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  1. And as long as you're going to check out both of those... go one street over (same light industrial park) and hit 507 Outfitters, too. Might as well turn it into a full afternoon of browsing/shopping. https://www.507outfitters.com/
  2. Hey, are you a glass-half-empty kinda guy? I see your point, but I guess I'm more glass-half-full, lol. The way I see it is that "Thomas" (the guy in your example) has not changed his attitude (at least not yet) - so that's a neutral score, because we (the 2A side) are no worse off than where we started. But "Jabril" (the guy I quoted) HAS changed and now he does look at guns much differently... and that would likely make him very displeased if someone wanted to strip away his 2A rights. So, that's a "win" for our side. Moreover, his mom and his 2 aunts are now looking at guns differently as well... so that's potentially 3 more wins. Every single person that realizes - "hey, wait a minute - the 2A is for ME, too - and guns are only as safe or dangerous as the person holding them" - is a good thing for us. That's how I see it anyway. And that's why taking people to the range is so important.
  3. Yeah, I read that this morning, too, and was coming on to post it. You beat me, lol! Though the reasons that prompted the uptick in sales were unfortunate, in the long run, growing the ranks of legal, law-abiding gun owners can only be a good thing IMO. So, my attitude is: welcome to the club!!! And if you don't mind, I'm going to highlight this one particular section that I really LOVED (below). Because this is what will surely happen to some segment of these incoming folks. .. they'll get "bitten by the bug" and begin to love the shooting sports... they'll realize the "spin" about gun nuts is a pack of lies... and ultimately, they'll start pulling others in, too... and that's how you end up with more 2A supporters and more resistance to extraneous gun control laws at both the national and local level. So, ultimately, this trend is more positive than negative. But he's enjoying the new world that guns opened to him - classes, an organization of Black gun owners, shooting competitions. "Once I started being around guns more, and I kind of saw the culture and the environment, I'm falling in love," he said. In Battle's family, guns were "not a good thing," he said. "It kind of represented crime, especially for Black people. It's just different for African Americans." But his family has accepted his decision, he said. His grandmother and two aunts came to the range with him and are considering returning to take lessons.
  4. I was hoping you would do this again, 10X. Thank you!! Looking forward to your insights as someone who has competed at the international level.
  5. Try as best you can not to argue with the moderators. We do this voluntarily. Thank you!
  6. Reminder: no firearms topics in the General Discussion forum... moving this to another. Just a bit of housekeeping... thank you!
  7. Reminder: No firearms topics in General Discussion forum... moving this over to the NJ laws area... since they'll, no doubt, be at the core of this particular case.
  8. This is a public-facing forum. Pls be mindful of that... I had to hide a bunch of comments. If that continues, we may be forced to move it into 1A Lounge (at which point we'll "un-hide" all comments). Frankly, I'd prefer to leave it where it is, since it's of relevance as a legal "first" - but I can only do that if everyone remembers what forum they're in... and shows a wee bit of moderation and self-restraint, ok? THANK YOU!
  9. LOL!! No, it's TRUE, it's TRUE!! 5x already!! And I just found out there's a public driving range only 6 minutes from my house (and here I was driving 19 min one way to get to what I thought was the closest one)... so this is going to become a regular thing. We can all learn new tricks, HE!
  10. Yup, my golf pro said the same! Focus on a driver one day, an iron the next, focus on using the wedge the time after that, etc. He also pointed out the pitching, chipping and putting is 80% of the game - so spend extra time with those clubs (which makes sense) to get the most improvement in your game. I'm having a blast! After 15+ years of caring for my parents, grieving each one successively, and then yet more time spent settling the estate... this is truly the first summer in a very loooong time that I'm actually focused on ME. I have all kinds of activities lined up (golf is just the first, several more to come) - and my initial hope was that by summer's end I would have one new hobby that I was excited about. Well, I think that's already been achieved, because I'm just loving golf so far. This lifelong night owl is even doing early morning driving range sessions BEFORE work... wildly out of character! So, who knows?... maybe I'll pick up yet another new hobby by the end of the season. That would be ideal. I have always thought that hobbies are very enriching to one's life.
