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  1. Up for Trade is a M942 6x6 military truck that has a Cummins engine, an Allison automatic transmission, removable roof, removable doors, and is a blast to drive. The military rates this truck to perform in the worst conditions imaginable in the desert or jungle. The results is an over built truck that is an absolute beast. It has a front winch on it that is rated at pulling 20,000 pounds in those conditions. This truck can from the military and has a full legal NJ title, meaning it can be driven on the road. You could put historic plates on it and get collectors insurance too. Trading for higher firearms.
  2. Looking to buy a stock, prefer a speeded for a mossberg 500
  3. Up for trade is a heavy solid lockbox for larger suv vehicles to secure firearms, tools or other valuables from being stolen. This is I believe 3/4”‘plywood, it is solid and heavy. The locks is a mechanical simplex lock. It will not fail from lack of batteries or computer failure. The Combination and key need to be set by a locksmith. Measurements are 4 feet wide x 20 inches tall x 40 inches deep. Looking to trade for a firearm or related accessories. ,
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