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  1. Question is the action on a Ruger Mini 14 any different than an M1 Carbine, putting aside for the minute that if the receiver says M1 it is a no go and the caliber is different
  2. Is the action on a Ruger Mini 14 different than an M1 Carbine?
  3. If NJ in the future tightens the evil feature statute this may be away to solve the problem. This device was designed for Calif where they would run an AR-15 with a bullet button, to create a fixed mag. Now I think they have eliminated the bullet button work around and need to have a fixed AR-15 mag which means they had to remove the upper to load the mag in the lower. With this device that step is unnecessary. I am sure the device which is designed for 10 could probably be manufactured for 15 if the demand was present.
  4. Although you may not realize it, your response is, in part, diplomatically inappropriate as is your characterization that I am demanding to have my way. which is an incorrect assumption on your part. I do not question your characterization of PK90 as an esteemed FFL, although I would put it slightly differently: " experienced" but that is not really the issue. Initially, I asked for an opinion and received one which I accept. I then asked a hypothetical question to further explore the issue which I was thinking about as lawyers sometimes do. Perhaps you should read what you write before you click the send button which is an issue with email and text transmission. I would not respond to another forum members post, in part in a nasty manner even if I disagreed with a position they took on an issue. Enough said.
  5. Not sure I agree. If made as described it is not an M1
  6. Hypo: Assume it does not say M! etc on it and assume that when shipped to the FFL or as modified by the FFL the magazine is fixed and cannot be removed and can be fed with ammo without removing it from the rifle.
  7. Prior prosecutor, don't know if that qualifies.
  8. As to the first question, the answer is no As to the second yes, assuming the Christy standard applies, if it you were the subject of a specific verbal threat reasonably contemporaneous, so that it could be said that it is probable that person making the threat carried it out or there was direct evidence that the person making the threat was the shooter. That would be a case worth taking if denied.
  9. I have not owned one, but after sending in 3 Eotechs under the proposed class settlement am considering buying a new Aimpoint Pro . What price is considered a good deal for one?
  10. Classic Arms has them on sale. I have no clue if they are marked M1 Carbine, if they do not say M1 Carbine on them, what do you think?
  11. I have a 226 in FDE, scorpion 9mm no issues, no matter what brand ammo. It looks great (especially the grips) and shoots great. It gets cleaned after every two range sessions. Is the problem model related?
  12. I have a MK 2 target with bull barrel and both original and aftermarket grips if you are interested in excellent condition that I was thinking about selling. From what I read, Ruger blew it with the MK3 and fixed several problems with the MK4. I believe I have 4 10 round mags for it. Let me know if you are interested. It functions fine, I just have not shot it much as I quickly outgrew .22 and it has been in my safe for a number of years
  13. Looks real nice and is on my list
  14. Just curious, with your condition, with the Pro was there any difference in the shape of the dot shooting inside vs outside?