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  1. BTW, no one commented on this one aspect... the NJSP firearms unit rep, DSG Bloom, was quite open about saying that if you're denied for concealed carry due to inadequate "justifiable need" (your threat is deemed not bad enough, etc.) - it does NOT count against you if you try again at a later date. In fact, he was ENCOURAGING people to do just that. I think that's pretty eye-popping, don't you? I know @Smokin .50 has mentioned that idea before - getting a LARGE mass of people to apply for concealed carry all at once. Of course, the overwhelming majority would get denied... revealing the TRUE nature of NJ's scheme... and showing that justifiable need is merely a ruse to deny 2A rights to ordinary citizens who don't have political connections. With DSG Bloom's statement (on tape, no less!) - where's the risk? Maybe the time is drawing near to do that exact plan...?? I would imagine the best strategy would be to get one of the 2A groups to pledge their legal support in advance and to have a class action lawsuit all drawn up and ready-to-go once the inevitable denials have rolled in. Just an observation!
  2. Well then, Matty... it sounds like the problem is that there simply weren't more just like you! Your departure to Free America will be our loss. This is pure conjecture on my part... but I would guess that if ALL NJ gun owners at least considered 2A as a "top 3" issue when casting their votes at the state and local level... and if even just 5% of them (what's that, 40-50k statewide?) were as ACTIVELY politically engaged as you have been in the past... we wouldn't have the political landscape that we do right now.
  3. True, having only been exposed to guns for less than 2 years, I haven't seen all that some of you have seen... haven't experienced all of your understandable legislative disappointments. That said, in my career, I have worked with several non-profits both large and small and I feel I have a handle on how they're staffed (can you say "shoestring?"), what they can accomplish by themselves, and what they can't. From my perspective, if you're "waiting" for the NRA or ANJRPC to do something that will knock your socks off - you're already dead in the water. Grassroots organizations thrive and succeed when their membership is large, fully engaged, responsive and downright feisty - it's the members that do the heavy lifting - always! As someone else noted, the NRA sends you alerts - making it abundantly easy to make yourself heard by legislators. But, how many of you actually send the email? How many of you actively participate in campaigning for 2A candidates (even informally, amongst your own social circle)? How many of you make it a personal goal to regularly bring guests to the range? How many of you signed up for the conference? (One benefit was hearing about other activities to steer your guests to). I've no doubt some of you do all of that and more. I also have a sneaking suspicion that some of you who complain the loudest do none of those things! There's an estimated 800,000 to 1 mill gun owners in NJ. How many do you think are ACTIVELY engaged in 2A issues? I'm guessing it's no more than a few percent, if that. That's your problem right there IMO. The problem isn't that on occasion some of these orgs will disagree on the best approach to a particular issue. Stop blaming the non-profit orgs... and blame the gun owners who either refuse to join - or - they join but then wash their hands of responsibility because they think sending in the membership fee was "enough" personal sacrifice and so they don't pull their weight in any other meaningful way. Honestly, I think every soldier in the history of this country that died protecting our rights must be rolling over in his grave to see how those rights are being encroached upon today... and how unwilling we are to really fight to save them.
  4. Granted, I probably haven't been around these issues as long as you... but I really didn't see it that way! If you're referring to that one criticism offered by Scott Bach (which sounded as though it may have some legitimacy BTW)... well, he was answering a very specific, pointed question by someone in the audience. If he really believes that the actions of another 2A group made a situation MORE difficult --- for a prospective range owner --- he has the right to state that opinion. (I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he's offered that criticism privately in the past and been ignored). Besides, that was maybe TWO negative minutes out of a multi-hour conference during which speakers where overwhelmingly cooperative and in lockstep. I agree. And SMART too! Gotta pull in new faces from all communities.
  5. As a lucky happenstance... I was treated to an extra ticket tonight, joining friends at a Tony Bennett concert at the Sands casino in Bethlehem. Ok, honestly? Would I have bought that ticket myself? Probably not. Not that I don't appreciate "old school", I probably just wouldn't have thought to order them. But, oh my god, was I ever blown away. Seriously... ninety-one (yep, you read that right...he's freaking NINETY-ONE years old)... and still crooning like a champ... still kicking it with a concert that was small, intimate, and dare I say, achingly romantic (ok...stop gagging, guys)... and he is backed by 4 of the BEST jazz musicians I've seen in a long time. World-class talent all around. Did his voice strain on a few notes? Yes. Did it dampen the overall enjoyment of the concert? Oh, hell no! What a delightful, unexpected surprise. Of course, he's a musical icon... but watching him in action, it's no wonder this guy continued to partner with leading contemporary musicians in recent years - Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, etc. I would wholeheartedly recommend you get tickets if you can - he tends to play at the smaller venues. There is no way your S.O. will hear this guy sing, "I left my heart in San Fransisco" - and not melt in your arms! (I'm laying down some good advice here, boys. Now, work it! )
  6. It's @Mrs.Zeke who's in the market, not me! She is a far better shot than me. I'd have to hit a heck of a lot more clays... an build up my arm strength... before I'd even consider plunking down money on a shotgun! I simply miss too many clays, LOL... need more "shotgun shootouts", I guess.
