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  1. No problem! I’d be interested in the STI if it falls through. Good luck with your sales you have some awesome stuff!
  2. Ahhh ok WC is one I really want lol
  3. Interested in the other Kimbers or definitely would want the Wilson Combat CQB. Fee feel free to message me have a permit in hand
  4. Thanks too far Bergen county here good luck with the sale!
  5. I’ll vouch for Dooly if anyone has any questions or concerns PM I’ve done deals with him he’s truthful honest and easy to work with.
  6. If the 45 falls through PM me I’ll take it and I’m in Bergen County
  7. wish u were closer id take the 45 up in Bergen County here
  8. Any one have any 10 round AK magazines in 7.62x39 that they are looking to sell? Looking for 2 or more. Prefer PMAGs but will listen to any offers. Let me know. Would rather help someone out here before going online. Located in Bergen County and willing to drive within reason to make a deal. Leave a post or send me a PM.
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