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  1. Yeah, most reports I'm seeing say incubation of about a week. But, even that's a long time with modern travel. You can be all over the globe in 7 days! However, the only good news (if it can be called "good news") that I've been able to glean is that the fatalities I read about seemed to be predominantly older people (70's, 80's) who also had other serious health issues prior to picking up the virus. Obviously, I don't want to see ANYONE dying(!)… but from that, can we infer that relatively healthy people with decent immune systems have been able to recover from this? If that's the case, it could keep the fatality rate from being as high as it otherwise might be. When diseases start taking the young & healthy as well as the elderly & infirm, the death rates can really skyrocket.
  2. Credible studies show that most gun crimes are committed by ex-felons, and about half of those cases are while the felon is still on parole from the previous felony. So, this situation described is not the least bit unusual - it's the "norm". I'm guessing most street cops know that just by merit of their jobs - arresting the same "frequent flyers" over and over again. I would also imagine that this general pattern of repeat offenders is only going to escalate with the new focus on 1) reducing prison populations and 2) doing away with bail. We are watching some epically stupid policies being pushed....
  3. Yeah, @WP22...that's what I'm starting to think, too. They tried to keep it quiet until it mushroomed to the point where cases started to crop up elsewhere. Well, it's out there now. Hopefully, spread can be tamped down quickly and/or they find some treatment that works decently. Maybe there's some drug or combo of drugs they haven't tried yet that may be effective.
  4. China was seen, as I recall, to be rather uncooperative and slow on the draw with the SARS outbreak... so yeah, this robust reaction is... surprising. Unless, of course, the problem has been building longer than they've let on... and it's actually another slow reaction? It appears this might be the case. Here's one interesting take on it (boldface mine): As morning dawns in Wuhan, a huge city in central China, train stations and airports are closed, roads blockaded, and the 11 million residents, many of whom were preparing for Lunar New Year trips, have been warned not to leave. The quarantine, enacted Thursday following the rapid spread of a deadly coronavirus that has already infected more than 500 people, is an unprecedented step—the equivalent of closing down Chicago in the middle of the night two days before Thanksgiving. The move was prompted by an outbreak that has already reached as far as the United States, Thailand, Japan, and South Korea. Here's the link: https://foreignpolicy.com/2020/01/22/wuhan-coronavirus-quarantine-china-will-hit-poor-hardest/
  5. Igoring the sarcasm ()... most coronaviruses that jump to humans are fairly mild, but a couple have been really bad. Health authorities do seem quite concerned about this one. Time will tell.... Hopefully it won't be as bad as SARS... everyone remembers SARS I'm sure... that took hundreds of lives and was pretty contagious. But some might not remember Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) - that one came out of Saudi Arabia within the last decade and had a CRAZY fatality rate. For every 10 people reported with the virus, a few ended up dead. It's a good thing that didn't get more traction than it did! Pandemics remain one of the biggest global health concerns. If a bug is highly contagious, it can jump continent to continent in hours - the unfortunate downside of modern jet travel.
  6. I think it's fine to have your "favorite" 2A org(s) - most of us do, after all! That said, I have come to recognize that no group is going to execute everything perfectly... or focus on what we keyboard warriors think they should...and perhaps we should stop "eating our own"...? I applaud this lawsuit and wish them Godspeed... much as I applaud legal actions by ANJRPC (our NRA affiliate)… and as I also applaud a number of 2A orgs operating in NJ (both large and small) who put their primary focus not on lawsuits but on engaging and training new shooters and/or growing a corps of NRA-certified instructors, etc. - ALL of that is good stuff IMO. I'll be the first to admit, I've been guilty of saying negative things about a 2A org myself, but I'm trying to think before I type now. My belief is that a well-deserved "thumbs up" for one organization is only cheapened when it contains a slam on another. It's just not helpful. Just my 2 cents!
  7. DirtyDigz opened this informative thread about the rally... let's not let it descend into something that has to be moved to the 1A Lounge. No personal attacks... self-moderate, pls. We're all adults here.
  8. I was staying for family reasons (and specifically eldercare in varying degrees the last 15 years). But now that both parents have passed, I'm on Zillow, Redfin, etc. constantly and I'm even driving past interesting properties in PA. My main focus this winter is on readying my house for sale, but by Spring/Summer, I hope to be property shopping in earnest! May I say, though gun ownership has definitely provided a good "push" towards making a move, honestly, I'd be leaving NJ for financial reasons anyway! My costs for personal tax, property tax and health insurance (3 of my biggest expenses) will all drop precipitously just moving across the Delaware. And, because I plan on downsizing my house, I should also see savings on heating/cooling bills as well. It's a no-brainer. Lots of people have reasons that are keeping them here for now.
  9. Like most things in life, I think there are probably multiple factors at play - not just one - that are impacting attitudes/action in NJ. As someone pointed out, it's true that the gun community has been rather neutered in NJ over time so there are smaller percentages of gun owners comparative to other states. Gerrymandering, too, has resulted in "red" areas having less impact. At the same time, it's also true that many legal gun owners (like other NJ citizens) DO have an exit strategy - and are here (for careers, family, etc.) but will hightail it out as soon as possible. That probably impacts people's actions (or lack thereof) as well. ALL of these factors exist.
  10. Sooo… not only misogynistic, but xenophobic as well? First, you lock her up in your bathroom and shit on her for YEARS, then after taking all of your abuse with nary a single complaint, you turn around and toss her in a cold garage, and now you suddenly find her COLOR so offensive you want to turn her white? Oh, AlDente67... shame on you! I'm feeling triggered....
  11. Listen... do you REALLY want to re-glaze it? Or are you just considering that since you couldn't get rid of it easily... and ever since, your pale blue temptress has stared at you mockingly with her moon-shaped, sneering face each and every time you enter the garage? Be honest with yourself! Try listing it on eBay with local pickup only. Yes, there's a market for vintage toilets, sinks, etc. - particularly if it's 50's/60's - mid-century modern (and the colors popular then) has really been the design craze for awhile now and still has a decent market. You might not get a lot for it, but you'll "move" it... it will "go". See what I did there? Apparently, I spend too much time on here and you people are influencing me in myriad terrible ways... I mean, I actually just engaged in some light bathroom humor... something I have always abhorred. What more evidence do we need? My life as I know it... or at least my self-respect... just crashed. I need to stop and reflect now... over a nice glass of booze.
  12. Kudos for your impressive level of personal commitment!
  13. Seriously? Be polite to new forum members... the way your post reads, he's liable to think you're hitting on him!
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