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  1. Yes, you read that right... already announced/being discussed here: So, I'll lock this one down, hope you don't mind!
  2. Yes, CONGRATS, @Screwball!!!
  3. Wow. Holy thread drift, Batman! How 'bout this? Let's update this thread when (and only when) there's more news on this particular case that the OP posted about... and if there are no updates, we'll let it die the quiet, dignified death it deserves? If you'd like to wax poetic about Christianity, paganism, etc., open a scintillating new thread in the 1A Lounge, pls. Thank youuuuu!
  4. @JMich3 - hi! You're fairly new here, so you're probably not familiar with the posting rules (there really aren't that many btw despite any grumbling to the contrary)! In this case, your post links to a great story, but we ask posters to give us THEIR perspective on the story - and not just toss up a random news link. So, as a general rule, please give us a few words when you do attach an outside link, such as...why did this story grab you? What do you think he did right? Anything he could have done better?, etc. You can even do it now... just a few words - doesn't have to be "war & peace" (LOL) - just your gut reaction! Thx!... I'm kind of listing this as a reminder to EVERYONE, btw... so don't feel singled out. We look forward to more of your posts. Hope you're enjoying the forums!
  5. OK, then I'm in! I'll make a good effort to find the .410 in #8 - hitting at least a few local places. If I can't locate them, I'm going to insist on giving you some cash because this will be the 2nd time I'm borrowing your gun and I simply won't feel comfortable burning through your supplies... especially since those shells are a little pricey. @Krdshrk - I'll bring a couple boxes of clays, too.
  6. @W2MC Are you bringing that .410 per chance... and may I borrow it again for a few swings? If so, I'll pop by for a little while. And I'll bring .410 shells... just let me know what size pellet you recommend. (Anything I don't use up will go home with you. ). Thx!
  7. Good links, thanks! This is already being discussed in another thread though that got an earlier start... so I'm going to merge them together. Edit: Oops, another mod beat me to it! LOL. Gotta be quick on the draw around here, I guess. Edit #2: and here's another link with some analysis and backgrounds of the judges involved. https://reason.com/volokh/2018/07/17/second-amendment-injunction-against-cali
  8. Changing calendar entry...!
  9. Yes, and there ought to be some kind of pressure brought on these banks, because this practice really crushes small towns. A few foreclosures sitting empty, falling into disrepair, pulls down the value of all surrounding homes, lowers comps, etc. It's a real problem not just in NJ, but all across the country. I'm not usually quick to say, "there oughtta be a law..." but in this case, maybe there should be?
  10. I'll have to judge for myself!
  11. Duly noted... peacock!
  12. Yeah, you and about 500 other guys on here. The male ego...
  13. Anxious much?! See? Now you're really getting hooked. LOL! Once your case is delivered, similar to what WP22 was advising, I would say just get into the habit of making regular, periodic bulk orders... first ordering more frequently to build up to a baseline amount (to suit to your own taste/budget), and then ordering as needed throughout the year to replenish what you're using up. By placing regular, bulk orders (and shopping around for best price each time), you'll always be getting a fairly low price-per-round and you'll usually be able to avoid shipping costs too. And, my dear, you'll never need to feel anxious again... because you'll always have a decent amount of your fav ammo in stock!
  14. Welcome! Enjoy the forums....
  15. A prize, huh?