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  1. Technically it shouldn't be an issue if it's under 1k fps and you have a d&f badge.


    See thats the part of the bylaws that killed me the under 1000FPS part. 9mm and 40 out of a pistol are already going over 1000. the only reason they added the 1000 fps part is cause they wanted it to be only for the SASS guys. That whole part of the rule should be removed altogeather or raised to like 1400-1500 38 super which is just fine to shoot in the pits with 115gr bullets already have a muzzle velocity of 1450. It just seems like the rule was flawed when it was written in the first place.


    Blake it amazes me that anyone could have thought of it as a safety concern if that is the case it scares me that this is the type of person that is making decisions for the club. It reminded me of what you said about buying the 50 reaper (i think that was it) and having to sell it because it is not allowed to eb shot in the club. Seems like the rule was written to stop people from shooting 50 BMG out of a barret like gun. if that is what they wanted then say that dont make the rule that penalizes a gun that should have no issue with being shot at our range. 

  2. I have no idea which rule, but I do remember during the new member meeting they specifically said you couldnt bring ppl to the club for profit. I.e. you are an instructor you cannot guest ppl in to teach a class.



    That being said Im waiting until all the facts are out to see who is in the wrong here. Def some interesting points being brought up by George but after attending several gen meetings and bod meetings, then reading the suit I dont think I can come to a conclusion without all the facts in front of me.


    One positive that came out of it is we can shoot pistol caliber carbines in the pits now (with no special purpose badge). Shot with a BOD member recently and he told me although he fought it he lost the battle and after losing it he felt it was silly to have fought it (thats a paraphrase).



    Blake did the BOD member say why he fought the inclusion of PCC seems like a no brainer to shoot PCC in the pits.

  3. 12 dollars a box is about the best you are going to do for non surplus non corrsive .60 cents a round is a good price for 30/06 most of the time I buy it (not wolf) for 17-18 a box. I dont shoot 06 much so i have maybe 5 boxes on hand 

  4. Critical Duty here also SG Ammo at one time had a good deal on 45 duty it was 50 round boxes for 22 dollars a box bought some and it was marked LE only I guess that is what they usually sell to LE as it is usually hard to find SD ammo in 50 rd boxes most are 20 or 25 rd boxes 

  5. Pics? I have one in my living room. They are very nice and a think a good value for a hand tufted rug.

    I will take pics tomorrow and post them at least of the small one I will also measure and give sizes.

  6. Hey guys i have two hand tufted Nourison rugs I am trying to figure out the worth of them so i can sell them. Does anyone out there know where I can find someone to give me an Idea of what they are with or maybe even a shop that would buy them from me TIA


  7. 100 plenty I usually shoot two maybe three rounds in the am trap but I have issues with my arm so that's about all I can do I did get a vest and a shooting pad I have yet to try out have to see if that helps

  8. I too am running Firefox (35.0), and always have multiple tabs open.  I head to another tab when NJGF starts bogging down, and those sites work normally (fast).


    I do the stop/reload thing sometimes, but it doesn't always work.  It sometimes will work somewhat faster (probably because it's already loaded some of the components to load the page before I refreshed it), but just as often, it will just make me wait 5-15 seconds.  Again, this is maybe 3% of the time I use this site, if that much.  You just notice a lot more when suddenly you're back into the days of 56k page loading speeds...



    Ha when I first got AOL my first modem was a 12.2 most of the time it ran at 9600. I got a 56K board after a little while but because of my telco it only ran at 24.4 most of the time :(

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