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  1. I don't think it's that strange. In the immediate chaos, don't you think they likely just scooped up a few innocent people.… but then cleared them after questioning? However, the way this is being played to the hilt by the press is quite something. I'm trying to recall (and to be fair, time may have impacted my memory)… but I don't think the Westgate Mall massacre got quite the same amount of frenetic coverage, despite some similarities (terrorism, caught on film, similar # dead, etc.). We're really living in hyper-politicized times these days. There is no somber moment of grief or of respect for the dead even allowed it seems... everyone jumps straight into the "blame game". It's just impossible to take some of these news channels seriously anymore!
  2. Honestly, I have friends who partake pretty regularly and though I don't personally, I'm neutral about it. My BIG concern all along has been the potential impact on car accidents. As far as I know, we would be (by far) the most populated state - with the most densely packed roadways - to legalize recreational use. Exactly what number of additional injured/killed commuters is "acceptable"? To me, that's always been the looming question. I have to say though, now that I'm reading some of the details, I have other growing doubts, too. Wow... this proposal is really sweeping: they're going to expunge former marijuana possession charges >> despite the fact that the people would have KNOWN it was illegal at the time, they'll just re-write history. What msg does that send? they're talking about delivery services to your house... and Amsterdam-style consumption lounges for those folks who live in apartments that might disallow smoking pot >> seriously? decriminalizing or even legalizing is one thing, but I'm starting to feel like NJ will be serving up drugs to our fellow citizens "on a silver platter". Is Murphy a state Governor, or a de facto drug dealer? It feels a bit "over the top". they're setting aside 15% of the licenses for African American business people, purportedly to make up for the fact that the black community was so hard-hit by marijuana possession arrests, etc. >> OK, it's probably a misguided attempt at leveling the playing field... I get that. In reality though, will this just ensure usage in poor minority neighborhoods that already struggle with a higher level of substance abuse? How will that help those communities? By keeping them broke and self-medicating? I don't know... this is starting to remind me of Atlantic City, when you see those down on their luck people cashing their disability check so they can keep playing the slots! Are we just encouraging a self-medicating, slacker society?... in exchange for the lure of tax dollars that are unlikely to materialize as promised? I'm for legalizing medicinal pot - I personally think the science is there to support it - but I'm leaning away from legalizing recreational use. It seems like it's likely to create more problems than solutions.
  3. @revenger - I just merged your thread into @gunforhire's earlier one. Please read through the whole thing. Colandro also said "King" from NY was a good guy as I recall. I'm sure he wants our oppressed Northeast states to have a bigger voice at the NRA... There's also a link somewhere in the thread that explains the benefits of keeping your votes limited - e.g. "bullet voting".
  4. It seems to me that this guy was pretty true to "type" from what I've read about some of these mass killers. Just the act of having a 70+ page manifesto shows a real level of grandiose thinking… claiming he planned the attack for 2 years shows an extreme level of obsession... etc., etc. Typical nutter - but with some modern twists (taping and then posting the video, and tying it into current immigration trends). Although I see the relevance of getting the real truth out there, I'm also sensitive to the fact that these documents - both the sickening video and the written manifesto - will (sadly) find their way into chat rooms where angry, disaffected young men gather... and then they will "inspire" the next generation of mass killers, much as the Columbine shooters inspired others. That is really quite sad - it's the shameful, negative side of the Internet. But, as others have pointed out, you must admit that this is still an incredibly rare event, happening with less frequency even than other types of terrorism, and happening FAR less frequently than ordinary crime (by an order of magnitude). I'm not trying to be blasé about the horror... quite the opposite... when faced with such atrocity I feel it's even more important to remain saddened yet rational - to not give in to hysterics and politicization. Hysteria NEVER results in good choices.
  5. Oh! I see your point. Good thinking That could be... precarious! Ok, how about: Tarsa (pronounced TARsah) - Hungarian for "companion" or "sidekick"...? Or possibly: Orr - Hungarian for "nose"? OK, that's it... I think I'm out of ideas! Good luck.
  6. Double entendre alert >>> Mannlicher!! ( Not only was it a rifle heavily produced for the Hungarian Army... but also kind of funny, because dogs slobber all over you - ya know, like a "man licker" - Oh, I sooo win the Internet today! LMAO)
  7. Škoda - (From Wikipedia: The noble Waldstein family founded the company in 1859 in Plzeň; Emil Škoda bought it in 1869. It soon established itself as Austria-Hungary's leading arms manufacturer producing heavy guns for the navy, mountain guns or mortars along with the Škoda M1909 machine gun as one of its noted products).
