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  1. Well, in the very first sentence, the anchor referred to the recent CA shooting as the "366th mass shooting this year" - so, yeah, they're taking the most exaggerated numbers from the most anti-2A websites for their "talking points". I'm guessing this shows how the REST of this report is going to go. Journalism is dead. Update: I felt it started out on an anti-2A note (see comment above)... and ended on an anti-2A note with a speaker who is pro-red flag laws. Sandwiched somewhere in the middle, there were some tidbits of information from some sheriffs against these laws - who inferred that it's dumb to target the gun, because it's not really treating the problem (which is the person). But, they didn't get much time to develop that... and no one mentioned the 10's of thousands of dollars that the "accused" would need to shell out to "prove" that they're not a threat... and unless I missed it, nor did anyone mention how a person of ill intent could use this law to disarm their intended victim. So, fairly anti-2A... and fairly brief. That's my take.
  2. Reminder: it's a humor thread, so we try not to moderate heavily. We'd rather you moderate your own behavior. However, posts in blatantly bad taste will be removed as they go against general forum rules of behavior. Thanks to all you posters who alert us to problems. And pls, remember - the "report post" tool is the best thing to use in cases like this - it alerts all admins/mods and therefore gets the quickest attention.
  3. Out-STANDING!! Correct answer! Welcome to the Forums.
  4. I'm sure the marketing departments of every firearms company (and their agency partners) are frantically huddling right now to map out future strategy. Honestly though, the ads where an occupant of the house knows there's an intruder at the door and he (or she) quickly grabs a gun ... for me, those are the most impactful anyway. I realize I'm not the young male target audience they might prefer, but damn, I'd LOVE to see them advertising guns purely from a self-defense angle... perhaps highlighting a few jaw-dropping statistics re: the frequency of DGU's... or maybe even featuring real gun owners who used a gun defensively to save lives! That would not only advertise their product effectively, but it would also serve as an education campaign bringing out facts that the mainstream media always manages to keep hidden. Win-win. They should play this to their/our advantage if you ask me.
  5. As others have noted (like @45Doll above), this case was more about terroristic threats (where the government has always had the ability to intervene and make an arrest). However, in the true "red flag" cases, it seems that more often than not, the person is NOT arrested/jailed... meaning he is quite free to go home and rig up a pipe bomb, or rent a box truck, or buy a 5-gallon container of gas w/ a book of matches. So, you must ask yourself... how dangerous were those folks really if they didn't even do anything that merited an arrest? Aside from the troubling lack of due process in these red flag laws, they don't seem to appropriately address any underlying mental health concerns, and worse yet, they don't even provide a full-fledged solution. It focuses on 1 tool... not the "criminal intent" (if it even existed within the accused in the first place). It's all a bit nonsensical.. and "thought police" for my tastes. That's why I (and others) believe it's just a convenient way for the left to chip away at firearm ownership... and due process... and any other Constitutional right they can bash at the same time. There's a bigger picture here... a slippery slope.
  6. I've been noticing some things lately that I wanted to address: 1) Some of you tend to call out the name of an administrator and/or mod (using the @ sign and their individual name) to draw attention to something (a technical difficulty, an obvious spammer, someone hurling personal insults, etc.) Let me say... it is always good to draw our attention to problems. There are only a few mods and we do NOT follow every single thread with eagle eyes, so chances are excellent that a poster will notice something before we do (simply because there's far more posters than mods). 2) But, there's a much better way to get our attention. Within each post you have the ability to click on "report post"... and then write in your description of the problem. On the backend, this sends an immediate email to ALL admins/mods and it also flags ALL of their screens on their next login (if the issue is still open). This is the fastest, most efficient way to get an actual problem addressed. Some of you have been really outstanding about using this feature to alert us to spammers - we appreciate your ongoing help with that!! 3) I've noticed some of you prefer to Private Message (PM) an admin/mod.... maybe because you have more of a relationship with that individual. Of course, you can always reach out to us individually using a PM, but again, just keep in mind if that individual you PM'd is offline for a day or 2, your issue will be sitting there in their messages... unopened. So if it's a time-pressing matter, use that "report post" feature! That way, the first of us to see it will jump in to help. 4) I will speak only for myself on this next point: I like to moderate "lightly" - with a robust respect for free speech. With very few exceptions - like spamming, vulgar language, etc. - I try not to interfere with your conversations even when they get, shall we say, "lively". That said, I think many of you are unaware of just how many "clicks" these forums get! For every one of you that makes a post - there will be thousands more who have read what you posted. In this hostile anti-2A environment that is the State of New Jersey, I believe it's imperative that we not only continually attract new members, but provide a welcoming environment that invites those lurkers in. As such, a platform chockful of bickering posters is not helpful to that end, don't you agree? 5) If you have a "problem" with another poster on here - their opinions, their politics, or their posting style irks you - pls handle that like a mature adult. Look away. Turn the other cheek. Don't engage. Don't harass. Don't insult. Don't pick fights. Don't engage others in your ongoing battle. If you feel they have broken forum rules, use the "report" feature and let the admins/mods sort it out. And if you really feel (for some ridiculous reason) that you must engage with that poster "mano a mano" - here's a thought - move it to a PM or the chat feature! Why clog up everyone else's screens with your personal vendettas? It gets old - and I do suspect a majority of you agree with this statement. Thanks for your consideration!
