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  1. Well.. those guns ARE your babies! SO, I guess it's only appropriate to wheel them around in a stroller.
  2. I'm very familiar with the Gun STAT reports... and even the regular crime stats (also published on NJSP website) show that per capita crime rates (for a variety of crimes) are through the roof in only a handful of NJ's worst cities. You know, the usual offenders, Newark, Camden, Trenton, Paterson, Irvington, etc. And yet, all of those reports have been sitting there for the entire time Murphy has been in office and NONE of that has ever kept him from wrongly presenting this as a "state-wide epidemic" even when it's simply not true. It's a localized problem requiring localized solutions. I was just surprised... because this is the first time, to my knowledge, that he's ever dropped a truth nugget about gun crime in one of his speeches. I just found it out of pattern for him.
  3. Yeah, honestly... I was really surprised he uttered that little truth out loud. It flies in the face of his often repeated claim that there's a gun violence epidemic all across the state... which of course, there isn't. There's a violence epidemic in the worst neighborhoods of our inner cities. In all the other communities, gun crime is pretty rare.
  4. I find some of this incredible - like the school-based stuff - "prohibit rewarding children for fighting off potential gunman during a drill" - whaat? "Fight" is always ONE of the options recommended by experts when all else has failed. What's the deal here? Teachers should train kids to welcome the bullets... in all circumstances? That is INSANITY!!
  5. For those that can't listen.... $10M more funding for community-based crime prevention... $2M for Rutgers gun violence center research... Looking for new bills to sign: required firearms safety course, mandated locked storage for firearms, increase purchase age to 21, make all handguns sold have microstamping technology, automate record ammo purchases, ban 50 cal firearms...
  6. So, why do YOU think the gun control movement doesn't focus on actual criminals then? That's what the gun rights crowd has been promoting for years! How impressed should we be that someone in the gun control movement finally came to the same view, a decade or 2 later? And also, FWIW: we're certainly NOT the highest level of gun crime in the world, despite our high gun ownership rate. Though murder (by gun or otherwise) is, as you say, "awful" - let's not forget that our rate of gun homicide has been played like a fiddle and wildly exaggerated by the press and the gun control movement. There's no need to buy into that spin. This is a country of 330+Million people - even rare events rack up a high body count pretty quickly, simply because of our massive population size. if we're talking about saving lives - and want to focus on sheer numbers - we'd be far better off starting a national diet & exercise campaign than focusing on guns! Gun homicides are simply dwarfed by obesity-related deaths. Gun homicides - last I checked - don't even hit the "top 20" causes of death in the U.S. I'm not adding these last 2 points to minimize the issue - but merely to offer a rational, fact-based perspective and sense of proportionality.
  7. Eh, though I disagree with him on a few salient points... it does sound like this guy is FINALLY figuring out what many of us figured out a long time ago >>> though there are undoubtedly some well-intentioned people among the rank and file of gun control groups, the leadership of those groups absolutely don't give a DAMN about saving lives! They're all about power and control and adhering to political orthodoxy. The violence interruption programs that he cites in his op-ed DO, in fact, have proven effectiveness... because they focus on the PERSON, not the TOOL. For example, I've long promoted the programs developed by the criminologist David Kennedy which rely on community-led efforts to pull kids out of gang life. They have an excellent track record. However, by their very nature, those programs can't help but shine a bright light on the politically uncomfortable aspects of gun crime - like the wildly disparate crime rates (by demographics), the family dysfunction/absentee dads that helps spawn criminals, the abundance of "repeat offenders" and the broken justice system that puts them right back on the street to re-offend. The gun control movement (which tends to be overwhelmingly progressive in its political affiliation) doesn't want to touch those issues with a 10-foot pole. But, if they were actually concerned about saving lives, they'd be all over those issues! And ironically, they'd find themselves on common ground, I think, with many independents and conservatives.
  8. Thank you for sharing. I just saw the newly renovated Clinton WMA (the rifle range) for the first time just yesterday. I can say that it had VERY similar upgrades - the same style concrete benches, similar double-roof system to keep anything from flying over the berm, etc. - must be a "template" they're using. The concrete bench was rather less than comfortable, but I'm sure it should be long-lasting so I can see why they opted for that. And as you noted, you can always throw something on it for comfort. Overall, nice upgrades!
  9. Yep! This is a HUGE misunderstanding today. Think of it as, "A well-regulated clock keeps the most accurate time". That definition of the word, in fact, is the reason that the most accurate type of pendulum clocks at the time came to be called "Regulators"... because they were, in fact, in good working order and thus "well-regulated". I laugh/cringe when I see people think it means "regulations" in a legal/paper-sense. I mean think about it - it doesn't even make common sense! Look at the length of the founding documents - they were incredibly short. At that time, this current level of regulatory madness wasn't even a thing. If the Founders were reincarnated today, their mouths would be agape to learn that a single bill is often hundreds of pages long, if not over 1,000 pages. That is entirely a development of modern times.
