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  1. Valid point for sure. They make those letters sounds scary too. Like they are coming for your house, your car and your dog. lol
  2. The letter definitely worked for me too. I kept getting the runaround each time I called. Always was told to wait X amount of weeks longer. I sent the letter and bam. 3 days after I dropped it in the mailbox I got a phone call. I left the part in there that quoted the statute too. So I guess that gave the appearance that someone was dragging their feet and needed to do their job. I was told where I am in line that they are just finishing up October 2020. I think my app was date November 11, 2020. So I’m expecting the call any day to come in to pick up the FID. Whomever recommended the letter, thanks so much. Brilliant idea and it worked beautifully. I don’t think many people would think of writing a letter. Who would have thunk old snail mail that’s been around since Benjamin Franklin would have been the best way to expedite something like this?
  3. Very nice indeed. I may leave out the 30 day part. But we’ll written. Thank you.
  4. Thanks for the reply DirtyDigs. Fantastic idea writing a letter and pointing out the statute that specifies 30 days and that they are not in compliance.
  5. Thanks for the reply Sniper. Based on your experience, it sounds like I might be getting a call or email sometime this month. Fingers crossed. I’d like to go to the range and do some trap shooting with my father and he’s nearly 80. It’s one of the few times we actually get to have some quality father/son time and neither of us are getting any younger. What is this about a mental history check? I don’t have any concerns in that regard. But I’m wondering if I maybe missed a step in the application or if there’s something further I need to provide as far as information. I saw nothing in regards to a mental history check during the application. I don’t even know what that would entail. I’ve never had any court ordered mental health evaluation needed nor have I ever admitted myself into any sort of mental health facility. I suppose they check medical history or medication history? It sure does seem the town is very 2A unfriendly. When I’ve called to inquire about the status of my application, I felt like I was bothering them and they had no time to talk to me. Or maybe they are just so backed up that they get calls like mine all day every day.
  6. Hello, I went to the NJ FARS website and completed an application for my Firearms ID and 2 pistol permits last year on 11/11/2020. As of 11/17/2020, my two character references responded and the local PD claims they now have everything on file (application, fingerprints, background check and proof of payment). I called the local Trenton PD around 12/15/2020 and the officer said they are backed up processing applications and to wait another 4 weeks. I called the local Trenton PD once again around 1/15/2021 and they said to wait longer. I asked how much longer? She really sounded like she didn’t want to answer my question. I asked her if she had to guess how much longer, what does she think. She said she really didn’t know, maybe another 4-6 weeks. What the friggin hell is going on? Is this normal to have to wait this long? Based on my last phone call to the local Trenton PD, that would put me at around 110 days in total, at the earliest, based on her guess of an additional 4-6 weeks longer. That’s roughly 3.5 months and that assuming they even call me by 3/1/2021. I used to live in PA and this all could have been done in one day. In fact, could have walked into a gun shop and within an hour, walk out with a rifle, handgun and ammo. This is beyond ridiculous! Does anyone think that maybe the Governor is intentionally delaying people from purchasing firearms? I had to go to PA to get fingerprinted because no one had appointments available in NJ last November and they hit me with an additional $50 to transfer my fingerprint records from PA to NJ. Thanks for any info you can provide. Best regards
  7. I got the approval from the FARS site, along with finger printing done, and I assume federal background check too, all in mere days. It’s the local PD holding up everyone’s FID and PPs. Based on all the replies, I can only guess every local PD is overwhelmed with applications.
  8. UNREAL! It saddens me what’s happened to my home state. I moved back temporarily due to some family concerns but I can’t wait to get out of this corrupt and God forsaken state. I will always be proud to call NJ my home state because my childhood growing up in NJ was incredible. I’ll always have those great memories of what NJ was. It’s a mere shell of what it was 40+ years ago. Truly sad.
  9. Yes. It’s maddening. I came from PA and it was such an easy process. The way it should be. NJ is beyond ridiculous. I’m not sure why anyone would want to live in NJ. I did grow up in NJ when it wasn’t like this. It was a great city growing up. Safe. A real great community. Everyone knew each other. Some of my greatest childhood members. Now I’m concerned stopping at certain stop signs or red lights in particular areas. What makes it worse is I can’t conceal carry. Not legally at least. I’m only in the state for a short time. Everything about the state is horrible now. Except for the tomato pie, pork roll, blueberries, corn and the Stone Pony venue. Lol. I hope to be in a 2A friendly state by 2023-2024. Taxes alone are killing me. The governor is horrible and all the local politicians are corrupt to their core. Sorry to rant. Lol
  10. Why do I want a gun? Because it’s my God given right to have 1 or 50. Lol
  11. I’m actually not a newbie. I only recently moved to NJ, against my will, but due to some family concerns. I’ve lived in other states where it’s a fast and painless process. So hearing this long wait time from others, it’s quite discouraging.
  12. 1-2 months is crazy, but it is what it is. Next door in PA you can walk in and walk out an hour later with a long gun and pistol. NJ gun laws are ridiculous. Much thanks for the reply. I can at least re-adjust my expectations.
  13. Thanks for clarifying. Yes. That would be a Biden tax. But I thought I saw that Murphy wanted to impose some sort of tax as well. Or maybe it was some other type of infringement on our 2A at the state level. I could be wrong.
  14. Yes. Many parts of America are still free. Sadly, NJ doesn’t appear to be one of them.
  15. Thanks for the reply. I may be moving to a more 2A friendly state. This process seems ridiculous and it’s like they make it difficult and frustrated to discourage you from going through the process. It wasn’t that easy either putting all the pieces together to figure out the process. Pennsylvania is so much easier. You can essentially walk in and within an hour walk out with a rifle. I read that the governor wants to tax each firearm $200 annually. Is that true?
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