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  1. My crimps above were my first,. My currents crimps are just enough, not a severe on the 38s and just a touch more on the 357 magnums
  2. The question was about the shorter casings i have though.
  3. I have a few 38 Special cases trimmed to 1.143 per one of my recipes, and others at 1.140. I did end up with some cases in the 1.138 area. Would these be safe to use or should I chuck them?
  4. Thanx for all the replies. I have made a few batches, and settled for a recipe that got me about 2" group at 23 yards. Trying others out now for 357. Im using the Lee beam scale for now, waiting on an Ohaus 505 to come. My powder measure has been getting me more consistent drops. I ran graphite through it and use the same action.
  5. I'll keep ball powders in mind thanx. Bench is in the basement, could be a winter thing. Ok But do they need to be dead on precise?
  6. Ill give it a go tomorrow. How do the crimps look in the picture? I forgot about COAL. Do you have to be dead on nuts with that or is a thou or 2 long ok?
  7. As the headline states, this is my time at reloading. I have Lee Breech Lock deluxe kit. The issue I have or issues. The funnel and the powder measure have tons of static cling. What can I do to get rid of the cling? The deluxe powder measure isn't getting consistent drops. Im using Power Pistol. Are there any tips? Scale I'm digging the lee scale so I bought a small digital scale at the show on Sunday. It calibrates well with the 50gram calibrate weight reading 50.001 grams I loaded 10 38 special with 6.2grains seated and crimped. While do my next 10 at 6.4grains I started to get reading all over. I started to doubt my 1st 10. I weighed a bullet and primed casing and tore to 0. Weighed my finished rounds they ranged from 5.6 to 6.7grains. I double checked the casings and since I have 2 different casings, I weighed and tore with the different casings.
  8. I had won an auction on Ebay for an RCBS RS2. I reached out to RCBS with question about the press. I wanted to know if a primer catcher was available for it. I mentioned I got it 2nd hand, he did say they dont warranty 2nd hand stuff but he would send me the primer catcher and he threw in the shell holder spring as well. I wasn't expecting that.
  9. I'll take you up on this. Would you like to meet up some time this week. I would suggest tomorrow Sunday but Ill be in NY at a gunshow.
  10. I'm a bass player I have the finger strength, But I am doing dry fire practice which should improve me shot.
  11. I get what y'all are saying but with only using my strong hand the results were different Canik TP9SF Elite Canik Elite 15yards
  12. I went to the range today, I was having an issue with accuracy while using both hands on my pistol. Typically I would say they went low and left. When I only used my strong hand alone, I ended up with far better accuracy. I shot from 7 yards to 15 yards
  13. Torkk

    HI from Kearny

    I got the call on the 1st of the month. Shitty deal thou, everything had an issue date from May. My permits were good 10-1 to 10-31 already extended. I asked about permits going forward by using FARS, of course he said it was glitchy. I'm going for permits in Nov or so. Lakota let me know how long it takes ya.
  14. Torkk

    HI from Kearny

    Of course it's Taylor Ham, come on now. Im still waiting on my FID and permits but my field of wants have grown. My choices Springfield XDM 5.25(felt great in the hand) Sig p226(awesome) Ruger GP100(357 grunt ) Ruger Mark IV (22LR sweet shooter and cheap af to put holes in paper) and that trigger on the Canik TP9SF just sweet. I also have my eyes on the CZ Drake or Hammer 12g But till my creds come in, I sit and wait and wait and wait.
  15. First RTSP in Union is the awesome, 2nd the coffee is awesome from there(missed it today we hit Reloaderz) 3rd wish we went to RTSP today lol
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