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  1. Can confirm that recent NICS are indeed taking up to a week.
  2. I actually saw one of these in a local shop and ... it's kind of awkward. At least for me, it felt odd to aim and work the lever. On top of that .410 is hard to come by and most ranges wouldn't even let me use it. I'll pass for now. Sure is pretty, though.
  3. Honestly this is the best we could hope for. I always imagined that this could be simply embedded in the FARS experience, so I am glad that's as far as it goes. It's not necessarily a bad thing to have something like this. It's less invasive than the hunting education. A quick primer on gun safety is a fair "cover your ass" compromise, but at this length people will just skip through it anyway. However, the slide on storage intentionally misleads people to think they're obligated to store the gun locked and unloaded. They mention the transport statute but strangely don't go into detail, which would make this whole thing more useful. As usual this just adds more confusion.
  4. I got the Agile 52 for ease of single-man transport and assembly. So far I like it a lot. I filled the rack with six long guns and put in enough bins to hold 8 handguns and extra doodads. There's plenty of room behind the rifles to stash things like mags and ammo. Depending on the length of the rifles, you can get really creative with bins, shelves, and even peg holders. It is easy to bolt to the floor and/or wall. The main motivation is to protect from kids and so far it's perfect. The keypad buttons do have a lot of give. I notice I have to really press in and it takes a while; I concur I wouldn't use this for rapid emergency access. It also has a lot of airflow since it's full of holes so it's important to store in a cool, dry place and/or use dehumidifiers. Though it is rigid while assembled, it is nowhere near as tough as a true safe and has no fire rating to speak of. In general, if you want to keep your guns organized, away from kids, and where cool air can circulate, it's a great choice. My advice: buy all your accessories in advance because their shipping fees are crazy.
  5. Thanks for the input everyone. Yes, so far people are reluctant to repair vs replace. We're getting some quotes on going full central air next week to compare. Our split lasted about 12 years so it makes sense to replace in any case. I will consider DIY since everything is already there for it. I'll do some research and see if it makes sense to do alone.
  6. Hey folks, One of these found a home with me: https://mossberggunstore.com/mossberg-flex-500-12-gauge-tactical-pistol-grip-shotgun/ The flex system is nice and easy to swap to a stock. So far it's fun, especially with reduced recoil loads. With more proficiency I'd consider this for HD. Any suggestions are appreciated for accessors like lights, shell holders, etc. I tried an OLight Baldr Pro under the foregrip and it actually flew right off the gun! So, need something shotgun friendly
  7. Hey All, Our split AC just bought the farm. Nobody we called so far is willing the fix the thing and the ballpark estimates we get for a new split or central air job seem extreme. Any suggestions? We'd like to move towards Central Air, and also appreciate any general information on the topic.
  8. Update: I just got my Beretta back. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Never got a new barrel, but it seems they smoothed out the burr and blued over the scratch. Has a hint of a ridge in it, like a scratch on a leather sofa. It's fine and I'm glad to have it back. I heard a rumor they're working on a new trigger upgrade set for this gun so will consider that in the near future. Thank you for watching this adventure and do not make the same mistake I did.
  9. Oh I was just coming on to post this! By this logic, alcohol and automobile manufacturers need to team up to track reckless and drunk driving. At least their strategy of "let's do everything to bankrupt the firearms industry" is consistent.
  10. And it's essentially luck whether it's restricted or not.
  11. Honestly I can fully imagine a future where bodies are no longer buried and repurposed in any number of ways.
  12. Gangsters don't seem to care about printing and they do fine. There were only two instances in my life someone revealed their lawful CCW to me and I would never guess otherwise. One of them was even wearing tight jeans. Just be cool.
  13. All resources are scarce and you should be prepared. I even got my hunting education in, despite never hunting or fishing in my life. Our basement is full of canned, dry, bagged. etc. foodstuffs and piles of bottled water. At first I thought we were going overboard, but the supplies go faster than you'd think. We once lost power for two weeks due to trees that blocked all surrounding roads. Thankfully, we had a gas stove and an RO system. Baby food was the main issue. Once we went months without water filtering due to shipping delays. We absolutely tore through our bottled water, easily using two-three 40-bottle packs a month. Granted, we weren't rationing the way you would in a SHTF scenario, but don't think people are crazy for stocking way more than you would expect. It's similar to how before owning a gun some might think people are crazy for storing guns everywhere in the house or carrying it everywhere with them. Then you can appreciate the rationale even if you wouldn't do it yourself.
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