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  1. Hello all, Quick question that I figured I could get a quicker answer about here. Does anyone here have NJM for homeowner's insurance? If so, do they jack up rates if there are firearms in your home? Thanks for the help.
  2. Exactly 30 days here is Ewing. I was told it would be 30 days and he didn't let me down. I was extremely lucky from what I have heard and read. Hope he didn't get my hopes too high for my inevitable next purchase.
  3. I am a newly wed and my wife and I just purchased our first house in Ewing. It is a very nice neighborhood... nice homes, everyone works but we are just so damn close to Trenton. At first I bought my pistol for home defense, then I went shooting a few times and decided I wanted a rifle to have some fun with at the range. So now it is for fun as well as the home defense.
  4. I live in Ewing and applied for my firearms ID card and my first handgun purchase permit. I was told by Jack (forget his last name at the moment, but he is retired from the force) at Ewing P.D. that it would take about 30 days. To my astonishment, exactly 30 days later I received a call telling me to pick up my goodies. I was more than pleased with my experience. I chatted with him about the amount other towns have their applicants waiting and he told me that Hamilton is a 6 month to a year wait. I have no clue if this is true but, I was very happy for him to have worked on my stuff so quickly. I guess down in this area there are more people with illegal weapons, which I suppose gives him a lot of free time... which of course probably isn't the case. BTW, I stumbled upon this forum on my lunch break as I googled NJ and whether or not a Springfield M1A is legal here or not. I liked what I saw and this is my first post on the forum. Thanks a ton for the info I have read already... I have learned a lot today.
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