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  1. Mrs. Peel

    2019 Training

    No, but thanks for starting this thread. How did I make my list of "Pro-2A New Year's Resolutions" and NOT have some training on there? Sheesh! Now you've got me thinking.... Oh, and thanks for spending my money for me.
  2. Mrs. Peel

    Adopt or Die?!?

    I never rule out ANY ideas (LOL)… but I admit I'm a bit squeamish at the thought of adopting children, even in part, for a "political agenda". It should be done purely as a selfless act of love IMO. Besides, I think you can accomplish the same goal you're seeking by simply exposing people (even adults) who are already at your elbow... neighbors, co-workers, friends... to your activities/point of view. How about simply being friendly and inviting them to the range? Or you can contribute dollars or volunteer hours to organizations that effectively bring new people into the shooting sports. I also think it's helpful if MORE people in our community write letters to the editor and/or call politicians offices on a regular basis to express their point of view, etc. (making ourselves MORE visible and not so easily ignored). Those steps also require far less commitment and LESS COST than adopting another human and raising them to adulthood! I mean, what's the cost of college tuition these days?
  3. Goodness.. who did I "censor"? That seems a thoroughly unfair charge. I often weigh in on threads - as a regular ol' poster - where I might differ with someone else's opinion. But I have exercised (I think!!) a very light touch in the "moderator" role... as a general rule, I don't delete opinions I disagree with, except for spam...or in the rare circumstance that someone is clearly breaking forum rules, but even then, I prefer the route of pointing that out on the thread so that posters can edit it themselves. In addition, we have multiple people on here with administrative privileges - don't assume changes you didn't like were made by ME just because I commented on a thread.. If you have a specific issue, please PM me. I'm always happy to discuss! I just don't like getting tagged with what I feel is an unfair charge. Color me sensitive! PS - feel free to open another thread on this topic, though I think some people are just being thick-headed about what @High Exposure posted... and will continue to be. NOWHERE did he say "aim for the leg". I challenge anyone to find that in his posts... it's simply not there..
  4. Mrs. Peel

    Pistol Pemit Changes

    No, I was relaying what I've heard about ANJRPC handling these cases - that some of the situations they encountered were purely ignorance & got straightened out with a quick phone call without any pushback. I'm not aware of where non-lawyer individuals have been able to accomplish the same... (that's not saying there haven't been cases though... just that I'm just not aware of them). But, honestly? Would it surprise me that lawyers get a better result that ordinary citizens? No! Yeah, it SHOULDN'T be like that in an ideal world... but all government entities (police depts. or otherwise) pay more attention when a lawyer calls. It is what it is! It's a litigious world and people don't want to get sued. So, why not leverage that? That service isn't restricted to ANJRPC members as far as I know - so why not use it?
  5. Mrs. Peel

    Pistol Pemit Changes

    FYI, the first part of my message was written before I saw the form (the system merged my 2 messages - the second msg started with "YIKES!..." after I saw the letter). I maintain that sometimes there are mistakes due to ignorance, poor training etc., but I agree THIS CASE looks far more egregious than a simple screw-up - these are "extra" requirements that are simply not allowed by law (and, most troubling to me, an invasion of privacy with regards to letting the employer know WHY the check is being done) - and the signature block of the Chief is right on there for all to see. So, this case does appear to be rather intentional.
  6. Mrs. Peel

