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  1. Before you start the NJ process I would check with an attorney in Va to see if your Va conviction can be vacated on motion. In the Federal System, trial in absentia has been determined by the U.S. Supreme Court to be prohibited since 1993. That decision was based on the courts interpretation of a FRCrimP. No clue if Va has revisted this issue since then and/or retroactivity. If you can't get it vacated on motion(different than expungement or pardon) you should still apply here anyway, make full disclosure, and attach proof if you can that you were at sea and that the conviction was in absentia. NJ does not permit trial in absentia where the defendant is not present at the outset of the trial but does permit it if the absence happens during the trial.
  2. SJG


    Unfortunately, the PMM comp will only work with a threaded barrel whereas the HK will work with either. The price of a threaded barrel replacement and the comp make it a no go. I don't have a threaded barrel.
  3. SJG


    Would love something like this for the PPQ
  4. SJG


    5 oz HP also makes 2 types of weight only, competition attachments that do not have ports on top etc. They claim this comp further reduces flip etc. I do not have those types for comparison. I have not fired yet with the comp on, but the ports appear to be in the correct position for functional as opposed to weight only compensation. Frankly, it just looks so cool, that is not really an issue for me if I only get added weight compensation with sustained fire. Designed for any barrel type on VP9.
  5. SJG


    Winner. HK parts now has HK functional compensators made out of Aluminum for several of their pistols. Integrates on the rail and then the comp has an optional rail you can attach on the bottom(comes with the set up) so you can have a rail if you want. Inspired by John Wick 3 movie with the HK 30 or 30L Reeves used. Gives the pistol a whole new look and functionality-very cool
  6. have you test fired this yet? what flash can is on this? Did it come welded or did you need to get it welded?
  7. Will this trigger also work on the M2 version? Where did you get it and how much is it?
  8. If you use the Ergo Adapter, and still have to purchase the SBA3 plus Castle Nut and Pistol Grip, is it really less expensive then going with the Remington Kit?
  9. As we all know, the State must have some contracts where older firearms are traded in and replaced with newer ones/models. The traded in firearms are sold in the secondary market and one way or another the State benefits from this arrangement. Not sure if these traded in firearms and sold exclusively in NJ or in other States as well, some of which probably have the loose gun laws that Murphy complains about but I suspect many are sold out of State. So the State of N.J. is really in the gun business, the very business Murphy complains about. Also in the HI-Cap mag business because these used law enforcement pistols are 15 rounders and those guns are probably turned in with those Hi-Caps and make there way to States he complains about that permit Hi-Cap mags
  10. Does it come with the HK VP9 compensator attachment?
  11. https://www.ammoland.com/2019/09/adaptive-tactical-solutions-launches-the-freedom-follower-ar-15-auto-mag-release/#axzz5z9w6Fder
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