  7. My thoughts: One of the biggest takeaways from the article is this: Taxes are the biggest concern for voters, with 34 percent of voters saying so. And those who rank taxes as their top concern are more likely to vote for Guadagno than Murphy, 43 to 31 percent. Don't forget, this guy can't walk back all his statements about raising taxes! They're on the record and they'll be used to hammer him. In fact, that fact that he made those statements so frequently may just indicate how out-of-touch he is with ordinary citizens. As per usual, the number of undecided voters is still huge - so there is a LOT of sway left in this race that could shift things quite dramatically. This is phenomenally shallow - so much so that I hate to mention it - but many uninformed, "low information" voters will pick the most "attractive" candidate. Guadagno is an attractive woman (IMO), complemented by a very warm engaging personality - all to her favor. Murphy looks like a flasher. So, it appears that this may turn out to be a real "horse race" after all! That said, if you oppose Murphy primarily because of taxes (as in my own case)... or whether 2A concerns are your driving, primary issue... either way, you would be well-advised to sign your name up as a volunteer for NRA-ILA campaigning in the state - and heed the call when it comes! It ain't over 'til it's over! And this race has barely begun.
  8. Yep, I just started seeing the same thing on 11 p.m. news the other night. Finally!!!
  9. Sounds like the same reason I'd never buy a former rental car. People abuse what they don't own themselves.
  10. Yep, I just noticed that in the comments and was coming on to correct myself. Thanks, Krdshrk! And THIS is why NJ sucks!
  11. Did anyone else see this? Very clever. SilencerCo has leveraged a legal loophole with the creation of a muzzle loader with integral suppressor that is LEGAL in all 50 states - no permit needed, no wait time, etc. - due to the fact that muzzle loaders are not defined as "firearms" under the current law. I have to chuckle that they came up with this idea.... I guess it's true: adversity is the mother of invention! Here's the link: http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2017/09/jeremy-s/silencerco-maxim-50-suppressed-muzzleloader-no-nfa-tax-wait-50-state-legal/
  12. LMAO!!! Yeah, the last time I went to the range, I looked up and there was a guy next to me who was looking at me and chuckling - honestly, at first I froze (paranoid much?) - then he pointed to my leopard ear muffs and gave a thumbs up. We both enjoyed a good laugh! If your wife is interested... the brand is called Sweet Shot USA... and they have matching leopard print shooting gloves (which I intend to get now that cooler weather is setting in!) and also the bitchin' glasses which you happen to have pictured above (yep, I have those already!) They also have the same 3 items (earmuffs, glasses, gloves) as I recall in black and white zebra print.... and the gloves also come in black "leather and lace". Ya know, it's like handbags - a woman has to have options. The company has a "shopify" website that never loads, so I'm not going to list it here. But here's another site that carries the brand - and carries lots of other good gear for lady shooters too: http://www.jadeshooting.com/shop/ And this is yet another good site for accessories your wife might want to check out too: https://thewellarmedwoman.com/ And, of course, it's always worth searching Amazon. I don't recall where I nabbed them - it might have been amazon actually. The earmuffs are rated 29db and they're $26 bucks on these sites. Affordable fun. Wish her happy shopping... from me! And tell her when I eventually meet her at one of these events, I'll be looking forward to seeing what she picked out! (You know, AVB, you expressed your wife's resistance to concealed carry... but once she sees all the cute concealed carry options for women... that resistance might melt away! This could work in your favor, for sure.)
  13. Yeah, I didn't even think of the cops and then a letter of intent. Great ideas! That usually scares the bejeezus outta businesses.
  14. I don't think you're being a baby! Something loud enough to drown out normal conversation is bloody awful. Yeah, I would talk to the company directly FIRST. Have the plate #'s of the specific trucks that are causing the problem. And are they just a branch of a larger company? If they ignore you locally, contact their HQ office. Then, if you get no satisfaction there, turn to the town. If your town is like most towns, very few people attend Town Council meetings. Rally EVERYONE who's complaining - business owners and residents alike - to show up at the next meeting. That always gets attention. Bring evidence: a video showing how normal conversation is blotted out when a truck passes, a chart that recorded how many times a day they pass your business, etc. And find out ahead of time if there's a noise ordinance in place - some even list acceptable decibel levels - you might be able to insist on testing. Make sure everyone doesn't merely attend but they get up to complain during the public portion of the meeting --- the impacted business owners who are worried about potential lost business, maybe a young mom who's newborn is awakened by the noise, etc., etc.. In other words, start squawking! And pull all the emotional strings you can. If the town fails you, you've always got the press. Letters to the editor, perhaps contacting the local reporter on the municipal beat, etc. Ratchet up the pressure. (Hell you might even want to pull in that reporter BEFORE you go to the first town council meeting). No business wants to see their name pilloried in the local paper, and likewise, no Mayor wants to be accused of "inaction" by his/her constituents in the press. Hopefully, you won't have to take it that far. Good luck!
  15. I guess this is why you need to go to more than one... you get acquainted with people over time. Though I will bring name tags to the next one, for anyone who doesn't mind labeling themselves. Mine will say "No Pics Peel".