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  1. This is a great price for Norma Self Defense ammo. Usually its 22-28$ for the same box: https://palmettostatearmory.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=norma
  2. I Run a food truck down Philly way and since we do cheesesteak the necessary Onions have increased in price 10-20% over the last month and quantities available are low in stock at major wholesale food distributors. Same with Potatoes. There is a limit on how many pre cut french fries you can buy as well. We dont use those but potato prices have gone up as well. Recenly i ve invested in some Agriculture ventures (dairy) in Central Asia. We make a shelf stable cheese that can last 6 years and only sell to ethnic stores in the US. I have no idea how to market this to Americans. Maybe for food prep or hiking. So i ve been following prices from many East European and Central Asian exporting countries and the prices on wheat, onions, potatoes are very high vs previous years. https://east-fruit.com/en/news/potato-prices-in-georgia-increase-as-growers-are-expecting-a-poor-harvest/
  3. Never Been to Dayton but want to visit sometime. Work took me close to the Udvar Hazy Centre of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Chantilly,VA recently. I ve been there a few times before. Impressive. The Enola Gay is there, There s a BlackBird and a Space Shuttle. Some local places close to NJ are: Cradle of Aviation Museum - Garden City,NY on Long Island Wings of Freedom in Horsham,PA. Small but nice.
  4. Great Pickups! The SW 57 i have in 6inch and would love to get a 4inch one day. Surprisingly i didn't expect to like 41 Mag but its been a very good round to load and shoot. Love it.
  5. TERPO was probably for this: https://law.justia.com/cases/federal/appellate-courts/ca3/20-2271/20-2271-2020-08-07.html
  6. Flemington Walmart out of clays. I ll try the Clinton one in the morning.....
  7. I spent over 10 years working in that town. Very affluent area. Never lived there or have an FID from them. From experiences on different matters with local PD contacting mayor directly for any holdups with PD works as its an affluent town. Current mayor is an attorney.
  8. I just went on an impromptu trip to LVSC this morning with a friend thus i wont make it to this shoot. They finally reopened a week ago. Will be there for the next meetup.
  9. Try the Wal Mart in Flemington for clays, then you can go up 31 to Clinton. They used to have em but i heaven t been there in months.
  10. SIg p320 compact is a great choice. I don`t own one, shot it plenty though. Its on my buy list.... Jim Flynn`s would be my recommendation as well. Heritage Branchburg is good. I ve had nothing but good experiences there. Ask them is they have it if not they may have it at their other locations and can bring it to Branchburg. Also check out Lou`s Gun Shop in Raritan. They re on the expensive side but they used to have a lot of stuff.
  11. Welcome to NJGF! First of all Thank you for your Service brother. Not a big SIG guy myself but i got one.... Everyone should have one ha ha ha.... Of Course its Pork Roll My Best Igor
  12. I shop at their Langhorne,PA location and a week ago they had all of the above as well. Very good price on produce as well. On the 1st of the month they issue a monthly flyer on their website with meat and other specials....
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