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  1. Thx for the reply I'm actually in the process of setting up an evaluation very soon with a place near me. It appears my insurance will cover all or most.
  2. Can anyone reccomend one I'm in need of a letter/evaluation. I'm in South Jersey.
  3. He's in North Jersey and I'm in deptford area. Do you think he'd be able to help even though he's located almost almost 2 hours away?
  4. Wow, this actually makes me want to leave the state. Any ideas on what an expungment would cost? This is getting ridiculous.
  5. Hello, I'm considering obtaining my firearms purchaser ID and after doing some research this question seems to be brought up regularly I see. Not looking for legal advice per se, just looking for those who have similar life experiences and how you handled these questions. In short back In 2012 I was going through divorce, just lost my mother to cancer. Wasn't handling this well at the time. I voluntarily signed myself Into a mental hospital realizing that wasn't what I needed and signed myself out two days later. I wasn't treated, prescribed any medication and went on with my life. It's clear to me I must answer "yes" to question 26. However in "my" interpretation to question 24 would be "no" as I wasn't committed or confined as I left on my own free will. Question 24 seems to be regarding involuntary hospitalizations but I'm not lawyer. If answering yes to 26 will this be an automatic denial? I see it's reccomended to have a letter from a dr when submitting the application, however I have zero recollection of the facility I was at 11 years ago. Would an evaluation be needed or advised prior to submitting as I don't recall the facility or wait and see what Gloucester township police department says? Thoughts or opinions?
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