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  1. Do you mean a sign that says "firearms permitted on premises?" or something like that? On one hand, that might serve as a deterrent and benefit the owner--- on the other, it may scare the shit out of potential customers who might not want to be in an establishment where people are carrying firearms. There is also the issue of the premises owner's liability insurance at play that can be a negative factor. I would be interested to see if there have been any studies done on firearms signage on private property. I have no doubt that ultimately any law that designates private property as a prohibited private place under the sensitive place doctrine is unconstitutional. It is not analogous to schools and gov buildings etc in Bren and have no doubt that the historical record during the critical analytical time period does not support such a designation. In fact, it is exactly the opposite.
  2. Legislation is being prepared in N.J. that will prohibit carry on private property without consent and on mass transit under the guise of sensitive places. Of course, this will all be challenged in court and may take years to sort out. So think about it, you exit your home or vehicle armed, you are now on foot, since you can't carry except on the sidewalk or on a street, where are you going? Absurd.
  3. A Big Win. However, there will be years of future litigation regarding carry as well as other issues. As I read the opinion, the new 2A test the Court announced will impact almost every firearm regulation proposed and now existing. Expect the Administration to react by proposing new fees, very limited duration permits , extensive sensitive place restrictions, enhanced and probably burdensome training and qualification requirements, new objective disqualification requirements based upon juvenile records, quasi criminal convictions etc. Will NJ end up a concealed or open carry jurisdiction or will it remain unspecified regarding the manner of carry? There is also a high probability that the Supreme Court will either deny cert for a while on other 2A issues and/or simply remand other pending 2A cases back to the Federal Appellate Courts for reconsideration in light of the new test---example mag limits. However intermediate and strict scrutiny is gone ! This will certainly be an interesting year.
  4. This is a Brand New Adjustable Black Kydex IWB Holster, adjustable for cant, position and magazine tension and was made for the S&W 9mm M&P Shield Plus Performance Center 4" version of the Pistol. It will work with either the standard 10 round mag or the 13 round mag made for this pistol. Many of the standard ones for the Shield Plus do not properly fit the Shield Plus Performance Center 4" version. Manufactured by Concealment Express. Free Ship, No Tax. $39 First I'll take it wins. Please PM me also Steve Check, money order or Zelle to [email protected]
  5. This is a brand new, never used or installed set of high-quality Wood AK stocks for Milled receivers finished in Ishmash Red. It is not refinished wood. In addition to 7.62 it will also fit milled receivers for 5.56AK. It is not designed for stamped receivers. It comes with new screws that you will use, if you are upgrading for a polymer-type stock set, do not use those screws. It is fabricated to the look of Soviet classic wood furniture circa 1960's and designed to fit milled receivers. It will fit older as well as new milled receivers, for example, it will fit any Arsenal Style Milled receiver. It is possible that very minor fitting with a file may be required depending on your receiver. Note: Finish on all stock pieces absolutely matches. Due to lighting and camera angle it may not appear so in every picture, but they match. Free Ship. $375 First I will take it and also PM me wins Zelle, Money Order of Check Steve
  6. WTS 6 New Cable Gun Locks, with 2 keys each, assorted colors $24, free ship. First to say I'll take it wins, payment by check or money order or zelle to [email protected] Please follow up with a PM to me also. Prompt shipping.
  7. Can you post a picture of all mfg and importer markings on the receiver?
  8. Newsom says he will use Texas abortion law tactics to restrict assault weapons (nbcnews.com). You can bet that the Gov here will be on board with this tactic
  9. Newsom says he will use Texas abortion law tactics to restrict assault weapons (nbcnews.com). You can bet that the Gov here will be on board with this tactic
  10. Assuming in 23 a favorable SCOTUS decision, until a NJ State or Federal Court concludes that the NJ Statute, cannot survive in it present form and that it too is unconstitutional, it will have no immediate impact. The only way it would have an immediate impact is if SCOTUS issued a very broad ruling that any non shall issue permit scheme violates 2A if reason given -self defense does not justify issuing a permit Other than that you would need a concession made by the NJ Attorney General to a Court followed by an Appellate Court decision or a favorable Appellate Court decision without the NJ Attorney General concession. You can also expect NJ to further burden the issue with permits that are only valid for a very limited duration, onerous training requirements, high permit fees, expansive sensitive time and place restrictions and years of further litigation challenges. It would, however, be the start as opposed to the end of securing the right.
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