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  1. Try luckygunner.com used it many times always great!
  2. Down to $175 look to move these. Fee free to make an offer.
  3. Anyone with a .378 Weatherby let me know if you would be interested in 45 rounds of ammo. Two full boxes plus 5 loose rounds. 270 grain spire point in the Weatherby Box $200 Located in Bergen County but willing to meet to unload this ammo. Send a PM or leave a post if interested and see what we can work out. First Ill take gets it!
  4. I had auto correct it on my post lol I’ll take it if it falls through with bklynracer
  5. If bklybracer doesnt take it let me know very interested. Would also be interested in the Ammo as well. Let me know! In Bergen County and available the next to days to pick up Thanks!
  6. Man I wish I could come off that much cash now I’d buy it looks great and perfect setup!
  7. I’ll vouch for him. Bought a G19 MOS from him last year! Great to work with, 100% recommend buying from him!
  8. Where are you located? I’m very interested!
  9. No problem! I’d be interested in the STI if it falls through. Good luck with your sales you have some awesome stuff!
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