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  1. Really? I thought all the guys liked Marcia Brady! Wow. You're an outlier, I think, JohnnyB..
  2. Will be cooking for the boys (dad and bro). Keeping it fairly simple - glazed spiral sliced ham, home-made potatoes au gratin, a few sides, etc. Simple, but hopefully tasty. Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!
  3. Ooooohh, man... this news today made me sooo sad! To say David Cassisdy was my first "crush" would be a gross understatement to the epic "one for the ages" love that I felt for him. (Stop rolling your eyes...! No snark allowed when I'm paying homage to my David). I always wondered why my older brother put up with me blasting this album (particularly this song, which I played to death)... I found out years later it was because HE was an admirer of Susan Dey. Something for everyone in that Partridge Family, I guess....! RIP, David.
  4. The martini sounds much too sweet for my tastes... I'm more of a dirty martini fan, myself. But, I do like a sweet after-dinner drink (it's like dessert in a glass!) and that espresso sounds divine! I'll make that up.... for myself anyway!
  5. Don't be surprised if you hear a "no" - those agencies tend to be full of very left-leaning progressives and (understandably) they are leery of men calling in claiming anything (because they think it may be a crazy ex trying to get the location of the shelter, yada, yada, yada). So, let's see what they say. I'll be delighted if there's interest, but even if there's not... I still think it's possible for a local group (particularly a women's 2A group) to approach a local shelter. That might be a "softer" more effective approach. But we'll see! I'll be happy to be wrong... and appreciate your ready enthusiasm, Zeke. And glad you opened the thread Jack & Jill. It really is such an overdue thing. The 2A community should take the lead on this - we're all about self-reliance, etc. - it's a natural fit. And if someone chimes in and already IS doing this - so much the better!
  6. Wow, you and I are really aligned in our thinking! I've been noodling for awhile on the possibility of creating a relationship between one of the women's 2A groups/chapters in NJ - SAW or TWAW (or others I may not know of?) - and a local DV shelter. (Lordy, I wish I had more time!!) Not EVERYONE wants to get a gun. But they could offer various services... first, a class on basic personal & home security - locks, alarms, lighting, dog, etc. Then, a class on the various self-defense options available - pepper spray, tasers, firearms - with the plusses and minuses of each - so that people can decide for themselves what they're interested in... and follow-up instruction from there. I have some familiarity with the DV system, and frankly, I CRINGE at the really infantilizing attitude directed towards these women --- oh, honey, you need to get a temporary restraining order --- as though a piece of paper provides any real security? It's B.S. Let me tell you, if a guy has you scared enough that you're sitting in a damn shelter, you need a helluva lot more than a TRO!! And btw, for those who don't know, there's basically 2 kinds of DV shelters. Some are like prisons (but meant to keep people OUT) - no windows, remote location, cameras galore, bulletproof glass at the reception area, etc. Very intimidating when you think they need to be built that way! The other model is to have a series of homes in the community and women are rotated through them so that their S.O. doesn't know exactly which one they're at. It's pretty serious shit. (And yes, there have been MURDERS inside of DV shelters by determined ex's... so again... TRO, my ass!!)
  7. That's very interesting! I could certainly envision that being used against all manner of pro-2A sites, (2A orgs, gun sellers, etc.) Worrisome trend.
  8. Dump them, then block the number. NO legitimate staffing firm will EVER charge you a fee merely to interview a candidate. It's beyond ridiculous! And their escalating aggressive phone tactics reveal their sleaze as well. FYI, a temp agency will either charge you a per hour rate for the person (and then pay that person some lower amount as their own W-2 employee)... or, agencies doing permanent placements will sign an agreement with you in advance to get a certain percent of the selected candidate's annual salary (20-30% is typical for white collar jobs)... and that's typically due after the person's been successfully on board for 60 or 90 days. These people calling you are SHYSTERS! (20+ years as a recruiter btw - corporate, agency & as a contractor - so my advice on this matter is solid).
