NJ system delaying as much as possible.
  4. I say let it all hit the fan FAST. For decades, anti's been hiding behind "We support 2A, Constitution blah blah blah.." .. may be FUDDs gonna finally wake up.. or not.
  5. No, my understanding is that the money order is cashed at the Court level.
  6. Check status of your money order (cashed or not) at usps (google for link). If its cashed, likely your permit is on the way.
  7. They can claim (and they will be within limits) that they are verifying information you provided. If you say you are unemployed, they cannot demand pay stub as its moot.
  8. Francisco permit case was heard post Bruen (and because of Bruen) and issued with all the same restrictions. Concerning is if Superior Courts (or someone behind the scenes) are coordinating this and rolling out restrictions.
  9. The guy who got that lengthy restrictions, Francisco, has been a plaintiff in a FPC for couple of years now. FYI.
  10. Appreciate if you can link that thread here so folks dont continue to discuss that topic on this thread. On the cost @g17owner, I remember folks (myself included) being ready to give a left nut to exercise the 2A right of carry in NJ. Dont get me wrong, any process that prevents most poor from exercising is an unconstitutional process, but we have to pay (atleast in the beginning) to put applications through this process, make it normal and usual to carry and fund further lawsuits. @dilbert1967 If everyone stays out of applying, nothing may ever change. I am pretty sure Commercial side (qualifications, notary etc) of costs will come down. It may even come to where ranges will offer free quals with membership or low cost quals for renewals. I also dont see reason to pay more to qualify with multiple firearms. There is an opportunity to file lawsuit regarding the "qualified firearms" BS as law says one can carry any firearm owned by the applicant. In summary, we need MORE people to flood the system with applications, not less.
  11. I dont think SCOTUS will rule on Constitutional Carry across the board. If it does, it will be another 10 or 20 years, and it assumes Kavanaugh wakes up and smells coffee and assume Justice Thomas stays on along with other Constitionalists. Perhaps, even conservative Justices will be waiting for MOST states to go Constitutional Carry before touching that topic. However, it should be easy picking to challenge any State law that does not allow some type of reasonable process for an out of state resident to carry.
  12. Those who has been carrying for some time. If you get invited to a party (at their house) and host doesn't know, do you: * Not carry in to their house * Inform the host * Something else ????
  13. Sent a note to FPC. Those of us who live on the NY border up here gonna get taste of "Shaneen Allen Treatment" pretty soon. Especially since NY does not have even have a "Out of state resident permit"
  14. This is definitely whole another thread, but the concurrences tell you where the particular justice draw the line, how they influenced the majority opinion and what is about to come in near future.
  15. Kavanaugh is a gone case. Nowhere is it clear than his first paragraph.. He severely limited Bruen impact.
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