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  1. Yeah, my old Victorian was shaking like a leaf... for about 15 seconds (though it felt like a lifetime). Far worse than any windstorms I've been through in this house. Unnerving.
  2. Very interesting research has been done recently on the "self-healing" concrete recipe developed by the ancient Romans. It helps explain the longevity of so many of those ancient Roman structures, but also carries broad implications for the future... in construction, environmental concerns, etc. The Secret to Making Concrete That Lasts 1,000 Years | WIRED
  3. That's what your smart phone is for. Print it out, if you must, and post it on the refrigerator.
  4. I know they have some ridiculously far .22lr long-range events in other parts of the country... but I wasn't even aware of anything over 100 yards in Joisey. I'll be interested to see who chimes in with info, because I've been thinking that might be a fun supplement to the high-power stuff.
  5. It IS a nice range! Love that place. And... rifle season is HERE.... woo-hoo!!! Though - and I hate to sound "high-maintenance" here - but I can't wait until they finally get with the times and move fully over to electronic targets... now that I've participated in matches both with and without them, I personally think those e-target systems are DA BOMB!!! Even for casual shooting they're nice, but if you're in a match... e-targets certainly makes the whole day far more pleasant. Who wants to be pulling targets like a lowly beast of burden?... not this woman! Congrats on your membership! It's a lovely range, isn't it? Wait until all the trees green out - it's even prettier! And it's downright gorgeous in autumn... set in that nice bowl-shaped, wooded valley.
  6. No posts deleted in this thread, MikeA. It looks like you posted to a different forum. Reach out if you have any questions. If I remove a post, I usually drop a quick PM to the person so they know "why" it was removed... and aren't left scratching their head about where their post went. Welcome to the Forums, btw! Have fun.
  7. Yeah, my reaction was... holy cow! I gotta apply SOON... do my part to help pump those numbers up.
  8. I'm sorry to hear that! Sending all my best wishes for speedy recovery. As for her case, yes, I agree... the press scrutiny is appalling. Absolute animals.
  9. First, let me state that I'm NOT one of those people that got up in the wee hours of the morning to watch Charles & Di get married, and frankly?... I didn't do that for William and Kate, or for Harry and Meghan. As an American, what can I say?... I just have no great love for (or obsession with) monarchies in general. It strikes me as a ridiculous and antiquated system. But hey, it's their tradition, not ours... each to their own. All that said, I won't lie... I was very sad to hear this latest news. The princess - just as a person - comes across as beautiful, grounded, poised, and classy. She has also been delightfully free of major scandals. In fact, I have often gotten a kick out of how "Kate the Commoner" has behaved (IMO) with more elegance and grace than some of the "Royals" in the family she married into. I also can't help but strip the issue of royalty away for a moment... and look at it through the simple lens of humanity... enough to realize what a tough break it is for ANY family to have TWO members battling cancer at the same time. Ugh. Nightmare! Damn, I hate the scourge of cancer! It takes too many people - including in my own circle. I give best wishes to ANYONE facing a cancer diagnosis, but I do think her situation is one of those particularly poignant ones for multiple reasons... because she (again, agree with the concept of royalty or not) is a beloved role model to so many around the world... because the press is going to continue to hound the living daylights out of her... because she's the mom to 3 young children... and because her husband, who lost his own mother when she was far too young, shouldn't have to experience a similar fate with his own wife. I really hope her treatment is successful and she is soon deemed cancer-free!
  10. @Bt Doctur - this thread - on the same topic as yours - was started 8 hours earlier. I merged them together. No point having dueling threads. I hope you don't mind! And thank you, as always, for posting!
  11. Yet another case in point when the loosening of carry restrictions made anti-gunners heads exlode: "OMG... aaaaghhh... there'll be blood in the streets if this is passed!" - and reality (oh, that pesky reality) turned out to be entirely different. Early indications are that Florida's permitless carry law has contributed to a DECREASE in shootings. Article: The Unexpected Impact of Florida’s Permitless Carry Law on Crime Rates (msn.com)
  12. The article is correct... the sheer contempt that these politicians hold towards anyone that even dares to question their bloated, corrupt processes is just remarkable. Honestly, it makes me sick. This is not how "representatives" are supposed to behave.
  13. Already being discussed on another thread: Platkin release NJ PTC data, encourages placement of "no-gun" decals - Current New Jersey Gun Laws Discussion - New Jersey Gun Forums (njgunforums.com)
  14. CLOSURE DATES UPDATED Black River WMA Archery & Shotgun Ranges Will Be Closed March 13-16, 2024 The Black River WMA Archery and Shotgun Ranges at 275 North Road, Chester, Morris County, will be CLOSED for shooting station upgrades beginning Wednesday, March 13, 2024, and will reopen on Saturday, March 16, 2024. New Jersey Fish & Wildlife sincerely appreciates your patience and understanding while this work is being completed and improvements are made. Thank you! Check out NJ Fish & Wildlife's Wildlife Management Area Explorer App NJ Fish & Wildlife Range Information
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