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  1. 16 minutes ago, CAL. .30 M1 said:

    Having owned all three M1A's - while the SOCOM is cool, looking - the front rail - as it is directly attached to your barrel, is a no go and affects accuracy out beyond 100 - DAMIHIK - if you get it remove it.

    Scout Squad is a nice mix between the Standard and the SOCOM - again loose the front rail

    The real sweet spot has been for me the standard - the other two went down the road.



    Thanks appreciate the advice!! I have a Garand no looking for one of these lol

  2. As active duty NJSP states you can possess and use up to 17 round magazines on personal firearms and over that for department issued 

    5 hours ago, JC_68Westy said:

    I have no experience with 10rd mags from them. I purchase mags right on the website.


  3. 2 hours ago, JC_68Westy said:

    I have a C2 and really like it. It is a bit large/heavy for everyday carry (same size as G19 but weighs more). I usually carry my P365 but I just got a P320 X Compact and put a Leupold DPP on it and have been carrying it quite a bit. But to get back to your question I don't have the Wilson but the C2 I have is very well made and great to shoot. The Stacatto LEO/MIL discount is great. My C2 was a good deal with the discount. I was not comparing the 2 because the Stacatto was what I wanted. You can't go wrong with either but the Staccato costs 1/3 of the price of the Wilson but Staccato magazines cost more than Wilson mags. I am happy with my C2, it is extremely accurate and well built. You can't go wrong with either.

    Yea that’s what I’ve heard. The discount is great I signed up the other day and you get three extra mags and the dot plate of your choice if you get the DPO. Thank u for your input I really appreciate it. Guess it’ll come down the funds I have when I go to make the purchase lol all the reviews I’ve read say both are tack drivers 

  4. 2 hours ago, marlintag said:

    I would go for the Wilson Combat. I just got the new Wilson Combat grip module for the 365XL Romeo Zero and yes "it is all that and a bag of chips" and yes, it's worth the 80 dollars with shipping. I am so impressed with how their grip module takes the Sig 365XL to the next level, I was saving up for a 1911 from nighthawk, but now I think I'll put my money on Wilson Combat.

    Aweosme thanks for much. I just saw they released those I have a regular P365 with a Romeo zero. Going to have to get the Wilson Grip module for mine! I held the EDC X9 and it felt great! Shot the staccato P and that also felt great but would want the C2 for the size of EDC. Been leaning towards the Wilson Combat!

  5. 11 minutes ago, HuntingPaper said:

    If you actually get involved in a shooting, will that gun be kept in an evidence room? If so, I would rather to carry something more standard without sacrificing reliability (glock, sig, s&w, etc…)

    I haven’t actually held the Wilson but I did play around with a Staccato without having the chance to actually shoot and my first impression didn’t feel like a 3k gun. 

    Thanks for the advice! It’s not going to be an everyday carry just for range days and what not. I don’t want to lose it like you said. I carry a P365 or Glock 43 everyday. I’ve held the Wilson and man it fees nice haha and I’ve shot the Staccato P and loved it but just looking for anyones input who has them or shot them.

  6. 3 minutes ago, Matthew Lutz said:

    I wish I worked for a department that paid me well enough to afford a $3,000 off-duty carry gun lol

    Lolol been saving up for awhile and had a deal with the wife my next purchase could be after a promotion. Been putting away a little at a time with overtime checks

  7. Looking to make my next purchase after a promotion at work. Looking for some insight from others who have one of these or both. I can carry as an LEO and that’s why I’m going with the C2 over the P. Plus’s and minus of each and your experience, both are fantastic weapons. Thanks I’m advance!


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