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  1. I believe in voting with my consumer dollars. I do it all the time. I'm so glad you posted this, because when I read about this CEO, I immediately thought - I'm going to make sure to buy some Goya products on my next shopping trip. Why? In my case, it's not at all about the politics of his statements. It's that I'm just so damn SICK AND TIRED of this cancel culture - this abhorrent, evil attempt to silence and destroy people for "wrong think" - that I want to fight against it any way that I can. Even though, yes, it's a huge company, I still want to do my little part to make sure this boycott doesn't even make a dent in their profits. I figure the cans I purchase will make up for a purchase withheld by some loony social justice bully.
  2. For anyone else who was curious, here's more about the criteria for the MDA "Gun Sense Candidate" - from their own website: At a time when the NRA has scrapped its now-toxic past grades from its website, more and more candidates are actively running on gun safety platforms. Moms Demand Action volunteers have been distributing questionnaires to candidates across the country and educating them on key policies and what it means to be a Gun Sense Candidate. To date, more than 2,600 candidates have sought and received a Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction this cycle. Incumbents, challengers or open seat candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, State Senate, State House, the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives are eligible. So far, there are Gun Sense Candidates in 46 states ― red, blue and purple. Criteria on the questionnaires for receiving the distinction includes a candidate’s stance on background checks and disarming domestic abusers. Criteria also includes stances on concealed carry reciprocity for federal candidates and red flag laws for state candidates. Everytown will continue to evaluate questionnaires and award the distinction to additional candidates in the coming weeks. Now, whether the candidates will feel obligated to uphold these policies once in office is anyone's guess. But, on paper anyway, sounds like they have to align with the philosophies above.
  3. Sorry I missed you, too! Hope you had fun.
  4. @marlintag - somehow (though I'm not sure how!), I may have accidentally "triggered" that online spat, and if so, I apologize. Keep in mind, I know that many people who work very hard in NJ's 2A orgs (@Smokin .50 being one of them) feel immense frustration about the profound apathy of NJ's gun owners. Very few volunteer on a regular basis... in fact, it's hard just to get gun owners to show up at special one-time events - like rallies or legislative hearings in Trenton. I think your comment just happened to strike that understandably raw nerve. I've met Smokin50 - and can tell you that he's very well-intentioned (and quite generous and jovial in person) and I do believe the comments may have come off looking harsher than he intended. Besides, frankly?... these days, I think COVID-19 has us all lashing out a bit more than usual! Too many restrictions, too much isolation (or not enough, lol), too much hardship... things are just not "normal" anymore! It's very disruptive. How 'bout you boys virtually shake hands... and move on? On a happier note, I went to TTC today! FYI, I left a msg on Saturday, they called me yesterday and set an appt for today. Pretty darn efficient! Everyone was masked, there were some new plexiglass plates at key customer service areas, and on the range, every other lane was taped off. Other than that, it was "business as usual". It was great to be shooting. But, damn, it was also frustrating - no matter how I adjusted my mask, my glasses were fogging up constantly. I had to move the target to 5 yards (much closer than I normally like it), because I was literally shooting through a bad haze. But, I managed to stay on paper and even get a few bullseyes - I had a wonderful time!! Amazing how such a noisy sport can be sooooo relaxing! I floated back to my car in a positively Zen-like state. Life is good. Get to the range!
  5. I belong to a private outdoor range in PA (it was the best, closest option to my residence), and a private indoor range in NJ - but I was also going to a commercial range in NJ (TTC in Flemington) primarily for a women's shooting group I belong to. Not only will I go to TTC once those chapter meetings resume in-person, but I intend to go to TTC on my own this summer at least a handful of times... even if it's inconvenient and even if I have to endure some wait times. Why?... Because our Governor is biased against these businesses (he's made that abundantly clear) and the easiest way we can fight back against his authoritarianism is to throw these ranges our business, and plenty of it! If not, as @SJG rightly pointed out upthread, these businesses will surely go under - giving our Governor and his minions exactly what they wanted! Can you imagine how difficult it will become to introduce new shooters to the sport if the # of ranges in this state shrinks considerably? So, you can certainly do as you wish, but I would urge you to consider making at least one visit to a NJ commercial range this month. It's bad enough this administration is overtly hostile to them... they should at least be able to count on NJ's gun-owning community to support them and to keep these facilities open for new, incoming shooters. Just my opinion!
