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  1. NO ONE will be there to save you! Not even your wife. Hell, she's probably going to be digging faster than the rest of us.
  2. Ummm… NO! Not unless you want to be carted off and buried in the woods somewhere. (I'm already adding shovel, black plastic bags and zip ties to my "things to bring" list...)
  3. I disagree! I think we're going to get a great turnout. But, let's fact it... everyone will be focused on guns/shooting. No one has to get up a give a presentation for goodness sakes. Outgoing people can chitchat, shy people can focus on shooting (and grabbing some food, too). I hope you do attend, @Bully!!! Would love to see you there!
  4. Although some newspaper editors would agree... the phrase is as much a statement of "intent" (to do it annually) as it is an announcement. And, fyi: When the Assembly for the Teaching of English Grammar started having conferences in 1990, they called the inaugural edition "The First Annual ATEG Conference". So, they of all people should know, right? Stay the course, @67gtonut!! Stay the course. Never let Zeke - OF ALL PEOPLE - critique your writing... even jokingly! (… the mere thought of "Zeke the Editor" was clearly deserving of the rarely bestowed Quadruple Facepalm).
  5. Hmmm...Zeke, you report to us that you popped Blksheep's cherry... and you wonder why Voyager9 keeps dancing around your invitations?! And while you're trying to woo V9, @Handyman has been voicing some unseemly intentions towards @Greenday in another thread This is all getting a little Deliverance for my tastes. Men really are... strange creatures.
  6. Oh, I hear you! It shouldn't be this damn hard here, for sure, to exercise a constitutional right.
  7. I don't know if NJ2AS was doing anything (that's not a slam, I simply don't know...)… but in case you're remembering it wrong, I do know that ANJRPC (NJ's NRA affiliate) has an ongoing program where they reach out to PDs that are doing the process wrong, adding extra qualifications/fees, etc. They don't tout results, but I know for a fact that they regularly get involved with cases. So, I'm sharing the info here. This (below) is a snippet from their website: Please tell us about unauthorized conditions, delays, permit rationing, or any other violations, or improvements, in your town. Your identity will be protected, but your input will help us get the job done! Please email strikeforce@anjrpc.org or leave a message at (973) 697-9270. Please include as much detail as possible.
  8. Bring it! I'll have my camera phone at the ready to aid my rapidly failing memory.
  9. Seriously... I need a test for dementia! I think I did try your Beretta. The PX4 is a fairly compact model, right? Is it just me? I just find that after awhile... the things I've tried are just blending together. I can no longer remember what I tried... who I borrowed it from... or whether I liked it or not! Seriously, I'm now worried about myself.... Go ahead, laugh. But from now on, I'm going to whip out my phone, take a picture of whatever I rent or borrow, and send the picture as a text attachment with notes on whether I liked it or not. I have to start compiling some kind of mini-database. there's so many different guns... I'm sorry, but it's rather dizzying!
  10. Oh, it will come from us... that's one of my major issues with this! Lord, I really can't stand this governor. His behavior is just HEINOUS. I feel like my new role as NJ taxpayer is "cash cow" - just here to support various categories of law-breakers and takers. Soooo wrong!!!
  11. @Patti - see my PM. Thx!
  12. Uh-oh! They're "blending" in my mind - was that the one I liked the most of what I tried? Do you recall? (early onset dementia, apparently... so sad).
  13. Sorry about your mom-in-law, Troy! And the restless masses should be happy to hear that the T-shirts they've been clamoring for are at least raised in priority. (With all the whining... you'd think they were all running around bare-chested or something). So, as @Krdshrk asked... who's bringing what? Personally? I'm particularly interested in trying out any Beretta handguns - just because I've had the least exposure to that brand, but over the last couple of years, I've noticed they seem to generate an uber-loyal level of fandom - so they must be really nice!
  14. Forgive me, I wasn't clear. What I meant to say is that the particular law itself could provide for penalty for false accusation, but it doesn't. Thus, it leaves the accused not only saddled with legal fees to get their guns back... but also saddled with legal fees to pursue a civil suit. That's a lot of money to lay out that most people can't afford.