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  1. Thanks for all the welcomes and input everybody. Harry - Thanks for the offer, but I'm pretty set on the Taurus 92 for this round. The CZ is still definitely on my radar though; maybe when I get proficient enough to join in on some competition shooting. I hear they're great for that. I'm checking out Fort Dix and Shore Shot this weekend (weather permitting for Fort Dix). Hope to see everybody out there.
  2. Thanks for the welcome. Harry - I was considering CJRPC, but I haven't decided if I'll be staying in the area for the long term, so one year membership is the max I can commit to for now. The facilities look great and well worth the $400 initial commitment fee. AS350 - I noticed your home range is Fort Dix. Going by their website, it seems to be open to civilians too? Also, how do you like it overall, not too crowded?
  3. Hey everybody, I've been on the forum for a couple weeks now but didn't think to post in intro's. Well I'm really new to guns and forums. I got my FID & permits on 6/24, bought a new handgun (Beretta Neos 6.0 in .22lr) on 7/2, and waiting until 8/2 to pick up my second handgun (Taurus 24/7 OSS SS in .45ACP) from my local FFL. I'm looking for a 9mm for my third and final permit. Debating between the Beretta 92FS, Taurus PT-92-SS, and the CZ-75b. Looking for an enjoyable range gun, so accuracy and reliability is most important to me. Suggestions and advice are more than welcomed. Also, I'm looking for a local range to join. Being in Freehold, the closest options are Shore Shot and Brick-Armory. I confirmed with Shore Shot today (7/20/11) that they are still giving the NJGF member discount on yearly range memberships ($179 when I called, but other threads quoted them at $190) It'd be good to meet some fellow NJGF members out there. Anyone shoot at either ranges regularly?
  4. So, how'd you hear about us? I came across NJGF when I was googling process times for FID in NJ and came across the "NJ FID application data collection effort" tread (great idea by the way) How long did you lurk here before registering? Around two weeks. What prompted you to register? I really wanted to contribute to the FID data collection that brought me to this forum. Freehold Twp where I live and applied turn it around in 29 days, and I wanted to give the rest of my fellow Freeholders thinking of applying some good news. Also, being really new to firearms, I was very interested in what fellow NJ gun owners had to say.
  5. 1. Application type (FID/permit w/ existing FID). - Initial FID & 3 Handgun Permits 2. Police Department where you applied. - Freehold Township Police Department 3. Name of the person you dealt with at the PD. - Detective Simpson (did not speak to him directly, but he handles FID applications) 4. Time taken to issue FID and/or permit. - 29 Days 5. Documents required by the PD (aside from the standard application and the mental health release form). - N/A 6. Notes - anything pertaining to the application process - Don't bother calling the Records Bureau (where you apply) requesting status; the lady is NEVER helpful and does not try to be, so call Detective Simpson directly via the Detective Bureau extension. The PD will send your two references a letter to fill out a short paragraph of recommendation specifically on whether you should receive an FID. Also, in my case, they did NOT follow-up with my references via a phone call. The call to your employer will not only confirm your employment but will entail some sort of questionnaire (Can you think of a reason why your employee should not own a gun? etc.) They will also explicitly tell your employer you are applying for an FID (I guess that's what they meant when they said you forfeit your right to privacy.) You should soon receive your letter of approval/rejection in the mail after your employer is contacted. Apparently, if the PD does not receive your reference, Detective Simpson will notify you. Not much correspondence on the PD side, but hey, you can't beat 29 days (Thank you, Detective Simpson.)
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