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  1. Just picked up my Stag.Only fired 100 rds. so far.What do you of yours?I would like to add a longer barrel in the future it came with a 16" I'm thinking about a 24" in stainless fluted.
  2. Thanks for the reply it helped a great deal.I'ii take your advice.
  3. Thinking of an AR build anyone ever use this site complete kits minus stripped lower http://www.model1sales.com/
  4. You guys have been quite informing and I'm not sure which route to take, money is an issue at the moment so I'll ponder on all ideas,but there is an AR-15 in the near future thats for sure.I'm kinda leaning towards a build hell if I can work on a 6 million dollar plant I aint afraid of an AR.
  5. Yea sometimes I think about moving back to PA. most of my family is still there.
  6. Hey Saiga Whore I see where not to far from each other I see you have Atl.Cnty. listed.I shoot at Cumberland and USANA on occations
  7. I have seen them (M&P 15) and its on my list I have also been looking at Stagg Arms or the option of building one has also crossed my mind I have seen some complete kits minus the lower for a decent price.
  8. Im in the market for an AR not sure what I want yet with laws so screwed up in this state it makes my options limited any suggestions who stocks a good inventory to choose from and suggestions on different brands would help
  9. Just looking around for a AR-15 thats Jersey compliable an came across this site I joined on the spot.
  10. I am a Legion Rider and New Jersey Fish and Game a**.officer

  11. Just here to say hello and hope to pick up some info here.
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