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  1. Is the brace that is on it one of the ones that will be banned if the ATF pistol brace prohibition goes into effect?
  2. Bump Install is simple; numerous Youtube videos on how to change AR trigger
  3. Its an offer, case at this juncture is not settled. If it is their first offer, it is likely it will be rejected. Settlement offers are rarely subject to binding non-disclosure agreements because there is no legal consideration paid for an offer. As Remington is gone, no carrier would want to face the music of an unfavorable jury verdict if they can avoid it given the underlying facts in the case and the uncertainty of what any State appellate court would do on appeal. Remember, this case is not in the Federal System, it is in the State Court System.
  4. Bump Final Price Drop $ 72 includes shipping-----Get rid of that low end trigger that came on your inexpensive AR !
  5. Bump Final Call $25 and you also get 1 Package of Regular Ladders
  6. If you have one and are willing to ship it to my FFL in Fl let me know Steve
  7. Bump Price drop $39.95 shipped to you-last call
  8. This is as close as you can get to the prohibited NJ Switch blade knife. I purchased this but never had occasion to use it in any way. Schrade® Viper® Out The Front Assisted Opening Knife, Black AUS-8 High Carbon Stainless Steel Tanto Blade, plus a serrated underside blade, Black Aluminum Handle with Safety Lock, Blade Release, Finger Actuator, Glass Break, and Pocket Clip. It is legal because although it has an automatic OTF blade, it does not have automatic retraction into the handle and relies on user mechanical assistance to retract the blade-a cleaver work around. It also contains a lock should you chose to use it on the handle which will prevent the blade from coming OTF, it also has a pocket clip on the reverse side should you desire to secure it in a pocket or elsewhere. It is extremely well made. Now that I am in a free state, I have purchased the real deal and can legally carry one on my Fl CCW. $45 shipped to you. First I will take it wins. Then PM and advise if you will pay by Zelle or send me a check or money order and I will give you the instructions you need to complete the transaction Steve
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