  6. If I could, I'd give you a double-like - one for the gun, and one for the best thread title of the year-to-date.
  7. I somewhat disagree. ANJRPC, CNJFO and some of the NJ women's shooting groups have actually cooperated very readily across a number of legal cases, 2A events and other efforts - and continue to do so. Just several weeks ago, as one small example, the Communications Dir for CNJFO - Theresa Inacker - was the scheduled speaker on a Zoom call organized by some of the NJ chapters of "The Well-Armed Woman" (TWAW). These groups cross-pollinate all the time. NJ2AS was perhaps a bit of an outlier in that regard... possibly due to their more confrontational style. That said, even Anthony Colandro of GunForHire (and ANJRPC) had Alex Roubian (of NJ2AS) on one of his recent radio broadcasts (it's posted on here btw). So, yeah, it's not as splintered as you might think. Honestly? I don't think splintering is the big challenge we face... I think a lack of active, passionate volunteers is more the issue. We have a lot of complainers, far fewer doers. People shouldn't just join 1 or more 2A orgs... they need to volunteer. That's the answer IMO.
  8. @Downtownv - I notice you post a lot about NJ2AS on here... do you happen to know anything about this poster's question? Anyone else? @Smokin .50 - you are always up on 2A topics in the state - do you know anything? It's my impression that most of the 2A orgs, especially in NJ, are only lightly staffed... just a few people doing the bulk of the work. So, I'm guessing it's nothing more than a communications delay during a difficult time. After all, already-stretched volunteers are dealing with the same pandemic issues the rest of the population are, like having their school-age kids underfoot, etc. But, if we know something tangible, feel free to share. Otherwise, let's not assume the org's ill health. Meanwhile, here's the website for this other org mentioned in the post: https://www.bluestarunion.com/
  9. Ummm,, no. A quick search shows he was logged in just 2 hours ago.
  10. Permits are processed through your local PD (though much of that has been moved online since I last did it; it sounds like you're already familiar with that process). BTW, no matter how much your PD might be 2A-unfriendly, they can't just deny you for no good reason! If your record is clean in all respects (criminal, mental health, etc.), you should get both FID and as many handgun permits as you request. The nice folks at your local gun shop will require a permit (that you obtained through your PD) when you're ready to purchase your handgun.
  11. I will let other more experienced shooters weigh in on this. I am NOT - repeat NOT - an expert. That said, in my own personal limited experience, I think a .22 handgun is just a fabulous way to "start" your shooting career. The smaller caliber means less recoil, which means less likelihood of developing a flinch (that would then have to be unlearned). So, you would learn all of the things you need to learn with any firearm... but in the easiest, least punishing way. You should also use the search function - you'll find, I'm sure, several threads about people looking to purchase a first gun. Also, a small tip that I learned from others on here... it's not a bad idea to request multiple handgun permits at the same time. Most people on here say 3. Yes, you're limited to purchasing one-gun-a-month (OGAM) in this state, but I believe you still save both on effort and cost if you apply to get the permits all at once. You can always stage out your purchases... the permits last awhile as you know. Yeah, I know you already got your permit... but it's something to consider for the future! (This hobby is very addictive). Note to other posters: It's been a LONG time since I went through the handgun/purchase process. I know it's changed quite a bit since then. So, chime in and correct me - quickly, pls! - if I said anything wrong to this new poster!
  12. Oh, and btw, I like "SG Ammo" for online ammo orders. Consistently good prices! www.sgammo.com
  13. Hello! Welcome aboard. And sorry for your experience - 84 days? Sheesh. I'm not near Sayreville, but I'm certain others will chime in with local recommendations for ranges/FFLs, etc. Please keep an eye on the events area, too - we sometimes have NJGF shooting events where you can meet other posters, try out various guns, etc. BTW, is "easy target shooting" - the only goal? Or are you also looking for something that could be a defensive firearm? Do you think you'll just buy just the 1 gun (almost never happens, btw, lol) or eventually get a 2nd. Your purpose(s) for the gun will really define what you purchase. A .22 handgun is fabulous for "easy target shooting" and a great way to start... but it might (or might not) meet your goals. Tell us more...! Edit: see? someone already chimed in while I was typing...
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