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  1. The one time I shot at GunForHire… there was a line of very alert RSOs, equally spaced so that every port could be observed at all times... and offering polite, friendly guidance to those who needed it. (Emphasis on "polite" and "friendly" though... these were not Range Nazis). At first, I was really surprised at just how many RSOs were there (compared to other public ranges I've seen, they seemed unusually well-covered). But then, after thinking about, I realized that they have a business model that relies on broad advertising and they really seem to seek out the brand new, first-time shooters... so it's probably very wise that they load up on the RSOs. Each range will be different, I guess.
  2. Threads in the 1st Amendment Lounge - an unmoderated area - require the password: freedom
  3. I have to back out, too. Sorry! (And don't have a license anyway).
  4. Welcome to the forums, Dustnrust! As someone else mentioned, we occasionally have meetups... and that trend is on the increase (and also spreading out to different locales/ranges as well), so keep your eyes open for upcoming events. It's a nice way to put faces to screen names!
  5. I don't understand your point here at all. Notre Dame is one of the most visited buildings on the globe... of course it's a French "national icon". I think you're parsing words, and incorrectly at that. False flag! The roof would be highly visible from the exterior - therefore something with an outwardly modern appearance would be an obscenity. I may have not expressed myself exactly right! I apologize. I actually don't eschew the thought of incorporating modern materials which may be stronger, lighter, more fire resistant, etc. I'm not a complete Luddite! LOL. But outward appearances should be restored even if the framework is modernized. Also, skylights pose their own risk... not only in terms of damage to interior paintings and artifacts (there's a REASON museums are not bathed in sunlight, it's to protect the artwork), but also because there's a certain quiet, and yes, reverential tone that's created in a dark space. What I find most disturbing is this secular "push" (of you and many others) to downplay or blot out the fact that it was created as a house of God... and serves that purpose to this day! Why must secular types always try to tear town, overwrite, or stamp out "beauty" just because it's rooted in religion? I've never understood that tendency! There's something mean, ugly and controlling about it. Oh, yes, by all means...let's take an awe-inspiring, centuries-old cathedral that still serves as a house of God and turn it into.. a farmer's market!
  6. Charles C.W. Cooke over at National Review (my personal fav among 2A advocates) lays out all of the many troubling issues with this bill in a quick video. Worth a view IMO... he seems to have nailed everything: https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/watch-charles-c-w-cooke-explains-why-cory-bookers-gun-bill-is-a-terrible-idea/
  7. Personally, I wasn't looking at this through a NJ lens. Yeah, some pathologically anti-2a states like NJ might block this, but OVERALL across the US, more (and/or larger) state-level ranges means more low-cost opportunities for people to shoot, and that means more new shooters as well - it's a shot in the arm for the shooting sports as far as I'm concerned as well as a boost for conservation efforts. Dare I say... winning?
  8. OK, I hate the bulk of his tweeting, but I must say, today I'm thinking: Orange Man Good!
  9. Welcome, Tom... nice to have you join our little mental asylum... err, sorry, I meant to say our little community. Anyway, welcome!
  10. That is EXACTLY the kind of bunk I was expecting. Now I want to cry all over again. The fire was bad enough... now they are intent on really ruining it for future generations. Can you imagine? Dropping a ridiculously modern-looking top right smack-dab on top of that gorgeous, ancient Gothic building? Mon dieu!!! It's freaking obscene! I knew as soon as that nitwit Macron mentioned an "architecture contest" that the building was forever DOOMED. No one but expert preservationists should be involved in a project like that... NO ONE!!!! Jackasses!!
  11. Again, no chit-chat in the WTS, WTB posts....don't MAKE me pull this car over!
  12. In my experience working with 2 major food and beverage companies, I had occasion to meet some people who worked at Walmart's Bentonville Arkansas HQ - I was amazed how many of their staff at the director-level and above (including Sr Leadership Team members) had actually started on the sales floor... and moved quickly through the company ranks. I don't think this is unique to Walmart either. This echoes a personal story I know about Home Depot: my friend's sister started off in a sales role with them. Now, to be fair, she is a very intelligent, busy-savvy woman with a degree who also happens to look like a model, lol. But man, has she zoomed up the ranks of that company! Really meteoric rise... sales floor, assistant mgr, then over to loss prevention, then regional loss prevention... then because she had never actually managed a store they moved her into that role and after a year at that, she's now over all store operations for a large region of stores. I mean, she was blasting through roles... every year or so, another promotion. She's very confident and knowledgeable of retail operations, logistics, etc.... her very happy husband doesn't work... he lives on the golf course... they own a beautiful home plus a vacation home... they sent their kids to top colleges, etc. Yup... little ol' Home Depot!! NEVER, EVER believe that ANY job or company is too "lowly" for a talented, hard worker to parlay into a winning career!! In fact, if you're surrounded by slackers... that's to your distinct advantage, because the comparison makes you shine even brighter.
  13. No extraneous chatter in the WTB, WTS section. Cleaned up posts. Get your kicks elsewhere, guys!
  14. I'm in... I don't have a shotgun... but I know people are usually kind about loaning! I'll bring a box of clays... and some kind of snack (cookies or whatever). BTW, now that it's spring... don't forget to put sunscreen on, everyone!
  15. Well, I assume she has a working brain... but is she rational enough to respond to facts? If so, print out local police blotters from the newspaper, and crime stats from NJ State Police website... (pepper that with a few chilling home invasion/DGU cases)... and compare that to accidental gun deaths for the same general locale. The odds are self-evident. Obviously, no one wants bad things to befall ANY household. But, the numbers are the numbers. Your chances of a break-in or some other life-threatening crime (even if the odds are slim) are still far, far higher statistically than the odds of an accidental shooting. If that doesn't convince her, suggest that you will BOTH participate in the household's gun safety regime. Pick the combo # together, set up a strict protocol, perhaps enlist her to do a quick check of the gun safe after you lock up when returning from range, etc. Make it a team effort... instead of "me against you". Locking horns NEVER works!
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