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  1. Thank you, @Lambo2936 ...and @T Bill too - I ordered 3. I'm going to give one to my uncle as a "thank you" gesture - he's been so helpful, not just teaching me about shooting but he's about to show me how to do the reloading, too. Hopefully, when Cabela's has an unusually good shipping deal - someone will post it on here and I'll jump on it. And if worst comes to worst, and there's no good shipping deals by mid-spring... what the heck, I may just plan a little road trip to Hamburg and check it out as I've never been before.... I'll invite the uncle along, too.
  2. @T Bill - maybe my memory is faulty... but I seem to recall you had some other clever trick to drive the price of these cards down even further. I searched around but couldn't readily find it. Does that method still exist, and if so, could you re-post it here? Thanks! It would be helpful to me... and possibly others, too.
  3. I'm posting this on an open forum so more can see it... so mind your language, pls! Well, he's really getting the PR machine rolling about his gun agenda... here's the latest. Just out today on Politico: https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2018/02/20/governor-phil-murphy-gun-control-new-jersey-interview-217029
  4. Though I do agree, it needn't be a sweeping change - 1-2 additional key replacements could make a substantial change to the tone of the court, to their willingness to take on 2A cases, and to the way those cases would then be decided. Four might be a pipe dream, but 1 or 2 more... considering their ages? Not so impossible. Dare to dream!
  5. The best thing that could happen for the 2A is for a couple more left or centrist SCOTUS Justices to get replaced with new Supremes who respect ALL the amendments. The current SCOTUS make-up leaves it mired in cowardice.
  6. BTW, the NRA-ILA put out an article about that meeting. The link was a bit weird... didn't lead directly to the article itself, so I'm posting it directly from my email... Nice to see some coordination with the NRA taking place here... a needed development! view the web version of this email New Jersey: Anti-Gun Roundtable Shuns Gun Owners What do you do when you want to silence your opponents? Well, if you are new Gov. Phil Murphy you simply ignore them. That tactic was on full display last week as Gov. Murphy led a roundtable of gun control activists in Cherry Hill. About a dozen activists, representing almost every major gun control group, sat at the table with Gov. Murphy and Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald (D-6) to "discuss" their anti-gun wish list. Gun owners weren't invited. They weren't even asked for comment. So here you have a group of people who know nothing about firearms or safe firearm handling talking about gun "safety." It shouldn't come as a surprise that the talks were light on solutions and heavy on the same old gun ban rhetoric. Instead of a meaningful dialogue, the festivities included nothing more than a proclamation of their wish list for separating New Jersey's law-abiding gun owners from their firearms. This self-appointed panel announced plans to: Ban magazines with a capacity greater than 10 rounds Ban .50 Caliber rifles Ban the sale of all traditional handguns by mandating the sale of only "Smart Guns" Ban "armor piercing" ammunition (which would ban most rifle ammunition) Require mandatory training to simply own firearms Oppose concealed carry Fund an anti-gun think tank at Rutgers You can watch the “roundtable” here. All of these agenda items have one thing in common. They only impact law-abiding gun owners, and will do nothing to improve public safety. As if it were believable, several speakers said they support the Second Amendment and sportsmen. They also played games with the English language, labeling their proposals "gun safety" measures, as if gun owners don't understand that this is simply code for gun bans. Ultimately, the state of New Jersey has many real problems to address. The state already has some of the harshest gun laws in the country. However, Governor Murphy has proven he is more interested in pursuing political agendas than addressing real problems, and once again New Jersey's law-abiding gun owners are in the crosshairs. Your NRA-ILA is going to fight each and every one of these anti-gun proposals in Trenton. Just last week, we supported litigation filed by ANJRPC to address the issuance of concealed carry permits. This is going to be an extremely challenging environment, but New Jersey gun owners are up to the task. Please continue to follow NRA-ILA alerts for updates. FOLLOW NRA-ILA © 2017 National Rifle Association of America, Institute For Legislative Action. To contact NRA-ILA call 800-392-8683. Address: 11250 Waples Mill Road Fairfax, Virginia 22030. Please do not reply to this email. Unsubscribe from this email list | Manage your email preferences Thank you!
