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  1. Looking into a 1-4x, 1-5x or 1-6x scope for a rifle I just purchased. It will used to plink and hunt. I know there is another 1x variable scope thread but was just wondering if anyone has used any of the Tango4 or Tango6 Sig Sauer sights or the Whiskey5. The other thread had other reviews and peoples personal favorites like the Steiner P4xi's and the Trijicon Accupower and Accupoint. Just wanted some input if anyone has used them or any of your recommendations. It will be going on a Ruger American Ranch Bolt Rifle in 7.62x39 not an AR. Any input or insight would be great! Thanks in advance! John
  2. Love BRCC. Ordered the Thin Blue Line Blend, Snipers Hide and Silencer Smooth. Thin Blue Line Blend is by far my favorite, its a nice medium blend with kick. I'm also partial to the blend being an LEO and that they donate money back to Law Enforcement Agencies in need and they are veteran owned. They have a life long fan in me. A little pricey but worth it I believe in the long run.
  3. Anyone have anything they want to move?
  4. haha ok awesome thanks for the advice!
  5. Anyone have one for sale? Looking for 28 inch barrels and a 3 inch chamber. Would be used for trap and pheasant hunting. Would love to be under $2,000. Leave a post or PM me. Im in Northern Bergen County. I have a Beretta Px4 9mm and a Windham Weaponry AR-15 .233 20 inch Vex SS Varminter with a 3-9x50 Bushnell scope and Harris bipod to trade as well. John
  6. I carry an XDs .45 almost everyday at the 4 o'clock position in a Bravo Concealment BCA holster with the pancake style loops in warm weather months or where more concealment is needed. Amazing gun. 5+1 in the smallest mag which I can get a full grip on without a pinky extension and my hands are medium sized and a extended 7 round mag on the weak side. Have a few hundred rounds through it with 0 malfunctions. I'm a Glock guy and carry one for work everyday and carry either a G27 or G30 in most other occasions when I can carry a larger gun. Same functions only you have an added grip safety which I do like on the smaller gun. Trigger isn't as smooth as a Glock but is pretty good for a small compact gun. One of the other posts made a great point in shooting each and see what works for you if you can. If not atleast hold each and see what feels right. Good Luck!
  7. @NJGF and @gleninjersey I shoot semi auto handguns ar-15 rifle and an M1 Garand and trap with a beretta X400 shotgun thank you all for the welcomes
  8. I am a "Glock Guy" through and through but they are not the only ones I own. I have 4 Glocks: 23, 27, 30 and 35. I carry one everyday for work, when I'm not at work I shoot my 35 for competition and that has been my go to gun for over 10 years now. I carry the 27 90% of the time away from and I just bought the 30. However there are so many great company's out there and most gun guys I know that are "Glock Guys" all have a 1911 and a few others in their collections. If i'm not wearing the 27 you will find a Springfield XDs .45acp tucked in my waist band.
  9. Just signed up and just found out about this site. I am an avid shooter and try to shoot 3-4 times a month at a minimum. I use to shoot competition and am looking to get back into it. Looking forward using this forum to its fullest!