  9. LOL, I can't blame AVB at all! I've suffered from Wall-o-text Syndrome for years. And what's up with people these days anyway? Has texting, twitter, etc. made our attention spans so bad we're incapable of reading a few paragraphs? Sheesh! I suppose if I typed it in caps, you'd say I was "shouting" too, right?
  10. So the logo is true: You've got a friend in Pennsylvania! (I already have mine lined up, thank you very much --- and will also be learning "reloading". Many ways to skin a cat).
  11. It was a joke, silly! I know you're more than capable of reading a screen of text. Sheesh!
  12. LOL! Take your ADHD meds... it'll help ya focus! Or to break it down: Roubian >>> Passion (-) self-discipline = Chaos!
  13. Ah, the "why isn't NJ2AS being invited" question arising again! I know Zeke and I have gently squabbled about this issue over text (LOL)... and I'll trust him to come on here and speak for himself (and any others) who disagree with my point of view. I know some on here admire Roubian's passionate, sometimes very effective, take no prisoners approach. Frankly, I don't know Roubian personally, but from what I've seen, hey...I like some of that too! For instance, I loved that video about the NJ pol who was indicted for stalking. I thought that was GREAT... and even shared it with a bunch of people! But, I've also CRINGED at his lack of self-discipline and "big picture" thinking... because it seems to result in as many or more publicity screw-ups than wins, including the times he turns his aggression on the WRONG people (other pro-2A types) in a very public way. Zeke and others might say, "well, they need to get over it and pull him in". But here's how I see it - I think the responsibility is with the person who lashed out first. This is all Psych 101 really. If Roubian really thinks the 2A cause is more important than his own ego... then he'll quietly reach out to the other groups, admit he could have handled things better, and offer his support on any joint actions. But, if he's a narcissist who's caught up in getting his own name and face in the press, he'll be unable to do that (regrettably). Imagine it this way: you own Small Business "A" in a very niche industry that's under pressure and in danger of disappearing. You work VERY hard to have a thriving small business. You cross paths with another small company, Small Business "B", all the time --- sometimes you even work on the same large projects together as subcontractors and you both have a shared interest in keeping your industry thriving. One day, you find out that Small Business "B"'s owner has trashed your business in the most petty way... and not privately either, but on social media (and suspiciously timed right before an industry conference, perhaps for maximum damage?), and in the press (in a way that damages your whole niche industry). Tell me, honestly... the next time you have an "all hands on deck" situation --- are you going to invite that guy to participate? Or, are you going to think to yourself: "The first time he doesn't like what we're doing, he'll be squawking to every reporter who'll listen...he's going to burn us - and our industry - again." As I see it, the problem is... Roubian has burned people... he's the "hot stove" that many of the other 2A types simply don't want to touch. I'm not sure I can blame them. Could I levy criticism elsewhere too? Of course! Do we need MORE aggression from these other 2A groups - yeah, we do. Hopefully they'll step up quickly and if they don't their leadership should be tossed and replaced. But that doesn't negate the criticism again Roubian. Put another way, I have limited funds - I can't afford to put them on a horse (no matter how talented) who's liable to start a fight in the middle of the track during the damn race.
  14. That's really funny! I have a lot to do this weekend, but I'm going to take 2 min to call them and tell them, "I, for one, LOVE your sign!"
  15. Shame on me for not doing this awhile ago - seeing another review prompted me. I LOVED dealing with Jim Flynn. Wonderful experience! Pricing was excellent (I purchased through him, not a transfer), great customer service, friendly office staff, and Jim himself is a real "gun guy and 2A advocate"... (he was leaving right after my purchase as a matter of fact - his typical afternoon spent shooting clays apparently). Just a pleasure to deal with all around. Fair warning... the place LOOKS... ummm... a bit hardscrabble (LOL)... I almost couldn't believe where Google maps brought me! Seriously, I did a double-take. But that's so unimportant in the scheme of things... Jim will absolutely be my FFL going forward (and he's very close to me which makes it even better). A BIG thumbs up for Jim Flynn's Truck Repair!