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  1. Other folks here have more intimate knowledge of the law.. they will weigh in. But, I am "pretty sure" that if you own the gun, then you're allowed to have it in your home - OR - at a business that you own. As I said, others will weigh in with more detail, I'm sure. Mainly though, I just wanted to say thank you for the sentiment! We should all - as gun owners - regularly support fellow gun owners in neighboring states. I recall someone on here recently posted something about an upcoming event in Harrisburg that he planned to attend - so, it's a 2-way street!
  2. Good god, thank you for saying this! Our NJ gun laws are so bloody vague even NJ gun owners don't understand them... now we expect people in adjoining states to be experts, too? The sheer complexity of our laws.. the fact that we are "allowed" our guns based on staying within narrow exemptions... clearly shows that the laws weren't designed to protect the rights of ordinary citizens OR to prevent crime. Instead, they were designed to jam up ordinary gun owners for stupid, but honest mistakes - even those with zero criminal intent - and then throw them into a cell followed by a long, costly court battle... and we have seen that happening here, time and time again! Was Shaneen Allen a threat to anyone? Nope! Yeah, remember her? Thrown in a cell, lost her job, separated from her kids. That was an outrage. Was this a guy a threat? I'm guessing not! And yet he's facing a potential 28 years in prison. We've become a Gestapo state - let's not cheer that fact on (like spectators at the Roman Coliseum screaming for blood).
  3. Ummm… I don't base my decisions on the beliefs of cartoon characters. I trust that doesn't come as a shock?
  4. As my mother used to say, "The masses are asses". You boys are passionate, which I respect. But, you're also wrong, which I pity.
  5. I'm a woman. You honestly think you can END the discussion? Win the argument? Good one! You silly, silly man!
  6. Thank you, but at least he was actually an older gent when he passed. And yet, it's always too soon, isn't it? As long as your loved ones are relatively healthy and pain-free, you want them to live forever! God, I doted on my parents like a mother hen for the last 15 years of my life... eldercare is exhausting. But, I'd give my right arm to still be caring for them, because it would mean they were still here. So, if any of you still have your parents... I mean it... GO THROW YOUR ARMS AROUND THEM and give them a big smooch!
  7. Ummm… "Displaced Texan"... I do declare... I seem to remember you saying quite clearly that you had no stake in this debate. Now you're all over it like a pitbull. I think you've been compromised. Who got to you? High Exposure? (That one's a troublemaker). I sense some COLLUSION is afoot! I'm onto you, buddy.
  8. LET IT GO, boys!! Let it go... It's Taylor Ham.
  9. Thank you so much, Bob! Yeah, he was a real old school craftsman. More importantly, he was a loyal husband and the greatest dad ever... just a HUGE heart... he's been gone almost a year and my mom almost 13 now... they are literally in my thoughts every... single... day. My brother and I were really blessed... as he likes to say, "we really won the parents lottery" - and it's true! My house is adorned with my dad's beautiful woodworking... and I wear at least one piece of my mom's jewelry just about every day. Both held near and dear, I guess you could say... as much as they can be. Uh-oh, sobfest coming on! Signing off...
  10. That (above) is exactly how it SHOULD appear on a menu! I'll make sure to eat at the Stafford DIner should I ever find myself in Manahawkin.
  11. No! You, sir, are correct! My research has been interesting. The Charles Parker company was known as a very high quality manufacturer -- I see people waxing poetic about their vises on a number of forums including welding and forging sites. They're very well-respected. Most interestingly, I found out that Charles Parker was also the manufacturer of the "Parker guns" that represented only 10 percent of their business but had a great reputation for being well-built guns. The Parker gun line was later sold off to Remington who continued making them for awhile with the same name.
  12. Workbench #1 - Truly A God Among Workbenches! When they say, “Ah, they just don’t make them like THAT anymore...” this workbench is what they’re referring to! SOLID construction is an understatement – it has a heavy steel frame with a massive butcher block top (maple, I believe?). This bench has some rich history! You simply can’t name a project – whether it be electrical, carpentry, plumbing, car repair, etc. – that wasn’t tamed into submission on this bad boy! It saw over 50 years of use by a member of America’s Greatest Generation – a man who knew his way around a household repair or two... in fact, a man who could actually BUILD the house, not just repair it. And as icing on the cake, Workbench #1 is topped off by a vintage Charles Parker Model # 955 bench vise with a massive 5-inch jaw – it’s at least 50 years old, like the bench. (Chas Parker vises are highly collectible and command top prices... and if you already knew that, you’re clearly the kind of man that deserves a bench like this). Give the top a light sanding and sealing (or leave it in it’s current rugged & honest state) - this workbench is well-primed to give you its next 50 years of loyal service! Of course, I can’t promise you that when this Unholy Beast is unloaded onto your driveway and ceremoniously carried into your shop... that neighborhood husbands will fall silent with seething envy... or that their crestfallen wives will think, “damn, why can’t my husband be more handy like THAT GUY?”... or that your own wife will suddenly ache for your touch like never before (yowza!)...though ALL of those things are most certainly possible! What I can virtually guarantee though is that when you’re at the helm of this veritable Battleship of Household Repair, your confidence in your abilities will surely skyrocket, your efficiency will increase 10-fold, all while your stupid mistakes, smashed thumbs and cursing dramatically subside. It’s also quite possible that the mere arrival of this behemoth will so forcefully intimidate your household’s systems, that they will simply refuse to break for the next decade! You, in fact, may be forced to rage through the house like a silverback gorilla, wantonly smashing wood and metal alike with your Louisville Slugger, just to ensure a steady pipeline of projects for your wondrous, beloved new workbench. Hey, do a little research... PM me a fair offer... I’m listening! Pick-up will be in Bridgewater, cash on the barrel, and you’ll need to bring strong friends – cuz this thing weighs a ton! Keep your eyes “peeled” (lol)... this weekend I’ll be posting a 2nd similar workbench, some specialty leather working equipment, a snowblower and other yard tools, and a LARGE supply of domestic and exotic hardwoods for the woodworkers out there!
  13. And a point of order for you, Dearest High Exposure: You, sir, are a wealth of information on firearms... and yet a tragic dearth of information - a quagmire of confusion, if you will - when it comes to the history and traditions of NJ's pork products.
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