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  1. 4 minutes ago, gleninjersey said:

    Friend picked up 2 boxes at Heritage Guild in Branchburg but I will need more.  Brother in law and sister in law also joining me.  

    See ya' tomorrow and thanks for picking some up.

    Try the Wal Mart in Flemington for clays, then you can go up 31 to Clinton. They used to have em but i heaven t been there in months.

  2. SIg p320 compact is a great choice. I don`t own one, shot it plenty though. Its on my buy list....


    Jim Flynn`s would be my recommendation as well.

    Heritage Branchburg is good. I ve had nothing but good experiences there. Ask them is they have it if not they may have it at their other locations and can bring it to Branchburg.

    Also check out Lou`s Gun Shop in Raritan. They re on the expensive side but they used to have a lot of stuff.

  3. Welcome to NJGF!

    First of all Thank you for your Service brother. 

    Not a big SIG guy myself but i got one.... Everyone should have one ha ha ha....

    Of Course its Pork Roll  

    My Best



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  4. 5 hours ago, WP22 said:

    Heads up

    Restaurant depot is now open to the general public. Last week they had amply supply of pork loins and butts, chicken (whole, breast, thighs and wings)  and beef. They also had farm raised Chilean salmon fillets. This was in Hackensack. It may vary by location.

    Speaking of chicken wings, there's millions of pounds of wings unsold because of all sport events and house parties related to them that were cancelled.


    I shop at their Langhorne,PA location and a week ago they had all of the above as well. Very good price on produce as well.

    On the 1st of the month they issue a monthly flyer on their website with meat and other specials....



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  5. Glock 19 is a staple with many gun owners and no worries there.

    For Glock there s lots of  parts and easy to work on/disassemble and replace work out parts.

    If you have multiple licenses use them. Over time you ll probably buy different caliber guns as well. All depends why you got into gun ownership.

    Ultimately after firing thousands of rounds you adapt to any gun. Any price difference you save now will diminish over time and you ll find out that the gun price is the least you ll spend in this hobby There s also: gas,time,range fees,ammo,accessories etc.....

    Do choose a gun that fits your hand the best though and that you re most comfortable with. 

    My recommendation for a gun store in your area would be Steve at Monmouth Arms.



    172 US 9
    Englishtown NJ 07726


  6. 2 hours ago, Malsua said:


    Hopefulyl the Hydrochloroqine + Zpack knocks this down, then it all ends up as nothing.


    Last night i was chatting with my godfather  in Serbia who`s father in law got infected. Both are MD`s. 

    The father in law went to a medical lecture with his staff where the speaker was from Italy and himself and 10 of the staff got infected with corona.  Up until 4 days ago they were all treated with Aluvia (made by Abbott for HIV) and that didnt help any. They got switched to the Hydrochloroquine+Zpack 4 days ago and there s been a considerable change for the better in their condition. They are still under treatment but since the switch in therapy was made their condition and thus prognosis is improving. 

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  7. It was great to see everyone since i ve been out of the forum for a few years as i m now in PA most of the time. Looking forward to the next meetup. Many thanks to RTSP and Troy for putting this together and hosting. 

    @Nick....As always you are our Super mod and NJGF Ambassador!!!!

    @CNJFO .....Thank you for the food and support. 

    @Purple Patrick.....The camo pants were really PURPLE ha ha......Good Luck in your post Henry Rifle life! 

    @Ray Ray........See you at Clinton....Yes...Nagant Revolvers are a useless piece of shit as you know first hand now...but the SW 57 41 Mag is cool....Its my favorite gun.

    @ABV-AMG.....Sweet Wilson Combat......Shooting it was like listening to the Vienna Philharmonic play on the Blue Danube on New Year`s Eve.


    To whoever brought the pie...Freehold,NJ shop on the box.......THANK YOU......Pie is a cult food at NJGF since the founding.


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  8. Ha, I was editing my post when you quoted me. I believe the information form the book more than anyone. I ve read about him in many Yugo forums. 

    With this said.....time to clean out the M48 and shoot that puppy again. 


  9. According to what i recall form reading some Yugo forums long time ago the production was moved to Germany along with Machines and some workers. So you are correct on this.  Zastava was never in the town of Uzice but in Kragujevac.  The ammo factory is in Uzice (PPU). 


  10. Here is a bit of information on Mitchell as i am somewhat familiar of where he s been getting them for years. 

    Many of Mitchells mausers come from Ex-Yugoslavia successor states where they were sitting in surplus National Guard armories since the early 50s. Yes, The Nazis did take over the production in the 1941-1944 time periods but these guns were made after Tito`s conflict with Stalin in the 1948-1953 tim period.

    I ve seen pictures of him purchasing them from the Macedonian Army depots in the early 90s when i lived over there. They have no collector value as he embellishes the story behind them and he s been known to re stamp old guns and surplus guns that were used (most were in storage but some issued during the 90s Yugo Wars). So although he claims this you dont have a guarantee that you ll get a 100% never fired gun as Mitchells refinishes some of them and nowadays most i believe.

    As they became obsolete with the SKS being introduced in the 50s because it was a semi and became the standard Yugo Army Rifle until 1972 (AKs started being issued) they still remained in storage and ultimately were sold to Mitchell and surplus dealers for sales in Canada,US and such. They also were used in classrooms for demonstration and learning the gun and disassembly (we had preparatory classes for 2 years to prepare you for mandatory service) as well as going to the range and shooting them when you "Graduate". I was in the last generation of recruits that went through this process training on an M48 and had an SKS issued to me in Basic Training for 3 months.

    What you do get is a new shooter grade gun....which you can use and shoot and hunt maybe (a Slovenian acquaintance of mine hunts with it in Alaska). 

    I have one that i bought from a forum member a few years ago and its an M48. 

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