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  1. Not to be a nay-sayer, and recognizing the effort you have made for the cause, I will be shocked if the Supreme Court grants your petition, and if they do, you will not get a ruling on the merits, but most likely a remand, which will put you through 3 more years of litigation. I hate to say this but you guys need a reality check. Not withstanding, you are to be commended for your dedication and I respect you for trying, but your case has so many procedural deficiencies and convoluted legal theories that this does not bode well for a grant of certification in your case. The court looks for "clean cases" that raise the issue. The recent pro second amendment DC case is a clean case. There is another case in the Ninth Circuit, that is a clean case, that will be argued in that Circuit this fall. I am sure this is why none of the 2nd Amendment Groups have gotten behind you.
  2. Sorry for your loss bro. Just went through the same thing with our Golden who had lymphoma and survived 14 mo with treatment. This is the third dog, I have lost to cancer. After a month we decided there was no reason to wait and got a Golden puppy. Not easy raising a pup. Yeah, we still miss Cindy but a new pup helps put a smile on your face. Anway, I am sure you will get another one if you are a dog lover.
  3. Use Wondercide on your pets and on yourself
  4. In many ways, this case and/or the Nichols case, which will be argued in the Ninth Circuit in Nov are potential SCOTUS material. If SCOTUS granted review in either or both cases and reversed, nationwide law abiding open carry could become permissible irrespective of what happens with nationwide concealed carry reciprocity. Presently, the majority of States permit law abiding citizens to open carry, but reach that result through different vehicles. This is really a constitutional open carry case. Presently, NJ requires "justifiable need" as a prerequisite for a carry permit and does not distinguish between open or concealed carry if a permit is issued. This case could potentially knock out "justifiable need" in regard to open carry. The cert petition in Norman should be acted on during the 2017-2018 term.
  5. What are you trading for a pistol or a rifle?
  6. Not likely they will have FID with matching DL's. You may have a problem down the road, especially if the firearm is stolen.
  7. Nailed the faux suppressor carbine one on a gunbroker auction for $760; will keep and shoot it for now in FL as I want a folder and 20 round mag. I have been following them on gunbroker and the carbines can be had in the 740-790 range at auction. On a straight buy around $820.
  8. I have CCWSafe. Frankly, after spending a lot ot time doing a comparison of the different plans. I think it is the best one out there. However, what these plans cover and their exclusions can change quickly, so you really need to do the comparison on a rolling basis. If US Law Shield is using him to give the seminar, one really needs to ask him to make a disclosure as there may be a conflict of interest. That is ok, so long as you are aware of it.
  9. Anyone have one? What do you think of it?
  10. This is the case to follow now, it is a pure open carry issue, unlike Perruta. It is pending oral argument in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Charles Nichols v. Edmund Brown, Jr., et al Nichols v. Brown Appeal No.: 14-55873
  11. Final hearing date moved to early July, assuming (not unusual) final approval is granted, you will them have to wait until the time to file an appeal is exhausted, if no appeal filed then it is a done deal and payouts should start. If an appeal is filed, you will need to wait until the appeal is disposed of, one way or another, before payouts will start.
  12. If no Order granting or denying petition is issued on Monday, there will not be any action on this until on or after October, 2017 when the new term starts. The Court adjourns at the end of June for the Summer recess, except for emergent matters where stays may be issued, usually in capital cases.
  13. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2017/06/22/report-canadian-snipe
  14. Even if NJ ends up going to 10 or lower, there is always the possibility that existing mags over the limit they set might be grandfathered in and even if not I doubt you are going to find privately owned ranges acting as an arm of the state and enforcing the limit. i have never been to a range in NJ where the range checked mags for limits. However, in N.J. I do respect the limit. Also, any mag limit is not going to be enforceable in your own home for obvious reasons. The greatest vulnerability, Fourth Amendment issues, aside, assuming you do not use the firearm to commit a separate crime, will be during transport to and from, the place you are shooting at. I am not advocating disregarding whatever limit under 15 may or may not become the law in N.J. Under no circumstances should anyone "roll over" and permit this to become law without a fight. Also, the Supremes have never directly ruled on a mag limit law, although the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals decision upholding a mag limit in Md is pending certification in the Supreme Court.