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  1. gloom

    Gone South

    Wow, there are no shortages of surprises when it comes to gun laws! Thanks.
  2. gloom

    Gone South

    That's good to know! Do you know if pump-actions have a round limit? Back to my original assumption, I imagine it would be 10.
  3. gloom

    Gone South

    No doubt! This pump is interesting though. Designed to handle minis and holds 13+1! https://www.mossberg.com/590s-51602.html (I wonder if "ghost loading" violates any laws. Say, 6+1+1 in a semi-auto. Never mind! I'm really going down the rabbit hole! haha)
  4. gloom

    Gone South

    Oh! That makes a big difference! (Of course a semi-auto is more "assaulty" than a pump. heheh) Good point! Although I can see someone getting into trouble for even loading up with minis. My new Viper G2 cycles 1oz@1170fps, but it stovepipes on 7/8oz@1200fps, so I imagine minis might be a little short on energy, apart from the size issue. Now I see that Aguila has a mini 7/8oz slug at 1300fps and Federal has a mini 1oz slug at 1200fps, both of which might have enough energy. Did the bolt even move? I tried Winchester AA low-recoil 2-3/4" shells, 26grams at 980fps, and the bolt didn't move. The minis would be interesting if they feed reliably in a pump or if a shotgun were designed around them.
  5. gloom

    Gone South

    (I usually skip this part.) I'm a former long-time NJ resident gone south. Since my sisters in NJ have pistols now, I figure it might be helpful if I'm up to date on gun related topics in NJ. I wasn't a gun owner in NJ, but now I have growing family. heh (The latest addition is a shotgun for clays and maybe multi-gun competition.) I recently read that NJ limits shotguns magazines to 6 rounds which I didn't expect. That's an example of why I need to stay informed! I figured it would be 10 rounds like pistols. (Maybe 10 mini shells?) Although I empathize with the difficulty of gun ownership in NJ I was also pleasantly surprised while searching for range and competition options! There is a lot going on that I never knew about! And the positive changes to concealed carry! And all the fellow gun people here! (The Pew Crew? No?)
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