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  1. Good lord! She wants to taze your ass, not your "soul" - and she's clearly running through that scenario in her mind - THAT'S why she's staring at you! All I can say is... you better watch your back. Your days are numbered. And the crowd is growing. Subscriptions are just one facet... I hear they're already selling tickets for the inaugural Taze Zeke live event... 200 a pop... and selling like hotcakes!
  2. Since I saw this thread 5 hrs ago, my fingers have been poised oh-so-expectantly over my keyboard...as I frantically searched YouTube... hoping and praying I might be the proud "first subscriber" to this wondrous and magical YouTube channel as described by Tex! Why...is that... wrong?
  3. You really love to stir the pot, don't you?
  4. I like Glocks, too... but I own a 1911!
  5. And 345Sire, too!... You both get the Dignified Posters of the Day Award!
  6. See? It's not that hard to be dignified. Everyone, let Old Glock Guy be your guide...!
  7. Ummm, folks... some of you sound like a flock of vultures! I don't like many of her rulings... and I'm a bit worried when I see any Supreme snoozing through events, but she's a human being, for God's sake! Let's not be gleefully poised for her demise... it's tasteless to be licking your chops like that.
  8. Nothing like that in my email... and I also used my email for the Recall Murphy petition. Soooo... not sure what that means! Maybe you're just "special"...?
  9. Yet another case! This time in Seattle. Article written by Fox News, and cross-posted by MSN. I love when gun owners step up to help in cases like this. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/armed-man-helps-subdue-suspect-in-deadly-stabbing-in-seattle/ar-BBPk8Aj?ocid=spartandhp
  10. What happened to our nice, family-oriented forum? I lay the blame squarely on @Scorpio64. He made it all turn bad. That's what he does! Now, shush and behave yourselves - these forums are supposed to be G-rated!
  11. Good for her! I have no sympathy for someone who breaks into another person's house and puts them in fear for their own life and their family's lives.
  12. This is about your fantasies, pal... not mine!
  13. Just as I was starting to like you... you had to go and screw it all up!
  14. I am… speechless. And for his insolence, @Scorpio64 is hereby... BANNED!!