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  1. I do recall seeing guns sold at K-Mart...though some years later I went back to it and was disappointed.
  2. I've been following different gun forums for many years, but finally became a gun owner myself last year. Here's the order of things that surprised me: That you actually need FPID/permits to buy guns in NJ. I thought that everywhere outside NYC, CA, etc. was a free country The price of guns. The last time I looked at AKs, WASR-10s were like $300 a piece. Good luck getting any AK under $1000 now. Ammo: you need lots of it, it's hard to find (maybe special circumstance), and owning too many different calibers is a PITA. Many of the guns I thought I liked for the last ~10-15 years weren't what I actually ended up buying. Huge reality shift: lots of time thinking strategically about gun storage and access for home defense. People bringing kids to gun stores. I understand kids need to learn gun safety and parents might not have a choice, but it still weirded me out.
  3. The last time I went to the range I did 50 rds of handgun, 60 rds of .223, and 10-15 rounds of 00 Buckshot... shotguns kind of suck with paper targets because the wad erases the whole sheet. I had to make the most of my limited free time I usually do a box of handgun ammo at least. My next trip will include 22LR so might put a lot through that.
  4. You mean you can't just keep shoving it in your pocket and reuse it indefinitely?!
  5. Hey All, Perhaps a bit random, but anyone know where I can find food like this in or near Essex county? Xi'an Famous Foods: https://www.xianfoods.com/ My wife loves their food, especially their A1 "Liang Pi", but I'd rather not go to NYC just for some noodles...
  6. Absolutely the worst implication for an emergency self-defense tool.
  7. I am an NYC refugee. I actually feel weird not pumping gas anymore...
  8. Is she even real? She almost seems like a strawman straw person invented purely to make the right seem crazy.
  9. Interesting concept but I agree that it looks too much like a real gun. Some may be deterred by the visual, but it could draw a lot of unwanted attention and confrontation. You also need to keep this far separate from any real guns and ammo. In the end, everyone should pick the self-defense mechanisms they are most comfortable with. This seems pretty effective at what it's designed for.
  10. I'm a little surprised that NJ has a higher outbound than NY... but I guess there's a lot more to NY than NYC.
  11. Confidently asserting things with authority despite ignorance is essentially a lie.
  12. You are right. Though, they said a lot of things and most of it was wrong...
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