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  1. Yeah, I'm torn on this issue! My civil liberties brain screams "hey, this is wrong!" - but I'm kind of with you on this one. My pragmatic side immediately noticed that the 4 cities reported in the article are among the most dangerous, crime-ridden and gang-infested cities in the entire state... look at the NJSP crime stats and them compare to population stats. I've done that and these 4 cities (along with 1-2 others in that area + Trenton and Camden) account for a ridiculously disproportionate percentage of the state's violent crime. Sooo, honestly... I really don't want the gangbangers from those cities piling into cars and jumping on 78West (towards my town)... or jumping onto the Parkway (and maybe heading towards your town), etc. Of course, I also don't want them preying on their own neighbors! Because there are decent people in EVERY city. But, I've got to think that these police departments know their own cities... know exactly what they're dealing with... and they're trying to mitigate even bigger problems.
  2. Iron Maiden? Metallica? Guys, please! Come over to the classical side... with some nice Beethoven!
  3. Yeah, I'm pretty sure she's a walking petri dish. Now... here's an uplifting story about a good doggy: https://www.insider.com/dog-delivers-groceries-to-self-isolating-neighbor-coronavirus-2020-3
  4. Yeah, I saw that. Disgraceful show of biased journalism. Really disgraceful. It's just too obvious for that write-up to been merely shoddy.
  5. I mistakenly thought this was in the 1A lounge... someone "helpfully" pointed that out. Posters - it's so easy to forget where these posts are! I hid my own overtly political post and few others. Going forward, please try to keep the discussion to "just the facts, ma'am" of the pending lawsuits, etc. THANKS!
  6. Actually, TWO lawsuits are working their way through - the NJ2AS (with SAF)... and the other ANJRPC (with coordination from NRA). I'm guessing both will leverage this latest Federal guidance.
  7. Well THAT was horrifying to watch! Amazing that officer lived.
  8. Good to see you maintaining your standards, V9 - even during a pandemic!
  9. Well, that's been the concern of multiple Republicans for a few days now... ever since the House (pork) version was introduced. It's a flawed approach to say the least. Entitlement benefits should never provide a disincentive to work.
  10. No travel into PA, Rhode Island, etc. etc. Bridges closed? Highway checks on interstate travel?
  11. Geez Louise! Ummm… what's your general location? Because if my car breaks down... I want to make damn sure I don't knock on your door looking for assistance! Some of you folks are... how do I put this gently?... VERY inhospitable!
  12. Although the death rate does look like it may not as bad as first expected (thank god!), it seems evident that this bug does seem to pack a particularly harsh punch to the respiratory system... seemingly more so than an "ordinary" flu... and that is taxing the hospitals where the virus has spiked. We're seeing it more in the big cities I think, simply because of their population density. But, a doctor in a rural community that I know (she's outside of the tri-state area) just told our mutual friend that not only has she tested positive herself and now has to self-quarantine, but the small community hospital where she works had 13 "crashes" (meaning the patients' vitals suddenly dropped into a dangerous zone) in ONE day, and all were COVID-19 positive (or presumed positive)… and several were otherwise healthy people below 60. Apparently, in the years she's worked there, she's NEVER seen anywhere near that many patients crash in the ICU in the same day... as it's a small hospital. So, I think the unique nature of this bug - it's intense respiratory complications, and the fact that some patients are on the respirators for many days - is definitely going to push many of our hospitals to the breaking point, even with a downgraded death rate in the new disease models. ICUs are extraordinarily expensive to build, equip and staff... so we don't build them for "pandemic-level" problems - we build them to accommodate "normal-level" use, so yeah, there will be spikes that will be difficult to manage. At this point, I'm just hoping that additional, large-scale positive evidence rolls in re: some of these treatments they're trying (like the Malaria drug + z-pack, etc.). That would be the best possible news right now! Fingers crossed.
  13. I think Trump is in a position that NO president would ever want to be in... in the middle of a pandemic with a new, unknown bug. I mean, no one will handle that perfectly, because there are too many unknowns. So, I'm hesitant to criticize his performance at all... however, one thing that Trump is doing that I do NOT like is the following: I've been hearing for the last 24+ hrs that he's "considering" putting an interstate quarantine on NY, NJ and CT. Even putting aside the public health merits & questionable legality... why on EARTH would you discuss that in advance? Won't that just hasten the exodus from NYC?... and push them further out beyond the tri-state area? It just doesn't seem terribly strategic to me. If you're going to place a quarantine because you think it's prudent medically... keep your yap shut, and just DO IT with no advance warning. That's how I see it anyway! Feel free to disagree! You may have ideas I haven't considered....
  14. I hope they can save him. 50 years old, no medical conditions and in great shape? Yeah, that's concerning.
  15. Putting aside charts, statistics, transmission rates, etc. for a moment... this is a stark and sobering reminder of the lives being impacted, including those lives being taken. Even if the wife and kids recover (and hopefully they'll pull through this), they've lost a husband and father... and that is indeed a terrible loss. Thanks for posting.
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