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  1. Have him add his address. I doubt that he also put his phone number is going to make an difference so long as all the information requested is on the form
  2. The case will go nowhere. The Delaware Court does not have jurisdiction beyond the borders of that State. The full faith and credit clause has no application to the right to carry in any other State. The reason driver's can drive in other States is because of interstate compacts, not full faith and credit. This approach has already been tried and rejected and has zero chance of success but may permit Napen to bill the shit out of his clients and grandstand.
  3. It is true, it does not matter what is on the lower, it is how it is transferred. Some might argue it is good to put that on the other if you are building an other, but in truth, I think it is a bad idea because it could be built into something that is not an other like a pistol (illegal in NJ) or a rifle(legal).
  4. AVB-AMG your legal opinions and reasoning in your multiple posts are flawed on so many levels that I would need to write a book to respond. Suffice it to say, I disagree with you for some of the reasons already expressed by others.
  5. TX22 by Taurus and get 10 round mag or modify the larger one. Good reviews and alot less $
  6. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/12/02/supreme-court-shows-little-appetite-for-expanding-gun-rights.html Seems like there may not be enough votes to keep this case alive and it will be dismissed as moot
  7. What's a good dash cam at a good price to buy for front and back. Very confusing
  8. Bottom line, it is likely Trump is done, one way or another. Those who believe the Supreme Court is going to save us will probably be dead by the time that happens. If the Senate goes Dem it is game over.
  9. CCW account manager advises that they have not yet been served with a complaint by the NJ AG. Apparently, the AG's office is trying to get compliance by threats to sue which is having a chilling effect in the industry.
  10. CCW SAFE which is a contract based as opposed to insurance based form of coverage is no longer writing for the State of N.J.(unless you are active law enforcement) because of Murphy's claim of "murder insurance". Apparently, they are refunding the full years premium to N.J. contract holders with no advanced notice of cancellation of the contract. If you are in this boat, I would suggest that you not cash the refunded premium check before you see if you can secure coverage elsewhere. At this time, I have no clue if there is even any "elsewhere" as I assume that other plans that have not already cancelled may leave the NJ market. It is not likely that a contract based plan can properly cancel before the term expires. I have not checked out if a plan that is insurance based is required to give advanced notice of cancellation. However, neither a contract based plan nor an insurance based plan would be required to renew at the end of the covered period anyway. You can secure coverage with CCW safe if you have residence outside of N.J. and you would be good to go in 49 States, but not here. Most of the other plans, were, IMO shit, because they do not cover the cost of experts, which can be the most expensive part of any litigation. I have no clue if any person has filed suit against the State of N.J. and/or a contract based or insurance based plan for cancellation. However, unless and until a court hears and decides some of these issues, this is just another problem to deal with. It is also possible that our AG is going after contract or insurance based plans.
  11. So what gas system would be the best on a 12. 5 556 other build?
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