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  1. One Sentry Steel Black electronic lock Fire rated gun safe with back up Key Open available for pick up around mid June (I am moving). Safe measures 27 1/2" H x21 1/2" w x 18 1/1/2" and has removable and adjustable interior shelf. Also has 3 1" steel l locking bolts. Ideal for pistols and ammo etc. Safe is in excellent condition. Approximate Weight is 80 lbs and can be bolted to floor. Resembles Model SF205CV on their current website, except that this one has electronic lock and also key back up and the dimensions are a little different. I will take a deposit on this safe and you can pick it up around mid June First I will take it wins. $250. Safe looks and functions like new. I have the emergency keys and instructions. Safe is presently empty and not in use, but do to work that is going on, you will have to wait to pick it up. Steve Union county
  2. I remeasured it 59.5 x 18.5 x 16. It is the same safe shown on their website.
  3. ok, see my other listing for another safe
  4. There is no fixed interior layout. You use the space as you want. You can see various layouts on liberty's website for this safe. I am using it with just a top shelf and the rest empty for rifles. Also, I am not going to post a picture on the internet of what is in my safe. You can purchase any shelving you want from Liberty and design the interior the way you want.
  5. Liberty Centurion Gun Safe. Model 17. Black with Combination Lock. Has certified Fire Protection 30 Min. Multiple 1” Steel Locking Bolts. Grey Interior Fabric and removable shelves. Can be bolted to Floor at Your Option. Excellent Condition. 14 Gauge Steel. Weight is 250 lbs. Two guys needed at pick up. New it was about $620 plus tax. This is a quality gun safe. H 5'x about 21"Wx 17" D. For further details go to Liberty Safe website. $395 pick up in Westfield. First to PM me and say I will take it wins Cash at pick up. Steve Union County
  6. Sentry Gun Safe with Electronic Key Pad Lock and Optional Keys for Emergency Open. Black. 5' tall x 21 wide. Comes with original manual and keys. You pick the electronic combo you want and set it. Excellent Condition. Bring a ratchet set to unbolt it from floor. Two man job to move it into a vehicle.-bring a buddy. No longer needed. $195 First to PM me I' will take it wins Steve Union County Cash only
  7. SJG

    New pc carbine

    I owned one. Got rid of it. A bit of a pain in the ass to clean not to mention that did not run that smoothly even when cleaned after about 100 rounds during any range outing.
  8. Any forthcoming bad 2A executive orders will likely mirror what the law in NJ, NY, Conn, Mass and Calif is already
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