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  1. It wasn't from shooting, but I can't recall for sure. I might have slammed a safe door on it or something similar. Thanks for the link, I'm looking around.
  2. Hey all, A small chunk of my WASR-10 blew off. Would it be safe to shoot like this, or should I replace it? And as far as replacements, any suggestions for wood replacements? I like the wood.
  3. Right now I see 34,589 applications approved and only 256 rejected. Out of that, the majority are for "public health, safety and welfare" rather than things like criminal record, domestic violence or substance abuse. It also seems most applicants are over 30+ with the biggest representation in the 50-59 range. There are not many approvals in my town but still more than I thought. So what they're saying is that the majority of CCW applicants are law-abiding adults? But just in case, be afraid, be very afraid—just tell them you're with Platkin and they'll think twice!
  4. I neither heard of the site before nor knew anyone in NJ that owned guns. I was just starting my permit application for the first time and thought to Google "NJ gun forums" and it was just conveniently there.
  5. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2024/02/23/biometric-gun-safes-recalled/72711452007/ Brands include: Awesafe, MouTec, Machir, and Bulldog Includes the Awesafe models sold on Amazon.
  6. This is a big indicator for me as well. If there's any resistance besides the spring, it needs to be cleaned and/or lubed. I shoot many of my guns once every few months, so those get a meticulous cleaning since they're essentially going into storage. A light rub of oil on all the metal parts as well. If I haven't shot something in like 3-4 months I'll give it a cleaning as well. If I'll shoot it again soon, I at least make sure the bore, breech face and feeding ramp are clear of any excessive dirt or debris. I like starting range sessions with a shiny bore. Bore snakes are good here. They're also handy for clearing the gunk on revolver cylinders if they're dirty to the point it's hard to load or eject. Some guns specifically shouldn't be completely taken down/cleaned for routine maintenance. Eg. the gas system in M1A rifles can be left alone as long as the piston moves smoothly. Most guns are designed to function despite being dirty. AR-style guns pummel the bolt with the brunt of all the dirt and it will keep kicking so-long as it's well-oiled. Some guns are finnicky. Eg. you might start getting failures to feed because the feeding ramp is rough with dirt. That's definitely time to clean. So I'd say "once every range trip" is a good baseline. If the range trips are close together, you can wait until you're done with it to fully clean it. If you're shooting it regularly every week then just maintain it to function properly.
  7. Point Blank comes to mind on Route 10. They're a new owner and I haven't been to them yet, but worth checking them out. That location was previously County Line Firearms. Otherwise, haven't had any issues with FSS Armory in Pine Brook.
  8. Easier to see on the way out, but Chuck E. Cheese on Rt 10 in East Hanover: First time I saw this sign with a single action revolver I guess accusing you of trespassing is the only leg these businesses have to stand on.
  9. Not even once with our kids. Though I do often wonder if it will happen.
  10. There's no overboard with safety. It's good you consider it, but there does come a point of diminishing returns. I also have small kids at home. Here's my routine: Reloaderz has the delead soap. I use that until my hands are squeaky clean. It's also good to use the sticky pad for feet. My outer layer (sweater, hoodie, etc.) comes off when I come home. I wash my hands again before I touch my kids. I always wear a hat. That's my range hat: it stays near my guns. It's a very good idea to take a shower if you have time. I don't wear shoes in the house, so whatever. All my gun stuff is in a separate area that the kids cannot access. This includes cleaning supplies. I clean my guns wearing gloves with the windows open. If I'm handling ammunition, I wash my hands before doing anything else. I do not clean my guns in the same general spot that I store live ammunition. ventilation is crucial because solvents STINK to high heaven. If I don't open the windows my wife will tell me she can smell it all the way to the top floor. I'm honestly more concerned with lead in food and water than I am from my range trips. Just don't be needlessly careless, it's not an infectious disease.
  11. https://www.keltecweapons.com/firearm/rifles/sub2000/ This is HUGE. It also has an improved trigger and charging handle. MSRP $500. Would be interesting to see how this reviews. It really improves the value of the carbine and makes aftermarket upgrades far less needed.
  12. Aha! I see. Thank you for the full clarification!
  13. The Mall at Short Hills (Essex County) has faint "No guns allowed" signage on all entrances. Entrances that lead into specific stores, eg. Neiman Marcus are worded to fit that store. "Anyone with a firearm will be asked to leave." Funny, once I was there and saw an armed cash delivery. Guess their money's more important than your life.
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