  7. I agree. The physical requirements are there for a reason. And if anyone wants to do that kind of potentially dangerous work, he/she should also consider that being in top condition could, in fact, make the difference between life and death in certain situations. @tblant... your step-daughter might be well-served by spending some time really thinking about her career choice and trying to figure out... what exactly appeals to her about that particular job (the authority? the risk? the structure? the environment? the uniform? etc.) If it turns out she just can't meet the physical demands, there may well be a dozen or more other careers that would fulfill her desires just as nicely (or even more) without the physical demands! I'm sure she has options. EMT, prison nurse, DOC administrator, private investigator are careers that immediately come to mind that might hold some appeal for her, again depending on her unique motivations and interests. I don't know how old your step-daughter is, but I do know that public schools do a pretty poor job of showing kids a multitude of career options... and so sometimes they tend to latch on to one idea (almost by accident) and then they're just crushed if it doesn't work out. FYI, there's something called the Strong Interest Inventory... it's widely used at college career centers, etc. It's been validated over many years of use. It's a multi-question inventory with questions like this: Would you prefer to a) bandage a wound, b) fix a radio, c) landscape a yard... etc., etc. It's takes no more than an hour to fill out as I recall. Then, the results are compared to profiles of people across all occupations and it tells you which occupations your answers aligned with the most closely. (Because, yeah, studies do show that similar "types" of people tend to be attracted to the same lines of work). My point is, it doesn't just give you one option, it gives you multiple options... and sometimes the results are rather surprising! But, either way, it does tend to spark ideas of career options to explore. (That's never a bad thing... even if she does become a Corrections Officer, she might enjoy a career change at some future point... it's good to stay flexible). I personally don't do that kind of test-based career counseling... I've considered getting certified in a few assessment tools, but the people I work with are mostly higher professional/executive levels and are already well along their career track. So, it probably wouldn't pay for me to go that route (though I find it quite interesting!) But, if your step-daughter hasn't done something like that before, she might really benefit from it. So, if interested... PM me, I can at least give you some suggestions on how to track that down.
  8. My dad has Life Alert... shockingly, he ordered it himself (after refusing to do so after my brother and I recommended it numerous times before... I guess once a stubborn mule... always a stubborn mule! LOL). In any event, the only time it was used is when he was grating Parmesan cheese in his kitchen and accidently pressed the pendant around his neck ... oh dear, they sent the cavalry!! The downside is he's hard of hearing, so if he hadn't see the flashing lights..?... yeah, they would have busted through the front door... and that would have been the most expensive block of Italian cheese EVER. But, nonetheless, it IS a potentially life-saving service that seems worth it for the extra peace of mind. BTW, we test the gadgets monthly as directed to make sure they're operational and so far we've not had a problem. FYI, I took up this offer myself at one point and got on the phone with "Mrs. Fishnut, The Eldercare Expert Extraordinaire". She was a fountain of information! We'll be moving to a live-in companion situation at some point soon and she just quickly laid out all the common pitfalls of that particular situation as well as what we needed to do to mitigate the risks. And yes, indeed, she mentioned things I never even would have considered... like if a companion is in the house 24x7, they get "tenant's rights" - which can be a big old can of worms. So, after a quick 15 min call, I felt "armed with information". Soooo helpful! She's a good egg.
  9. Yeah, the recidivism rate is high --- and those that fall back into crime account for an overwhelming majority of crimes committed in this country. Gee, sounds like a logical place to look to make improvements, right?
  10. There have been several large studies done - by DOJ, large universities, criminal justice think tanks - all showing very high percentages of crime specifically by ex-felons, literally 80-90% range - NOT including those with a list of misdemeanors mind you... if you lump those in, you're much closer to 95% of serious violent crimes committed. Those studies aren't conducted or published as widely as they should be. They show the real picture of crime in this country. Crimes like this school shooting - as horrific as it is - are the OPPOSITE of "the norm". But, I know I'm preaching to the choir!
  11. More to the point... I'd love to know how many of the killers were already ex-felons at the time they committed those crimes. My educated guess is that it would be roughly 300 or better (as it likely aligns with proportions found in crime studies all across the country). So, how about they focus on keeping violent criminals in prison longer...? Doing a deep-dive analysis to find better predictive methods for parole...? Increasing the # of parole officers so they can keep a closer eye on parolees...? Reducing plea bargaining/"revolving door" courts...? Why? Because that would put the focus on the CRIMINALS. Which they simply don't want to do. It gets too close to all kinds of sensitive issues that politicians don't want to touch.
