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  1. Well then, a somewhat belated but no less sincere "Welcome Aboard" to you! I see your home range is Cherry Ridge. I wish I lived closer to that range. It really is a beautiful place to shoot! I think the prettiest I've seen in NJ so far.
  2. Welcome aboard, Pjak! You might want to fill out your profile just a bit more. At the very least, I recommend you fill out the location field. That way, as you pose various questions over time about ranges, FFLs, etc.... other posters will know where you live and can tailor their recommendations to your vicinity. Again, welcome aboard, welcome back to shooting... and pls enjoy your time here.
  3. I can't see the photos on the post from Wheeler 2.0 - the post I directly quoted. I can see all the others.
  4. And I'm viewing from my laptop! Hmmm.... @Krdshrk - any idea what might be causing this? (I always summon our resident techie because I'm a mere Luddite).
  5. Wierd! I can see all the photos except the ones in that particular post. As long as it's just on my end though, no worries. I do know that regular members run out of space pretty quickly, so I figured that was the problem. I didn't realize it was ME!! LOL. Ignore my msg... carry on with the pet pics!
  6. FYI, I can't see the photos! It might be on my end(?).. ... or it might be because "regular members" on NJGF have very limited photo storage space. To start attaching a bunch of photos to your posts, you need to either 1) sign up for "Premiere Membership" or 2) set up an account on a free image-sharing site like www.imgur.com - then upload your photos to that, and then link to those photos from your post(s) on NJGF.
  7. Well, as said, I'm a "flat tax" proponent. I think all of these special programs hurt more than they help on a number of fronts. And it's not only people with no kids either, just those with no "dependent" kids. It's just dividing people into little tribes - some get special handouts based on arbitrary red lines, some don't. The whole thing feels ridiculous to me... especially when the "benefit" is ultimately pretty paltry anyway.
  8. Hey, folks... this is in General Discussion. It's easy to forget which forum we're in. It's an important topic and I'd hate to move it to 1A, so please try not to be too overtly "partisan" or bombastic in your comments. Thank you!
  9. That's a good question... the state budget needs to be in place by Oct. 1... so does that mean the permit increase happens effective the same date? I'm not sure, just a guess.
  10. All kidding aside, Greenday's statement is a fair one. Childless people - both singles and couples - not only get whacked with paying a huge percentage of their taxes for schooling everyone else's kids, but now they will get shafted on a tax rebate, too? That's not exactly fair. It also irks me that elderly people, who are often hardest hit financially due to their fixed incomes and naturally escalating healthcare costs, are also left out of this calculation. Admittedly, what I know about taxes could fit in a thimble. That said, the more I see all the convoluted, kooky tax strategies that arise over the years at both the state and Federal level, the more attracted I have become to a drastically simplified tax system with a "flat tax" and no loopholes. Don't forget, you're speaking from the perspective of a mature gun owner who already did his purchasing in years past. What about noobs? This huge jack-up in price will do little to fill the coffers in Trenton, but it will do a LOT to discourage new gun ownership - frankly, I believe that's its primary and quite nefarious purpose. So, @Pizza Bob also makes a good point - in that I too hope ANJRPC is all over it.
  11. I agree with your assessment, but popularity is a mighty fickle thing. Wait until the flight of NJ's top earners starts to accelerate even faster (and it will). It was only 4 years ago that the exodus of ONE hedge fund manager to Florida sent a shock wave through Trenton. In the attached article (from that time period), it mentioned that: "Acting New Jersey Treasurer Ford Scudder recently told the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee that “the top 100 filers pay over 5.5 percent of all [gross income tax] payments” in the state... Over the long haul, I believe this latest stupidity coupled with the staggering debt that was recently approved will be viewed as the disastrous moves that they are... the final nails in the coffin of NJ's fiscal hopes. The only question is, will people wake up to that while he's still in office? We shall see.... https://www.forbes.com/sites/travisbrown/2016/04/18/new-jerseys-revenue-instability-exposed-by-david-teppers-move-to-florida/#22af95ae7309
  12. From the article: "...chaos ensued as some people began yelling at New Brunswick Police Department officers and the EMTs." Yelling at the first responders there to assist with the carnage. Idiots!
  13. I was so sad to hear this! Mrs. Peel was the first TV character that really made an impression on me. She was smart, witty and educated, but also thoroughly badass, packing heat, driving a great sportscar... OMG, what's not to love? I wanted to grow up to be just like her, lol. And the actress who brought her to life was very talented and enjoyed a fabulous and long career... from Emma Peel to Bond Girl to iconic character in Game of Thrones, she was a very talented lady. RIP, Diana Rigg!
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