    Pistol Pemit Changes

    I agree. @Redlines - if you or your friend need more info, here's the link: https://www.anjrpc.org/page/A_Strikeforce BTW, ANJRPC is admittedly pretty horrible about "feedback" - but I know for a fact they do follow-up on these cases that are brought to their attention. I've also come to learn that sometimes these problems are simply related to a new officer coming into the firearms role in that department, and they don't fully know what they're doing. Often times, a quick phone call from one of the ANJRPC lawyers is enough to get things back on-track. I'm just saying, it's not always malevolent by any means... occasionally it's just lack of training and an overzealous employee, etc. But, shooters do a good deed for the entire community when you "flag" issues like this... so please encourage your friend to report this! YIKES!! Make sure they include that PDF in their email.
  7. What you said above is completely fair... it may seem like a fine point, but in your statements above you're at least admitting that it's your opinion and your interpretation of the article... whereas the post I objected to sounded like more of a declarative statement: that it was a certainty that she purposefully "winged" him. My point remains that none of us were there, none of us were in her head, and to boot, "journalists" often use editing to construct a sometimes sloppy or even slanted rendition of what happened. Had you said, ""I believe she tried to shoot him in the leg..." or "It sounds like she tried to wing him, which is too risky..." I would never have commented in the first place! Anyway, you seemed to have taken offense where none was meant... so hopefully I've added some clarity. Now, unruffle your feathers... and have a nice hot cup of tea! It's the weekend, don't be a grumble-bunny.
  8. You and another poster are assuming that. It's not clear from the article. Her comment about "I didn't want to kill him" could have just as easily been referring to the fact that she rendered aid while he was bleeding out. There is NO clear statement that she purposefully shot him in his thigh. Her shot may have simply landed low. We just don't know. And... think of how fast that situation likely unfolded... bullets are flying, adrenaline is pumping, she's taking cover, she gets off a couple of shots that put the guy down... we're really going to critique this to death? Can't we just celebrate the fact that an armed citizen stopped a potential mass shooter? Come'on guys... must we eat our own all the time?
  9. And THAT's where many politicians/activists go completely astray in their analysis of "gun violence". They want to take guns away from the law-abiding (who are statistically unlikely to commit crime), while a career criminal who is statistically the MOST likely to commit crime (even this guy who was shaping up to be a potential mass shooter) will go straight through the justice system's revolving door and right back onto the street. All of these "criminal justice reforms" we're seeing - like releasing folks early from jail, reducing bail or even doing away with bail altogether - mark my words, this will come back to bite us. We're going to start seeing crime rates spiking (we've already seen a slight uptick the last 2 years)... and then guess what? They'll want MORE gun control in a vain attempt to control the problem that THEY stupidly created in the first place.
  10. This woman is pretty badass, I must say! https://www.gunsamerica.com/digest/security-guard-shooter-nightclub/
  11. Mrs. Peel

    Anybody want to work at Picatinny?

    I worked there for quite some years also. Still have many friends working there. The commute from the Poconos (as others mentioned) requires a pre-dawn departure, but if you can handle that... it's doable. Also, carpools/vanpools are common if you prefer to go that route. In addition, working from home on occasion (which was verboten years ago) has become more common.
  12. Mrs. Peel

    " important information " ?

    @Maksim --- just flagging you to make sure you read this thread. Too techie for me!
  13. Well, I guess it shows that when violence gets bad enough, the level of desperation rises to meet it... and ordinary citizens will start embracing some pretty radical ideas. Your point is well-taken... certainly no talk of "due process"..."a jury of your peers" or any of the other things we take for granted here.
  14. Unless Hungary did something I'm unaware of (entirely possible, lol)… I think Zeke might be referring to the Czech Republic who have passed an amendment in their lower legislature that is based on the US's own 2A - viewing gun ownership as a "right" - but last I heard, I believe it still has some hurdles before it's enshrined as law (basically squabbling with their EU overlords who are moving in the opposite direction towards more gun control). The Czech President wasn't initially so pro-gun, but insecurity stemming from various terrorist attacks in Europe changed his mind apparently. So, very similar motivations, it would seem, as listed in the WSJ article posted above by @leahcim
  15. Mrs. Peel

    .22 help

    No one else mentioned this, so I will. I'm no firearms expert (by any stretch of the imagination), so if I'm wrong I'm sure others will quickly correct me. I realize that's probably the ammo you have in stock already, but one of the fascinating things I've learned about guns in the last couple of years is that certain guns (especially 22's) "like" certain ammo more than others. They can be finicky. So, just stay flexible! Buy the gun you like, but be aware... if you are getting misfires, etc. you should be willing to test a few different types of ammo in it to see what works best for that particular gun. So what... you might end up with 2 brands of .22lr ammo on your shelf? That's not the worst thing in the world. My apologies if you already knew this, but since you're new I thought it was worth mentioning! Good luck with your purchase. Come back on and let us know what you got! We all seem to get a little vicarious thrill from others' purchases.

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