  7. Not at all. I stand by my comment. Poor you!
  8. Today, 2 families are in shock and immeasurable pain. They will soon be planning funerals - for a 22- and 23-year old - young guys barely out of their teen years that had their whole damn lives stretched in front of them. Every ounce of love their parents poured into them - all of that potential - gone in a split second. I've always thought I had an above-average sense of humor, but damn, something like this is far too grim and tragic for me to laugh about. I admit, guys... sometimes I don't get your gallows humor!
  9. Your instincts are good. I should have stated... a lobster mac & cheese should really only be ordered when it's a party of 4 or more, because, yeah, you really only want a little spoonful of something so decadent when you're already having a heavy protein like steak. It's too much for a party of 2... and although I suppose you could package it up and take it home, seafood leftovers I just don't go for - they're always a disappointment I find. Seafood should only be served once IMO. As far as sharing the porterhouse, I know it's the 2 cuts... put perhaps it's the mere visual of it that's off-putting to me? This MASSIVE slab of beef sprawled across the serving platter, practically spilling off the sides... and then sawed into its separate monstrous hunks by the chosen caveman at the table.... seems downright gluttonous and unswivalized-like!! Straight out of Lord of the Flies. I mean, why not just order the filet mignon and the sirloin... separately? Cooked as each diner wishes? And on each one's very own plate? I guess this is just a wierd quirk. I come from a small family - maybe I didn't learn to share properly? Or could be a chick thing. Yeah, could be that!
  10. I mean seriously, how hard is it to stay on topic... when that topic is a big, delicious, juicy premium steak?... With a side of creamed spinach... and preferably (I would respectfully suggest) some lobster mac & cheese? Focus, people! Focus. Gentle reminder - no politics allowed in general discussion - no matter how angry you are or how tempting it might be to throw in a political curve ball. As someone who appreciates a nice steak... do NOT ruin this steak thread... I mean it! Speaking of which, why oh why the persistant popularity of porterhouse? I've always thought of porterhouse fans as knuckle-draggers (much like Porkrollers)… and the filet mignon people as being more refined and dignified (i.e., the Taylor Hammers). Discuss amongst yourselves!
  11. @Zeke - thanks for flagging this. I removed all extraneous chatter. Note to all: look at your screen! Within each post, you all have the ability to flag/report a problem - whether it be extraneous chatter on a "for sale" thread, inappropriate language on a public-facing forum, obvious spam, etc. When you click on that - it immediately sends a msg to the email accounts of all admin/mod types. In addition, there's a "flag" in the system that we see the next time we log on. This is the fastest, most efficient way to get a problem both seen and corrected. Thank you!
  12. Is this the one? (So people can see what it looks like...) https://www.amazon.com/Osage-River-Tactical-Shooting-Gunmetal/dp/B01F3U6YMY/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?hvadid=78202827815280&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&hvqmt=e&keywords=osage+river+range+bag&qid=1572798740&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUEySFFRWFVGNEhOWEpOJmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwODg5NjUyMUlNSFZRVDJSODlUSSZlbmNyeXB0ZWRBZElkPUEwMTAwMjQ0MjQ0UDNRQ0s4Qk40MiZ3aWRnZXROYW1lPXNwX2F0ZiZhY3Rpb249Y2xpY2tSZWRpcmVjdCZkb05vdExvZ0NsaWNrPXRydWU= Though it doesn't seem to come in a leopard print...and I do have a problem with that.
  13. Don't mind @Zeke - he's Sig-obsessed. Can't stand anything non-Sig Zeke, be polite to our new poster! Glad you've decided to post, and not just lurk. I'm going to move this over to the NJ Gun Laws section...and I'm sure lots of people will weigh in to answer your question!
  14. I'm dating myself here... but I remember that "album" well... The Slider!
  15. For something more local, @AVB-AMG (and other carnivores in Central NJ) take a little ride to Easton, PA - a straight shot for you on 78 - and check out the Oak Steakhouse. I've only been there once - it was excellent - but have friends who have been there many times and say it's consistently delish. https://www.oak-steakhouse.com/
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