  8. Magyar - (the ancient nomadic tribe that first bred them) Count László - (one of the guys that started the breed club in the 20's) Yes, I know... I'm much too serious! That said, please don't name your beautiful dog something ugly! It's a very elegant breed, thus deserving of an elegant name.
  9. Merged these 2 threads - thanks for noticing the duplication, @High Exposure!
  10. Except that he didn't actually "call out" anyone in his blog post. We can agree to disagree though.
  11. On the plus side, the folks at 129 are taking suggestions from members and modifying their practices to provide enhanced customer service. I respect that from any business. On the negative side, as noted above, there's still no clarity as to "why" these checks are being done. And if they involve pulling guns out of bags anywhere but the range (& pointed downrange) there remains a potential unexplained safety issue. That's a concern, isn't it?
  12. Ohh, I'm sorry, Bob! I've had relatives with dementia. It's a terrible, god awful disease... it really robs people of life's joy (both the patients and their family/friends). If there are any upsides to this sad story... you are richer for his friendship, he is safe and comfortable, and after getting ripped off by a couple of scoundrels, it does sound as though someone decent stepped in to "do the right thing". Take comfort where you can!
  13. And the same applies to a person who others fear may self-harm. Great, you took guns away from a suicidal person… but now what? You send them home to a house full of: rope? knives? poison? pills? a car (carbon monoxide)? Sadly, people kill themselves using all types of tools. The focus needs to get off of the one particular tool... and on to whatever mental health crisis is purportedly taking place. But, that would suddenly bring up the ugly truth... that we as a country absolutely suck at dealing with mental illness. Well-intentioned, robust patient privacy laws sometimes prevent loving families from even knowing what's happening... and in those cases where they DO suspect trouble, there are unbelievable hurdles to getting someone admitted even for short-term hospital stays (because we have fewer psychiatric beds available today than in the 1950's). And THAT whole mental health quagmire is big... and messy... and expensive... and NO ONE wants to tackle it. It's so much easier to just grab a few guns... and strip a few people of their Constitutional rights, isn't it?
  14. Oh, pls! Who wants him to be a willing participant? He doesn't need to "agree". In fact, the more he resists, the more it will drive ratings. Picture this: a howling, terrified Zeke, dragged into the ring in chains, and THEN tased by Mrs. Zeke... as the crowd roars! Think of the DRAMA, people!
  15. I (perhaps others?) interpreted Jason's post more narrowly than you did. I felt he was referring quite specifically to some of the muckraking articles implying there could be broad "door-to-door searches" for >10 round magazines taking place. I thought that was the primary point of his post (I'm sure he'll weigh in himself to clarify that). You OTOH are giving a more sweeping appraisal of what's happening in this state - and in the country - and I do agree the encroachment on individual rights is alarming. Of everything, I am personally MOST concerned about these pernicious "red flag" laws. As you point out, the big problem is human nature: the ill-intentioned neighbor looking to make trouble... the angry spouse seeking to gain leverage for divorce/child custody hearings, etc. From what I've seen, the vast majority of these laws (including the NJ one) have NO built-in penalty for false accusation, and all the cost for fighting an unfounded accusation is borne by the accused. It's encouraging bad actors as far as I'm concerned. These red flag laws are not only worrisome for how they run afoul of multiple Constitutional rights (in my admittedly non-lawyer opinion), but I think they have another purpose that's even more nefarious: to drive gun ownership underground, and to "demonize" it. And what's most ridiculous of all... the laws may well have even uglier unintended consequences. Let's take that statistically rare case where a legal gun owner actually IS a threat... the police swoop in and take his guns away under a red flag law, sooo... now what? He can buy them illegally... make one.... buy a machete... rent a big, bone-crushing box truck... rig up some pipe bombs, etc. The gun was never the threat, but if the person was... well, now you've taken his property, humiliated him, saddled him with debt, and set him back out on the street...and now he's actually got a damned good reason to be angry and vengeful! How does this make any sense? I think these red flag laws are disastrous. So, yes, I don't disagree with you, @Underdog, that there is a steady and increasing encroachment of individual rights taking place, and not just against the 2A, but other rights as well.
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