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  1. Kinda crazy but Middlesex County court made me sign something that would invalidate the permit if I altered, cut or changed the shittily laminated permit they handed to me. PA non resident permit was laminated immaculately. Not surprised.
  2. Finally f’ing done in Middlesex county. No restrictions!!! 8/15 - applied and gave all ppwk to pd. 9/1 pd called said mailed to court. No references called 9/15 pd called to say your notary stamp not there 10/3 given back with notary stamp in place 11/1 called criminal division at xxxx. Person said it was sent up to the judge on 10/12. Couldn’t give a timetable but said to um expect a call soon. 12/9 - got a letter from judge that no proof ownership included. Went to pd and they said I was the second person to receive that letter today and that it was bs. (No shit I gave everything initially) 1/13- Spoke to xxxx. We got it. It’s on the judge’s desk. We are no longer doing them. He wants to clear them. Hopefully soon. We’ll call you when it’s ready. 1/26 -Spoke to xxxx. Said any day now. Ones near my application were just processed. 2/9 - Received message from xxxx that my permit is signed and can be picked up. 2/10 - picked up from court.
  3. ‘Proof of ownership’ is what the letter I received from courts said I was missing. Total BS since I included the damn receipt for the purchase and a copy of the permit to buy. Just looked through copies of my paperwork and I did not include an ‘affidavit of ownership’. That wasn’t what my Township requires. Township specifically stated ‘Proof of ownership can be a purchase receipt or purchase permit OR in the event you cannot supply a copy, we will accept a notarized statement of ownership listing the make, model and serial number’. Funny coincidence… my name is Dino too. Lol.
  4. Update from Middlesex County… 8/15 applied 9/1 pd called and said mailed to court 9/15 pd called to say your notary stamp not there. The raised seal was, but not the rectangular box 10/3 given back with notary stamp in place 11/1 called criminal division at x. 88155. Person said it was sent up to the judge on 10/12. Couldn’t give a timetable but said to ‘um expect a call soon’. 12/9 got a letter from judge that no proof ownership included. Went to pd and they said I was the second person to receive that letter today and that it was bs.
  5. For sure but I will ‘take the win’. Cluster F of rotating acting chiefs. Google it.
  6. My township PD has been very communicative. This a fantastic FB post. Straight copy/paste below. No editing. Good afternoon Old Bridge 2A residents We just wanted to update our residents on our progress in the processing of a permit to purchase, a Firearms Purchaser Identification Card (FID) or a permit to carry. As a lot of you know, we have been and will continue to be out in front of the pack in processing times in comparison to other municipalities or agencies. There are however some pieces of the investigative puzzle that slow things down such as out-of-state mental health checks or clarification/disposition of a criminal record. We are often waiting on a court to provide us with an official disposition of an applicant’s prior criminal arrest charge(s). This takes time. Some states are slow in response to a mental health record check which is also conducted via U.S. Mail. We do not take any shortcuts in our background investigations. If there’s a question that needs answering, we will find the answer or wait on an applicant to provide needed documentation so we are confident in approving, or if need be, denying an application. Now, with that said, we want our residents to know what our average turn around times are. Again, these are averages and cannot obviously be applied to each and every applicant’s unique background check. When we are suddenly inundated with applications, things slow down a bit but they do not stop! We remain diligent in our processing of your applications. We have an average of 14 days for permit to carry applications that do not involve out-of-state checks. This means that from the time we receive your complete application till the time we send it up to Middlesex County is about 2 weeks. For those carry applications that do involve out-of-state checks, we are averaging less than 30 days. Carry permits are entirely done on paper and utilize the postal system for documents. They are reviewed and approved on business days. We email the applicant when we forward the application to the Middlesex County Superior Court. Under the statute (N.J.S.A. 2C:58-4), the judge assigned to review such applications (in our county that is Judge Joseph Rae) will either approve or deny it. We have no control on the how Judge Rae will do so as that remains the judge’s prerogative. For permits to purchase and FID cards, we are averaging about 8 days. We are constantly reevaluating how we process both the electronic and paper applications in an effort to become even more efficient. This, we feel, better serves our residents. Please remember that you can either email, call or stop in should you have any questions concerning your application. Our dedicated staff is well versed and eager to assist you. Thank you! Acting Chief Donald Fritz, Jr.
  7. Update.. middlesex county. 8/15 submitted full package to local pd 9/1 got a call from local pd saying paperwork was mailed to courts. 9/13 got a call(voice mail) from local pd that mine and one other application were sent back to them because the notary seal or date or something wasn’t visible or something. Bit of a garbled voicemail. Told to pick it up and reprocess. Can’t till Friday. So pissed off.
  8. Just had a fleeting thought this early morning. Not making excuses for the feet dragging we are experiencing but … I wonder if there are also supply chain issues with the actual permit cards. I know in my industry we’ve experienced months of delays for certain paper products or print jobs (envelopes, brochures, etc). The permits appear to be the size of index cards but I’m willing to bet the pds and courts didn’t have stacks of thousands laying around. Good luck to all!
  9. Middlesex County: 8/15 - submitted full package to local pd. Super helpful and patient. 9/1 - Received email that package was approved and mailed to Court. The wait begins. Though I find out tomorrow evening what day next week I will serve for jury duty. Would be convenient (and a miracle) if I got to pick up the permit while in New Brunswick. Lol.
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