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  1. National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011 hearing you can watch live now http://judiciary.house.gov/hearings/hear_09132011.html
  2. Semi auto shotguns with pistol grips are illegal in this state. i recently had a total wrist fusion and cant hold standard grips. After contacting the NRA and finally being refered to the NJ state police firearms investigation unit I was informed by a Detective with said unit that pistol grips are illegal per NJ statuteon semi auto but thumbhole stocks on semi autos are 100% legal. Pump shotguns can have either as long as the overall lenght meets NJ minumum lenght requirements.
  3. one thing that people are comenly mistaken about the nj asault weapons ban is about pistol grips and thumbhole stocks in nj on semi auto shotguns. I was informed by many peopl including the owner of a very prominent nj firearms retailer that both are illegal. I brought this up to my local NRA recruiter/recruiter and after some digging around he put me in touch with the NJ firearms investigation unit who were able to clarify the above restrictions for me. According to them thumbhole stocks on semi auto shotguns are 100% legal and I have this in writing from the the fire arms investigation unit If you have a specific question give them a call I was suprrised when calling they put me in touch with an officer they described as a firearms phanatic and he was more than happy to go over my specific question .
  4. I before the fusion i could fire a shotgun with a normal stock with one hand even managed to hit a few skeet that way. This state is so FD up
  5. I know for shotguns the limit is 3 when hunting I dont believe there is a limit when not hunting but dont take my word on it
  6. OK to my question now is does the stockpile statuate apply to reloaded ammunition As I reload shotun and brass. Ive been out on workmans comp and I have reloaded 2500 rounds of 12gauge #8 for shooting skeet if i ever get released from comp. Do I need to stop reloading and let someone shoot some of this ammo??
  7. Damn I better kick my reloading into overdrive.
  8. I inherated large very large amounts of powder and at the time 2 years ago the only regs I could find were those on the transportation and when you need it in wooden crates according to the DOT. I hope this to be true because if nj has a 36lb limit i need to start selling it off
  9. Thanks I will be taking your advice with the NJ2AS I cant see letting all of my shotguns just sit there and not be used and it will be a couple more years before my son can shoot all of them.
  10. My town no longer has a chief of police and the top ranking officer has signed all my permits and signed my purchasers card a few years ago.
  11. we already have a modified version of the castle doctrine... the crimanals do not have a duty to retreat
  12. I'll never sell any of my guns. My grandfather and father have every gun they have ever owned my grandfather has his ol mans guns. we just keep passing them down the family. So selling is out of the question. Do you know of which statue has the info about semis and stocks. As I use my semi's whell I used to use them a couple times a week as I am an avid hunter.
  13. The question I have about the legality of thumb hole/ pistol grips stocks is can you get a medical clearance to have one on semi auto shotguns like the way you could get a permit to use a crossbow before Nj legalized them. The reason I ask is due to a work injury I had to have my wrist fused and I can no longer grip a shotgun stock because my wrist is permantly straight. I know legaly I can change the stocks on my pump shotguns but I was told on semi auto's it is Illegal. is there any way around this.
  14. I to have parked at taco bell many times and have asked before leaving after shooting or buying a new firearm and they said it wsa legal and gave me a plastic bac for the gun in its case and a bag for the ammo.
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