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  1. When buying ammo online and having it shipped, is a signature always required?
  2. Over the days since November 3rd I’ve been watching the already outrageous prices for ammo going up. I was seeing deals for 9mm at about .50 to .55 per round. Now .60/rd is the cheapest I see. Only going to get worse (IMO) so I’m trying to stock up now...
  3. 9mm - NORMA 115 GR brass. Any good?
  4. What's the significance of "Double Stack"? Are all those you mention "Double Stack"? Thank you so much for the info!!!
  5. I'd like to get a few extra magazines for the Troy A4 9mm other firearm I bought. The manual says it uses a Glock Double Stack magazine. The gun came with a 10rd 9mm Glock magazine that has the number 6558-01 on it (not sure if that is a part number?). Can anybody point me to where I can get extra mags? What, exactly, do I need to get? I know a 9mm, 10rd Glock mag, but I've been shopping around and don't see any mention of "Double Stack".
  6. It is a 9mm "Other" Firearm, so it isn't a pistol. It has a 10.5" barrel. Wondering if the Aluminum Rod would be long enough... Would it be a good idea to get this other cleaner that you suggested in addition to the kit? https://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Rifle-Build-Cleaner-22-223/dp/B017VJD4A0/ref=sr_1_25?dchild=1&hvadid=78683851854143&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&hvqmt=e&keywords=ar%2Bcleaning%2Bkit&qid=1604962493&sr=8-25&tag=mh0b-20&th=1
  7. Is this kit also good for 9mm or do I need to get a kit specifically for 9mm?
  8. I recently got a Troy A4 Other 9mm, 10.5 barrel. Just purchased some ammo... Should the gun be cleaned before the first use? I guess it couldn't hurt. What tools/supplies should I get to properly clean the firearm? Thanks!!!
  9. Good question... Here's mine that I picked up last week. It's gray, but hard to tell in this photo. 10.5" barrel, 9mm. Shopping for ammo now.
  10. I went to Tech Ops on Thursday (10/22) afternoon. My A4 is the 9mm 10.5" barrel. I wanted black but it came in gray - which must be a new color. So an extra $100... It looks nice though. Submitted the background check info on their computer. Hopefully I'll be actually picking it up and bringing it home next week. There's a few things I still need to do: get some ammo, a decent case and cleaning kit. At the same time, I'm looking to find a beginner firearms class. Safety and basic info on a semi auto. I want to learn how to safely handle the gun and to dismantle and assemble the gun for cleaning purposes primarily, but also to be familiar with the workings. Then some shooting instruction. Once I get that under my belt, I'll feel pretty confident about using and maintaining the gun. Did I miss anything? Anybody have any experience with taking courses at the Tactical Training Center in Flemington? They're pretty close, but they don't seem to have many classes scheduled... Thanks for your help!
  11. I'm new to owning a firearm. I suppose I could walk into a gun shop here in NJ with my FID and be able to purchase ammo, but what about buying online? How does buying ammo online work here in New Jersey? is it shipped directly to my home? Thanks for any help/info.
  12. Well guess what? I checked with Tech Ops today - by email. My A4 is IN!!! Excited, but I'm under quarantine until next Tuesday. Had to take a COVID test before a procedure I'm having next Tuesday, and I have to self-isolate until after the procedure. 9mm, gray, 10.5" barrel. Next thing is to find ammo...
  13. I put the dispute in before I found it it was just a phone service problem. It was a little unnerving having paid in full and then upon calling, getting a message saying the number had been disconnected... I withdrew the dispute once I saw it was merely a phone problem and they didn't skip town.
  14. I also ordered and payed in full for a Troy A4 other firearm and was just calling to get an update. Both the NJ and PA phone numbers don't work. I emailed... Just to be safe, I put in a dispute with my credit card. Hope it is just a glitch.
  15. Yes, maybe a handgun next. I have to submit the application for a pistol permit.. My wife also would like to get a handgun. Most likely, 9mm for both of us.
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