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  1. Thank you for the suggestion! I was wondering what would keep these traps from dancing and this definitely answers that If I had a trap I'd be inclined to go more often, especially if it's something easy to transport and operate alone. Wishful thinking is I could bring bring my wife and kids with me, but they're too small to shoot and would get bored. In general I like to buy things that are quality and will last. I might not go for all the accessories at once, but if I have something dependable I'm sure I would enjoy the hobby more often either alone or with friends. I did specifically buy a shotgun with clay shooting in mind. Right now Amazon has the Wheelybird for about $250. It looks stable after you park and stake it in. But it does need a battery. I'm going to spend a little time thinking between these and similar options. Thank you!!
  2. I already took the course and can buy the license online Thanks for confirming!
  3. Put me down so far for next Sunday. I'm not going to be able to play at all for a month or two after that, so I hope it works out! Also question: What hunting license should I buy if I want to go to WMA ranges by myself? I see a general "firearms" hunting license that lasts the year: is that sufficient?
  4. The recent (attempted) meet at Clinton WMA inspired me to look into getting my own clay thrower for use at the same range. Any suggestions? Most of the time it would just be for myself, maybe a couple other people like my wife. I've hit some clays but I'm no pro. I'd like something that can be transported / operated by one person. Any suggestions?
  5. You know what... I'll do it! It's been way too long! I'll bring my own 26" barrel 12g and target loads. May get some clays on the way if I can. Stupid question: Are shorter barrel shotguns a waste of time? I'm honestly curious to see how my KSG or Saiga12 would fare.
  6. We already have America without gun rights. Chicago, The Bronx, etc.
  7. It's really worth looking through his gun safe vids. You may be surprised. I know I definitely saw my bedside safe shimmed open faster than I can open it with the biometric sensor.
  8. It was tagged as blemished inside the box; they say they thought it was a mistake and not actually blemished so never mentioned it in the listing. I never took it from my FFL and they already provided a return shipping label.
  9. Ah, I'll take the refund. I will forever feel like I was somehow cheated on principle. But for a moment, holding it and admiring the gold slide, I felt like a true gangster.
  10. They're willing to take it back for a full refund. I wouldn't mind taking it for a partial refund, but it seems like they just want to auction it off again as a blem.
  11. The funny thing is, if it wasn't tagged "blem" I probably would've been fine with it. But something about it being marked "blem barrel" by the manufacturer and still sold as "Factory new: 100% perfect condition" really rubs me the wrong way. I've definitely bought "new" guns with random small blemishes, but if Magnum Research decided to tag it as blemished it makes me wonder if there's more than I can tell.
  12. Ordered a factory new Desert Eagle at about retail price (don't judge ) but it came to the FFL tagged as "Blem Barrel". Looking it over, we only found some small scuffs near the front. Honest question: Is this a "blem"? Was this tagged by Magnum Research by mistake? The retailer is willing to give me a full refund. Would you take the gun or take the refund? It is a 50AE in black and gold.
  13. From their site: Honestly, you pretty much have to go at least once a week to justify the membership. The only big advantage is that you get two hours. I had some friends come into town recently and the two hours plus free reservation was convenient. Let me tell you, even the "free cleaning" also left me disappointed. There are exceptions and they may flat out refuse to clean vintage or milsurp guns. They asked me for $250 to clean the cosmoline off of a gun. They say "the cleanings have to take less than an hour." Well, that's great. But if they only clean things that are easy to clean, where's the value add?
  14. Just a general FYI that as of this morning here are the new prices: New Pricing Classic Member: $89.99 monthly Premier and Empire State Members: $79.99 monthly Blue Line Member: $59.99 monthly VIP Member: $149.99 monthly This applies to all new and existing members. This email was just sent last night so I'm posting here in case anyone missed it or has anything to add. (IMO, they could at least throw in some extra transfers)
  15. Granted, "deals" might be generous since they're often pretty cheap anyway, but I wonder: has anyone historically seen any particularly enticing deals for "Ruger day"? I wouldn't go out of my way to get a 10/22, but if I saw something super cheap (with a decent scope already on it)... why not?
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