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  1. I had an M&P FSS trigger kit, installed by a certified armorer, and it did not have an audible reset.

    From reading, I agree to hear the "noise" you might need the RAM.

    Yeah I called them. They told me it is normal. To get the audible reset I need the ram kit. my m&p has the internal locking system so I would need to remove that in order to be able to use the ram kit. Gotta look into how to do it.

  2. Why so many changes? All I did was change the angle of the trigger spring hook on the trigger bar with some polishing of the contact points and BAM! All factory parts, no light strikes, and I can still shoot GSSF and SSP with a 3lb trigger pull and have no issues with my trigger or firing pin safety

    springs are cheap. I don't wanna alter factory parts. My bet is you probably don't have a 3lb trigger pull without changing striker spring.

  3. Anyone have one installed? Looking at the glockstore one or the zev. Have 4lb striker spring, titanium plunger with lighter spring, 3.5lb connector, and 6lb trigger spring.certain ammo I will get some light primer strikes. Heard this eliminates this. Anyone have any luck with either one of these?

  4. just think of how reliable the glock 19 would be if we could put a piston on it.  then it would work exactly like an AR

    :laugh: proving your stupity yet again. you obviously didnt read anything that was said.... This may make your head explode but did you see the part where i said i love my di ar? yeah im guessing you didnt... 



    keep the insults coming.  it proves your superiority over everyone else.  for someone so versed in ARs, variations of them, how they work, and the most intimate details, I'm quite surprised you need anyone to give you advice on such a simple task as a simple swapped stock on an AR


    actually i was curious on how to put a certain stock on. atleast im not too full of my self to ask a question when i have one. where was your usefule knowledge again? oh yeah you didnt have any at all... 

  6. i'd rather not read your BS twice.  it'll make my head hurt

    haha ok than you have proved useless yet again... you obviously have no knowledge or reading skills on the matter... keep posting though... im curious what is after njgf addict... lmao

  7. just so we are clear, that also makes it reliable like an AK, not unreliable like the AR-15, which hasn't been improved upon since vietnam correct?

    i see again you havent read a thing... before you post again start at page 1 and read EVERYTHING. dont post again until you have. you are just making yourself look dumb buddy.

  8. i don't see the argument as being against new designs, but when talking about new designs and proprietary parts, that needs to come into play.  the best design in the world doesn't help if you can't get parts for it because the small company shut down after a few bad years, another AWB, or some other issue as simple as a death in the family.  a HUGE advantage of the AR platform is the modularity and interoperability.  It's actually one of the thinks that i think make it better than the AK design.  The AK isn't easy to assemble, and yes, i've seen them malfunction from those put together by hobbyists.  one of the reasons i dislike the idea of a KAC SR-15 or whatever is because of the proprietary bolt design.  Should i ever shoot out a barrel or want a spare, i'd like it to be easier to source.


    nothing wrong with innovation.  the first scary black rifle i shot was a sig 556 and i thought that was cool although very front heavy.  there is also the SCAR line which is insanely popular and probably what i would choose should i have decided that i didn't want an AR platform.  


    the other issue is we have real people, people that run these guns harder than i ever will, in classes, on  SWAT teams, in training scenarios.  They say they trust their life to a standard AR.  why would i question them because of something i've read on the internet.  


    some people like the piston design stuff, but i just think we need to call it what it is, a slight variation of the AR design.  not some new and innovative groundbreaking idea.  and its not an AK

    noone said its an ak... again... not reading

  9. you obviously can only fall back on insults when multiple people all seem to think that you are not only wrong, but unsure as to what you are even talking about.


    we get it.  it has a piston, that is the only functioning part of the gun.  it's also the only functioning part of an AK, therefore red is blue.

    haha your the only one that cant figure out whats going on. You have proven even further that you either cant or havent read a word that was said. 

  10. No you cretin. "My friend saw the Easter bunny" is hearsay. "The Easter bunny tried to eat my face off" is an eye witness account. You can accuse he of lying, but it isn't hearsay.

    lmao! a 50 year old man is so mad he goes to the name calling. he hasnt proven his eye witness account so it is hearsay.


    Ok. I am troll and you're a fool.


    I guess since you didn't try and back track from your statement, you stand behind calling a member here a liar because he didn't bring you the broken rifles to prove it to you?


    What a jackass.


    cracking up even more now. yes i do stand behind my comment. what are you gonna tell me? he must be right because he is an instructor or something? lol please man... 

    How many parts are interchangable between a colt at15 and your piston gun? How many parts are interchangable between your piston gun and an AK. The trigger, buffer tube, barrel, sights, optics platform, barrel extension, barrel nuts, rails, grips, safety selector, mag release, charging handle etc all tell me it's a hell of a lot closer to a DI AR than an Ak. The only similarity is that they both use a "piston" even if that part doesn't share any resemblance to each other.

    you show how bad of a troll you really were. you didnt even read... i said the piston ar WORKS like an ak more than it does a di ar. You have proven that you cant read. thanks for being a troll though. has been nothing but comical for me.  :rolleyes:

  11. One doesn't have to post in a thread to make an observation about one of the posters.


    I also know the people you are arguing with, I know their backgrounds, which are very credible. I know nothing of yours and you seem to be trying too hard to push your opinion.


    I still think you are a fool for the way you called High Exposure a liar because he "didn't provide proof" of said failures.


    I guess he didn't realize he needed your approval of the failures he's witnessed.

    Look up the definition of troll. It's you to a t.

  12. yes, I'm well aware of what I said, but repeating to me is not a technical argument proving me wrong, is it? I've asked for a technical explanation of why you believe I'm wrong besides your random gnashing your teeth.

    I posted the videos of how they all work earlier. You have pretty much told me they are all wrong and so is everything else that's written about piston guns. Apparently you think everything is wrong except for you. It's like talking to a brick wall. You beat around the bush several times instead of providing proof. I'm actually done talking about it. I know I am right, I know the videos I posted of how they work are right, and I know you will say anything possible to make it sound like you were right. Obviously all you and your buddies do is sit on here all day everyday and post. I dont. I have more of a life than that. The amount of you and all of your buddies posts show me that.

  13. Son, what exactly am I wrong about, please provide an actual detailed explanation on how I'm wrong, not just one line answers.


    Your telling me that a piston ar works more like di ar than an ak.

    Is it just me or is this guy sounding more and more like a troll?


    He sounds a lot like that guy that joined here a few months ago to tout how superior 5.7 was to all other calibers.

    Ummm where was your posts that were related to this post? Looks to me that you are the troll.
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