  12. Putting this in a separate thread so it doesn't get lost in the sauce. Sounds like there's a lot of former military on here.... fyi, there's an effort afoot to honor a JROTC student who was killed when he was helping others escape from the building during the 2/14 shooting. Just FYI, in case someone wants to participate. Far healthier IMO to honor the brave than to keep plastering the face of the shooter all over the place. Link: https://www.redstate.com/sarah-rumpf/2018/02/17/military-members-rally-honor-peter-wang-jrotc-hero-killed-florida-school-shooting/
  13. I don't disagree at all! All of this should be subject to due process... I would never argue otherwise. However, don't about things spinning in a direction virtually guaranteed NOT to work, look at this (which I just posted on the "other" thread in 1A Lounge on this topic also): https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/prominent-republican-donor-issues-ultimatum-on-assault-weapons/ar-BBJg5E7?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartandhp
  14. More information rolling out... he was actually assessed by local mental health professionals after cutting himself online. They determined he did not need to be committed due to the fact that his mother was providing oversight and he was under the care of a mental health clinic for his various emotional problems. However, after the assessment, he stopped receiving treatment and then his mother died ...so, those 2 stabilizing factors were both removed... with disastrous results. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/parkland/florida-school-shooting/fl-school-shooting-nikolas-cruz-cutting-snapchat-20180216-story.html My thoughts: Aside from making schools harder targets (which I think should happen)... I also have long believed we need systemic changes in our mental health system - all of which would require money and legislative (HIPPA) changes. Of course, I don't want to see some giant "big brother" nanny state either. But still, as a society, I feel we should be able to care for our weakest members much better than we do, for their own good AND the community's. Some thoughts... schools are "mandated reporters" if they think a child is being abused. Sooo.... Are schools "mandated reporters" if they feel strongly a kid poses a threat? Are schools required to report to police and local mental health services when a student is expelled? Should mental health clinics be required to flag cases where "at-risk" patients stop receiving treatment "against medical advice"...? Should all of the above situations trigger some periodic "wellness checks" - (maybe 3, 6 and 12 months) by a team comprised of a local LEO and a mental health worker?... to make sure that the situation hasn't degraded and become dangerous? We see this happening with child abuse cases all too often. The case worker signs off because things look "OK" during the visit, but a year later (once the kids have been murdered and stuffed in a box in the basement) they find out that the situation changed after the last visit... a parent dies, the other went off their meds, an abusive boyfriend moves in, the kid "aged out" of the system, etc. The number of "red flags" in this case is really appalling. And yet, THIS IS HOW WE TREAT OUR MENTALLY ILL in this country. They fall through the cracks... they end up homeless, in the ER, in jail.. and yeah, on rare occasions, they shoot up a school. We have a very broken mental health system. In response to reports of horrific abuses a few decades back, we closed many state psychiatric hospitals (rather than fixing them), with the promise that these issues could be better handled by local community-level mental health workers. But, in reality, those systems today are underfunded, overburdened, and they can't keep up with demand. Yeah, Moms Demand Action and all the other anti-2A types are riding this particular shooting for all it's worth and "blaming the gun", but the fact is... this young man had serious emotional issues, known by many agencies... and the current system failed him and that community miserably. The people crying out for gun control need to reckon with this fact: if that young man didn't buy a gun, he could have easily rented a box truck at Home Depot, waiting for the final school bell of the day, and mowed down the crowd... with an equal or greater body count. There's a lot of angles to this case... blaming the gun is a simplistic "feel good" measure that doesn't address the root cause.
  15. This and the complete backlash against 1st Amendment rights that we're seeing as well --- this is what we're reaping from the continuous leftward lurch in educational ranks over the least few decades... as evidenced by the removal of civics education, ROTC being tossed to the curb... all that disrespect towards foundational American principles has left us with this group of brainwashed, dependent, manipulated kids led around by the nose by their teachers who happen to simply DISDAIN this country. What a mess.