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  1. Another question I thought of, would I have any issues bringing my pistol BACK into NJ? I'm not coming from a range, a gun shop or gunsmith. I'm not attending a competition or an event. Would I have any potential issues? It's quite sad, honestly that I have to worry so much about wanting to ensure the safety of my family while traveling.
  2. I did purchase a non-TSA combo lock based on the guidelines posted on their site. Good suggestion to keep the rules handy. I will make sure I have it book marked on my phone for easy access. I thought about the possibility of someone from TSA stealing but that's an awfully big risk for that employee, IMO. If caught, they face federal charges. And here in NJ, there is no wiggle room. But it's not out of the realm of possibility. Thanks. Hollow points are out. Reading into the law further, it's only allowed at your home or range. No need to take a chance at the airport.
  3. I will be traveling to FL for a few weeks with my family and intend to bring my pistol and want to make sure I have all my bases covered so that I do not have any issues transporting and storing. Some details, we rented a private house in a vacation development/resort. I do not have a CCW permit so I plan to keep the pistol at the rental house at all times. I have not seen any restrictions from the development on their website that firearms are prohibited nor is there anything in the rental contract stating such. We will spend a good amount of time in the house since we will be WFH while our kids attend school virtually. FL laws seem MUCH more lax when it comes to firearms and, from what it seems, looks like it is ok for me to do this, since I legally purchased in NJ. Is there something else I may need to consider? In regards to traveling, we are taking a flight. I checked TSA's website and reviewed the guidelines posted on the airline's website. From what I learned, the pistol has to be unloaded, in a hard case, locked, claimed and checked (I plan to check in inside my luggage). Transporting from the airport appear to follow NJ rules, locked in the trunk, which it will be anyway. I plan to bring a box of hollow point ammo, wrapped in clear wrap, to avoid it possibly opening while in transit. First time doing this, so I'm a little nervous, truth be told. So looking for advice and guidance to make sure I am not missing anything else. Thank you. Edit: General consensus is to leave the hollow points, which I will do.
  4. I can't find in that article how much the ammo tax is going to be. Anyone have any info?. Also, any idea when this would get implemented? I'm assuming January 2021?
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