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  1. Eh... she's just a cranky bitch, nothing more complicated than that. The fact that her own adult daughter and friends just kept their mouths clamped shut during the whole episode tells you something about that woman and how she probably tends to handle things. I'm sure they knew she was heading straight into unhinged Bitchville.... and they didn't want to have her wrath turned on themselves. Honestly, I love that she followed-up with that pathetic non-apology... she's just keeps digging the hole deeper... making a complete laughingstock of herself. Great entertainment value for the rest of us.
  2. I think it is a MIRACLE that cops don't lose their shit WAY more often than they do. I mean, can you imagine dealing with attitude like that on a recurring basis? Frankly, I thought their self-restraint was remarkable. That woman behaved like a damn fool.
  3. Thank you for your post... but already being discussed at length here:
  4. How much can you afford? I'm still pretty inexperienced in this hobby, but my attitude has taken a 180 on this issue just recently. My first bulk order was this past Christmas... a case of .22lr. I was like: "Ohhhh, 5000 rounds?! Where will I store it all? Will my house explode? Does this mean I'm a gun nut?" When my big order arrived... I had a good laugh. As you probably know, a case of .22lr is no bigger than a shoe box! Now, I equate ordering bulk ammo with getting a large package of paper towels at Costco. I know I'll eventually use it up... if I keep it in a dry area, it won't go bad... why wouldn't I buy in bulk to get the best per unit price and pocket the long-term savings? So now, I can't imagine having less than 6-8K+ rounds of .22lr on hand... and as my most frequently used caliber, I'd actually prefer to have 10k+ in stock. It also seems - dare I say? - prudent to buy well-priced bulk ammo right now in light of current events (rising national anti-2A sentiment, rising metal costs, our zealot Governor and his (unknown) bag of future anti-2A tricks, etc.). So, either shop around aggressively for best-priced ammo... OR, as @T Bill just suggested, if you use larger calibers, invest in reloading gear. (I do think you should try it first though... I get the sense people either love or hate reloading).
  5. I didn't see this posted yet. I'm posting it here - NOT in the 1A Lounge (so keep your language clean, pls - though it's a struggle with something like this, I know...), because I feel it's important that EVERYONE reads the link... My own thoughts: One obvious thing that jumps out is that these are mainly Hollywood has-beens, with careers on a downward trajectory, perhaps looking for publicity to feed their own huge egos. I'm guessing they can still afford private security more so than most of us though - the usual rich irony - they are protected by people with guns but want US disarmed. They are railing against the NRA - the usual over-the-top "blood on your hands" language - but the NRA is people like us! I've never shot at anything other than paper! Thus, their language offends me as I'm sure it does the vast majority of gun owners. https://www.msn.com/en-us/entertainment/news/alyssa-milano-alec-baldwin-amy-schumer-help-launch-anti-nra-campaign/ar-AAw7cOU?ocid=spartandhp&ffid=gz
  6. Anytime @Handyman lobs out an unfamiliar phrase, I go straight to the Urban Dictionary. The man's a slang genius apparently!
  7. Yeah, from the cursory amount I know about wells, I know you're right! That said, if my family's health depended on it, I would never want to take even the slimmest chance. You can never be completely 100% certain of how ground water is flowing, how secure or undamaged the well itself is, what cracks or fissures may have opened up over time, etc. Not to mention, if you're walking in the yard, that could be tracked in on the surface of shoes, clothing, etc. I'm just saying, if it were me? I'd be all over that issue. There's a lot of things I'm very lax about, but human excrement floating on the surface of my property??...ummm, NO... that would not be one of those issues that I took a relaxed attitude about.
  8. LOL, OK... I wouldn't phrase it quite with Handyman's inimitable style (the man has really expanded my vocab the last couple of years)... but he's right. Not only would I talk to the neighbor NOW, but I'd give him 72 hours to get an inspector in, and I'd be drinking bottled water only until that inspector arrived and assessed the situation. OMG, if fecal matter (a.k.a. dookie) got into your well water? That would be soooo dangerous!
  9. As a Hunterdon resident, I'd vote for that in a heartbeat!!! My property taxes, car insurance AND health insurance would all plummet dramatically. Oh, happy day! Dare to dream.
  10. @BobA I don't know if Murphy has anything to do with this... According to the AG's website, this "study" was underway for a year. I think this has more to do with Pennsylvania having some progressives in high office and not being quite so "red" anymore. This is how Josh Shapiro is described on the AG's official website: Josh’s work has earned him a national reputation as a rising progressive leader and bipartisan consensus builder [...] As Chairman of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners Josh led an historic fiscal turnaround, helped the first LGBT couples in Pennsylvania marry.... Soooo.. when someone feels a need to trumpet their LGBT credentials on their official website (who after all, represent only a VERY small part of the population), can more gun control really be that far behind?
  11. I hear you, but there are still people trying out shooting for the first time all across this state and country, buying their first guns, etc. All is not lost.
  12. Ehhh... I'm not sure I agree with that! I hold viewpoints that probably align more with most Dems. There are ALWAYS people in the middle who can be swayed. I actually "sat in" on a meeting a few years ago just to check out a range. I was (truly) feeling trepidation... would there be "gun nuts" there? Imagine my surprise when the guy next to me was a PhD level researcher at a pharma company, the young guy on the other side was a clean-cut looking outdoors enthusiast, etc. - I never saw a more normal group of people in my life. The point is, a lot of people hold negative opinions about firearms until they actually TRY IT OUT and learn more. Whoa! Are you f'n serious? Getting a bit big for your britches, Zeke! Not that I need to explain myself to ANYONE, but I have made monetary donations, I made the last rally (as you know), I just signed up to do a solo volunteer project for CNJFO, I've regularly written and made calls to legislators, and I've got another 2A thing cooking on the side that YOU don't even know about... but now you're going to "call me out" because I happened to not attend this ONE single event? Ummm.... NOPE! Not buying into that... AT ALL! Listen, I know you... and I really do appreciate your spirit and your passion... but trying to insult or lay a guilt trip on anyone the day after an event they didn't attend is just simply the WRONG approach. You may not realize it, but it's highly divisive... and it does NOT encourage attendance at the NEXT event. You need to chill!
  13. You don't want to trash the 1st to protect the 2nd, do you? Of COURSE people are allowed to have and express opinions... as long as it's done without unwarranted, baseless personal attacks, I'm personally fine with it. Life should be an open marketplace of ideas. Besides, who's to say that the busiest person, who can never make an "event", is not the one to contribute the best idea... and then someone else picks it up and runs with it?
  14. No, not yet. But, I do know for a fact she has been interviewing people, visiting ranges, etc. Be patient!
  15. Thanks, Zeke...