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  1. Torkk

    HI from Kearny

    I got the call on the 1st of the month. Shitty deal thou, everything had an issue date from May. My permits were good 10-1 to 10-31 already extended. I asked about permits going forward by using FARS, of course he said it was glitchy. I'm going for permits in Nov or so. Lakota let me know how long it takes ya.
  2. Torkk

    HI from Kearny

    Of course it's Taylor Ham, come on now. Im still waiting on my FID and permits but my field of wants have grown. My choices Springfield XDM 5.25(felt great in the hand) Sig p226(awesome) Ruger GP100(357 grunt ) Ruger Mark IV (22LR sweet shooter and cheap af to put holes in paper) and that trigger on the Canik TP9SF just sweet. I also have my eyes on the CZ Drake or Hammer 12g But till my creds come in, I sit and wait and wait and wait.
  3. First RTSP in Union is the awesome, 2nd the coffee is awesome from there(missed it today we hit Reloaderz) 3rd wish we went to RTSP today lol
  4. Torkk

    HI from Kearny

    Thanx, Went to the range today and finally got my hands on a Canik. We were both impressed by the trigger, and a couple of failures to feed, eject and what not. I would say probably due to cleaning or ammo. Far better I thought compared to FN 509 hated it's trigger.
  5. Torkk

    HI from Kearny

    Thanx Sig huh. I shoot my brothers x5 and its piece. I have a few I like, P226 is one of them but also the Springfield XDM 5.25 and really digging the Beretta 92x performance. But Im still waiting for my FID 4 months roughly already
  6. Hey all, new guy from Kearny. Been shooting a few times. I dig RTSP in Union and the Bullet Hole , and found a couple of handguns I would purchase. Anyone from Kearny experience long wait for their FID and permits?
  7. Hi all, I tried the survey link but it doesnt work. My story I applied for an FID and 2 PP in Kearny in April, It's August and nothing yet. I called the detective a couple times and each time he said he thought he was missing something. He asked if I was ever arrested, and said he would talk to the chief. I had reached out to a lawyer listed on the NJ Rifle pistol club site, and will reach out to him at the end of the month. I have lived in this town for 40+ years and really see no reason why the long wait.
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