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  1. Not a chance. I would never break the law no matter how stupid it is. It really stinks that we have to be so afraid of our own government.
  2. Thanks for all the responses. The reason I asked is I wanted to buy them now and store them as long as it was legal to do so. I am retiring in 3 years and moving to Pennsylvania where they are legal to use. I guess that idea is out of the question. I hope you can still get them three years from now.
  3. I'm familiar with that statement. It is not clear about in you home. Hollow points and 6" knives are prohibited but not in your home.
  4. Browsing around trying to keep up with NJ gun laws to make sure I stay legal. I don't want to become a criminal for not knowing about a new law.
  5. I can't find anywhere in the NJ gun laws that gives a clear answer to this question. "Is it legal to own a magazine that holds over 15 rounds if you keep it in your home, it never leaves your home, and stays locked up in a safe"? Does anyone know for sure the legal answer to this question? Thanks
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