  10. Hmmm... well, you're all giving fairly perky/positive answers, so thank you for that! Though I really don't agree with THIS statement: Ha! You probably think that because you're one of those folks who is naturally good at it! Honestly, of the 3 shooting platforms, I think shotgun is the MOST different from the other 2... and you either have a knack for it, or you don't. And I'm convinced that I don't! At one point, I had a personal goal to be proficient across ALL 3 shooting platforms... but then I picked up a shotgun for the first time, lol, and that dream evaporated pretty quickly! I've been at least 6(?) times now. And I saw ZERO improvement from one time to the next. For whatever reason, it just continued to feel like a humiliating struggle. One in a rare while I hit one, but I'm not even sure WHY I hit that one, and missed the others. Ridiculous! NOT my platform! Nonetheless, yeah, I'm going to have to definitely practice beforehand, just in case they expect me to hit one. Besides, each time I shot a shotgun, I used different guns, so I have to refamiliarize myself with their basic operation. I don't know if their "loaner" guns are over-unders, pump, semi-auto, etc? I'm guessing over-unders? Isn't that more of a "hunting" shotgun? I dunno! @Krdshrk! You've seen me shoot a shotgun before - it ain't pretty! I don't need an audience. Thanks for the kind offer though. Since my uncle (all-around gun guy) is retired, I will ask him to meet me over at that range on a weekday (when hopefully it's really empty). We might have to go a few times. A quiet environment would make it MUCH easier for me to focus. Quite honestly, I find the Shotgun Shoots to be nerve-wracking. That's just ME mind-screwing myself, nothing more! I find it really hard to focus with a crowd, with a lot of noise... particularly when I'm struggling to learn a skill). EVERYONE was VERY nice! Again, it's just me getting in my own way. I don't have a class date yet btw... I still have to go through the online portion sometime this week. Ugh, I still think it's RIDICULOUS that people who have NO INTENTION of shooting shotgun are required to TEST with a shotgun! What a stupid, stupid plan.
  11. I recently decided to drop my outdoor range in favor of getting a NJ Hunting License (because one of the recently upgraded WMA 100-yard rifle ranges is only MINUTES from my house). I figured that scenario would suit me just fine this year while providing a nice cost savings over the private range I had joined the prior year. So, I was perfectly content with my decision UNTIL I got on the state website just 20 minutes ago, and realized with horror that they just changed the whole format... to my great disadvantage! THIS YEAR they are no longer having the rifle shooters do the live-fire portion with a RIFLE... you must use a shotgun!! What in the blankity-blank?!! Now, I'm freaked out!! This is a problem. Even though I'm not terribly experienced with a rifle either, at least I was confident that I could hit whatever they put in front of me. Not so with a shotgun! I'm just terrible with a shotgun! I'm not even sure WHY I'm so bad: my cross-dominance? my less-than-quick-as-a-bunny-reflexes? the sheer uncomfortable "physicality" of shooting a shotgun? the fact that I don't enjoy it so I've only gone a handful of times? Whatever the reason, I'm now very worried about the live-fire test! (And worse yet, since I don't even own a shotgun, I'll probably have to use one of theirs - which means the gun might be too long, too heavy - and I'll shoot even WORSE!) Not only would it be humiliating to FAIL ... but it would throw a wrench into my whole plan! So, does anyone here have insights on the live-fire test this year? The website really doesn't describe it. Will I have to shoot moving clays? How many am I expected to hit? Is this something I'll have to practice for? Ugh... I can see the wheels coming right off my 2021 range plans!
  12. This won't come as a surprise to anyone who's been paying attention... as some of this has been out there already. Nonetheless, I was sorry to see this Reuters article indicating that gun control activists are huddling with White House staff to try to pass some more or less ironclad executive orders re: gun control. I guess the fact that Dems like Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema seem unwilling to do away with the filibuster means that POTUS is unlikely to get any gun control through via the legislative path... hence, he wants to do a workaround. https://news.trust.org/item/20210402095518-5iyhi I'm posting this in a public-facing thread for maximum visibility, so please be mindful of your comments.
  13. Let's please be mindful of our comments on this thread, everyone. It was posted in General Discussion, which is a public-facing forum... and I could see this one going haywire fast.
  14. 2 things to add to this: 1) I'm not nearly advanced or confident enough to teach anyone... I just want to make that clear! I know my limitations, lol. But what I am good at is directing women to resources where they can get help from people who ARE good enough to teach! And if someone doesn't live too far from me, I'll even meet them at an event so they have a friendly face there (in case they're hesitant to go it alone). I hate to make assumptions based on gender, but I do find that women tend to be social creatures more so than guys - and that extends into the shooting sports. They will shoot MORE if they if they first hook up with a shooting group... so I tend to encourage that they at least check them out. There's multiple groups and chapters around NJ. 2) as far as stiff slides, one of the things I learned from women instructors' is that technique is EVERYTHING! Most guys can just hold the grip with one hand, and pull back the slide with the other using the tips of their fingers - no problem. Their hands are strong so they don't even have to think about it, lucky bastards! For anyone with weaker hands though (which includes a lot of women), cupping your entire hand over the slide (the end part of your fingers flat on one side, your palm on the other side) makes a HUGE difference - it provides more gripping area. I personally like to grip from further up on the slide also - which is why I got a gun that has front as well as rear serrations. Also, the other thing I learned is not to PULL back the slide. If you have weaker hands, it's way, way easier to hold the slide firmly with the one hand, and with the hand that's wrapped around the grips, PUSH the gun forward. (You can even swing your arm/shoulder into the movement). I'm not sure I'm explaining it right... but I can attest it's just a ton easier for a weak-handed shooter to push rather than to pull. I know we've had other threads about this also... but there are also various gadgets that people can add to their guns that make it easier to manipulate the slide. Though true enough, as others alluded... there's nothing wrong with revolvers... and I see a fair number of them at ladies shooting events!
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