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  1. Relocated item to Fl Lock Listing please
  2. Remaining handguns not sold have been relocated to Fl Lock listing please
  3. Close, some states only recognize if you are in fact a Florida resident, but again the permit does not distinguish on its face between residents and non residents. If you produce a FL DL in those states that will not recognize unless you are Fl resident that is usually how it is done.
  4. There is no such thing as a Florida Non-Resident CCP. Fl only issues one type permit and no longer distinguishes on the permit between resident or non resident. The application for the permit simply asks for your address and it does not matter if you are in or outside the State of Florida. As a shall issue state, if your prints confirm no criminal convictions and you take the Fl CWC course, or have alternative qualification credentials you are good to go. The Fl course is offered at many ranges in N.J. The Fl CCP only authorizes you to carry in Fl and in States which grant reciprocity(N.J. not being one of them), it does not authorize you to use the firearm and your right to use it is governed by the criminal laws in Florida and if you are in a reciprocity State, the criminal laws in that State. All of the details are posted on the internet under Fl Dept of Agriculture.
  5. 2 Pre-owned 10 Round Mags for Springfield XDM 40, one is a SS perm blocked to 10 rounds, the other is 10 rounds, black, both work fine with no issues $44, includes shipping Paypal ok Pm if you want them, first I'll take it wins Steve Union County
  6. 1 Pre-Owned, Springfield XDM 9mm 3.8 perm blocked 10 Round Mag in SS $22.00 shipped to you Paypal ok Steve Union County PM me :First I'll take it wins
  7. 1 Pre-Owned, Springfield XDM 9mm 3.8 perm blocked 10 Round Mag in SS $22.00 shipped to you Paypal ok Steve Union County PM me :First I'll take it wins
  8. Why is there an Adams Arms logo on the bolt carrier if it is PSA?
  9. Each mfg posts the specs of their other on their website. You can compare the specs and the price. Focus on what is in your price point and then when you eliminated what you don't want then post for comments. Your question is presently too broad to address
  10. No, FFL is not going to sell you something that State Police are going to arrest you for. State Police are not going to review every manufacturers "other" . The specs meet the criteria.
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