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  1. If you run the Honey ADD-On to your Browser on your checkout cart this weekend it might hit a $30 off coupon code. It worked for me
  2. Once the S. Ct. of Conn determined that the case could go forward and the U.S. Supreme Ct refused to grant cert that automatically establishes that a valid cause of action sufficient to justify further proceedings exists and under those circumstances legal fees cannot be recovered even if the plaintiffs are unsuccessful at trial.
  3. 1. Nothing. But not having it thrown out on motion or getting to the jury verdict stage is a different matter 2. How would you know that you got a Real Impossible Burger and not a fake https://nypost.com/2019/06/08/brooklyn-burger-king-caught-replacing-meatless-impossible-whoppers-with-beef/. And if you got a fake and did not find out and thought it did not taste like real meat, I guess you would loose the case. Although you might have another one for fraud
  4. They absolutely cannot go after them for legal fees even if they win
  5. No they can still be sued but must raise the immunity as a defense and see where that goes There is no basis for a defamation suit
  6. It has no legal precedential value but practical ramifications for the industry
  7. WTF do you think you are Mr. Rude, I don't have to account to you how I spend my time and what I choose to comment on.
  8. When it comes to firearms, your past can haunt you. It is still a good idea if you qualify to get a record of conviction expunged for other reasons.
  9. Unsealing is part of the statute where the underlying offense is relevant to litigation in connection with the permit process or where you seek employment in law enforcement.
  10. For those of you who have played lawyer, you are wrong on the law, wrong on the effect of an expungement and wrong on what led the court to reach the decision it did. You may be interested to know that this case was handled by Nappen. Additonally, the evidence that Nappen and his client put forth left a lot to be desired.
  11. Liberty is a reputable manufacture at a good price point and offers many sizes and styles. You can't go wrong with a Liberty.
  12. Most of these at this price point are garbage unless you are looking for gun cabinet quality. The metal is very thin and they offer very little real security protection. Many of these can also easily be opened or defeated. They usually offer no fire protection, have no or garbage warranties which requires you to pay the cost of shipping back and offer no onsite service if you run into a problem. They are usually made in China. Of course, they are better than nothing.
  13. What size are you looking for and what is your budget?
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