  11. Yeah, I actually see a lot of overlap with target shooting interestingly. I started with this mini-clinic, now I'm going to practice at driving ranges/putting greens for the next several weeks, but my plan is to continue to take an occasional lesson as a "tune-up". Because I can see how you could start doing subtle (wrong) things without even realizing it, especially as a beginner. Yeah, it seems like consistency... in your stance, in your swing... is key. Again, I immediately saw a lot of similarities to shooting as I was taking these lessons. You should try it! It's a lot of fun. Good way to bond with the FiL.
  12. Just last week I finished up a four-week adult golf clinic at Paradise Golf Center in Flemington, NJ. (It's not that far from Tactical Training Center btw). Wow, I had a great time... and though I am brand new to golf, I do feel I know a good instructor when I see one. Rob Mauer, the golf pro, was just terrific... he had all the hallmarks of a great instructor: terrific people skills, keenly observant, focused, nice low key demeanor, and great at explaining things until the "light bulb" goes off, etc. (One of my fellow students used to work at Hunterdon Hospital and she said all of the doctors there swore by him... so I guess that's something, as we all know how much docs love to golf, lol). Anyway, Paradise is on Route 12 right off of the Flemington Circle and across from the entrance to Liberty Village Outlets. They have a driving range (with roof cover & even a few heated stalls should you be one of those golf-obsessed types who practices in winter), a putting green, a pitching green, and, of course, a miniature golf course. Among other activities, they have clinics for adults, juniors camps, and private lessons with the golf pro which includes video of your before and after swings. And, there's a small on-site "pro shop" that offers various services. Over the course of the last month, I've explored local driving ranges (as I was trying to get in some practice before each class), so now that I've seen a number of driving ranges, I do feel I can offer some small measure of "comparison" too. The only thing I could even call a deficit is that Paradise is not attached to a full golf course like some driving ranges are... but I'm not sure that's a drawback if you're going there for a specific purpose. And aside from that obvious point, it's all good... the building is freshly painted, grounds are well manicured, there are nice annual flowers in containers to give a spark of seasonal color, the staff is friendly and helpful, etc. There's nothing "hardscrabble" about it. It seems like, overall, they take pride in the place... and provide good customer service... which is nice to see! I always appreciate when a small business is working hard and doing a really good job, so I'm giving the place an unsolicited online plug. If you've been thinking about taking some golf lessons or dragging your kids away from the TV screen (for a round of mini golf), I can give Paradise Golf a big "thumbs up". Here's a link to the website: https://www.paradisegolfcenter.com/pages/home
  13. Oh, sure... now your little buds are jumping on the bandwagon to support you... Figures! You guys always stick together. Doesn't matter, HE. It's still delicious Taylor Ham. Stop fighting it! Give in. Give up.
  14. Showing a vintage ad from the time period AFTER the government forced poor Mr. Taylor to change his product name from the original "TAYLOR Chopped HAM" (lovingly known as Taylor Ham) to the cheap government-enforced label of "Pork Roll"... is, frankly, 1) irrelevant, 2) historically misleading "fake news", and 3) blatant, provocative rabble-rousing of the worst kind. I pick up your thrown down gauntlet, sir, and slap you soundly across the face with it. Harrumph! >>> For all who embrace freedom and mightily resist being crushed under the weight of Big Brother... it will obviously forever and always be: TAYLOR HAM!!!
  15. For those who don't know, the NJDEP Div of Fish & Wildlife runs a research center on Sedge Island (Barnegat Bay). They have some very interesting short summer program offerings - some designed for adults/families, but also some programs specifically for junior high/high school students. (The latter programs really caught my eye... I've long held that we don't expose kids to different career fields and build career-relevant skills nearly as much as we should! It's never too early. And these programs seem particularly well-suited to that naturally "outdoorsy" type of kid... the programs sound fun, too!) Anyway, I thought I'd share the link in case any of you have an interest in checking it out... https://www.njfishandwildlife.com/sedge.htm?utm_medium=email&utm_source=govdelivery
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