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  1. I had a guy I work with had this problem with a 13 forester they did replace the entire block took a while of fightin with them but he got it done a few months and he hasn't ha any problems since
  2. I currently have a Tristar I got used an like it gun has a tight fit and seems nice it is not going to be a 10000 round a year gun but if you go a few times a month it should hold up fine
  3. I thought the h&h gun room was by appointment only but I could be wrong
  4. Chris Howell gun works had a nice stainless mkii on their used list a few days ago you might want to take a look at if it's still there they are in Howell on rt9 south just after swing time
  5. Hey anyone know where they are posting the scores for this match used to be on centraljerseysteel.com but it does not look like it is there anymore
  6. Hey Tommy what group were you in I got there late I was in the middle group with the blue sweatshirt on
  7. It's a great first match. I am going to try I go tomorrow not sure if I'll make it but if I am there I'll have a blue crv.
  8. Original post says internet OR digital transmission so if that is the case an he has internet then he is fine and as far as figuring out hat the government means on those applications good luck I have filled put a few and just gone with my best guess and my wife works for the goverment so I'll ask her and her answer is usual ya shrug of the shoulders
  9. If it's an or and you have internet you should be fine. Fun filling out those government applications
  10. Wow that is bad and what the hell does tactical tubby have on his head
  11. Mike shoot a lost brass match. He's lying he came back after with his son and a shovel and took everyones brass he could find
  12. Um being i am 15 mins from the range and just blew 6-8 inches of snow i would have to say the range is a no go plus its still coming down
  13. I saw this a few days ago and have not seen any follow up was wondering why we never heard anything else
  14. We used a expoynwoth with grit in it on the deck of a boat we had it worked well I would think theyale something like this for concrete
  15. Ill let you guys know when we get closer to the weekend if I can run over I am only about 15 mins away
  16. They are selling a part of the town that the show was shot in Georgia if some guys want to pool there money http://abcnews.go.com/Business/walking-dead-town-buildings-sale-ebay-680000/story?id=29324491
  17. I go for 5 per at least but I currently have 12 1911 mags
  18. I have an o/u I bought use I have put around 150 through it and like it
  19. I just typed it into my browser but the above link seems to not work it should be cjrpc.org. I dont know why but in chrome if i do just cjrpc.org works if i do http://www.cjrpc.org no good very odd. I am using chrome
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