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  1. kman I like where your head's at! Sounds like a perfectly reasonable fix. They process applications Tuesday's 7-9 so I'll type up the letter explaining the situation and re-populating the form for next week. I'll let every know how it goes & thanks again for the responses thus far.
  2. Looks great! I would agree with the other posters who want to expand its scope to NJ, IL, DC and the like
  3. Thanks gentlemen! Resubmission was my worst fear Dave, I'm in East Hanover.
  4. Good day everyone, Thanks to the AS2NJ for linking me with this forum! I'm a first time applicant and have a unique issue (or at least one I have yet to come across reading this board). -Forms to local PD 6/26/12 -Fingerprints at SM 7/10/12 I've patiently waiting until last week I decided to give the local PD a call and politely inquire how far along the process was. It turns out they were waiting for one of my reference letters to return. The reference I listed was a family friend, and it turns out he was recently diagnosed with cancer.. chemo, the whole 9 yards. I'd obviously like to exercise my Constitutional Right but would feel terrible if this person had to fill this dumb thing out in their situation. I was going to call my local PD and explain the situation and offer an alternative reference I know to be willing, in good health, but was hoping to gain some insight or an idea on how best to go about it. Thank you for reading through this and for any any input you may have.
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