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  1. So what happens if a lay person tries to educate themselves on what assault weapons actually are? I searched "are assault weapons really dangerous". All emphasis here is from the Google search itself.
  2. That is genius. I wish my shop did that... Awesome, congrats and enjoy! The most important thing is it has the HK slap.
  3. This is a fun gun, but just be aware you cannot fully field strip it because the faux suppressor is pinned and welded to the (extremely thin) barrel. You will have to use a bore snake or pull cord to clean it. It has taken every brand of 22LR I have thrown at it.
  4. January 31, when it was published in the federal register. https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2023/01/31/2023-01001/factoring-criteria-for-firearms-with-attached-stabilizing-braces
  5. They're really trying to convince people that criminals buy their guns from FFLs instead of from other criminals...
  6. They're really trying to convince people that criminals buy their guns from FFLs instead of from other criminals...
  7. This is highly inspirational to all the young girls learning how to be successful as a woman in the modern world: have a penis.
  8. Wishing all the women of the forums a Happy International Women's Day! To all the mothers, wives, and sisters, to all the daughters, friends and neighbors; may you embrace joy and freedom!
  9. Thanks for the feedback! Definitely agreed that focusing on the target is more natural. Like with shotgun shooting. Bit of both. With red dots I definitely focus on the target with some success. I'll see what happens focusing on the target with irons.
  10. So, I'm right-handed, left-eye dominant. I've been trying with both eyes lately, as I find the conscious effort to shut one eye can be distracting. I dry fire practice and I feel my grip and trigger pull are improving. However, my groups are getting progressively worse. I can still hit a competition circle within 25 yards. So, curious what thoughts or advice you all have. Can I still attain precision with both eyes open? I've been trying to still focus on the front sight; should I focus on the target instead?
  11. I have a gen 2 with a threaded barrel. Not sure if they're all always threaded. But can't you just pin and weld into the thread protector? That's what I have.
  12. Oh that's a good link, thank you! I previously got a few boxes of Federal from TargetSportsUSA to try out. A little more expensive @ .46/round, but I always have free shipping.
  13. This is what I ended up with... well, it's something different. Hope to try it soon
  14. This is my 92x and its new little brother. Very interested in the new 80X coming out. Anyone have an idea of when we'll start seeing it for sale?
  15. I've been playing a lot with Midjourney lately... here is the AI's take on mixing D-Day with dinosaurs.
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