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  1. The more I think about this, there may be one benefit of notifying NY: If you do not have a record of what your serial numbers are and the guns are stolen in NJ perhaps that would be of benefit to law enforcement in NJ?
  2. I was told that checks would not be mailed out until the end of this month. A little different then what they posted.
  3. Let your NY licenses just expire if you will be in NJ with your firearms by then. At that point, you are legal here and if they inquire, the answer is: moved to NJ with all my firearms. Frankly, they have no jurisdiction over you once you live here for good with them.
  4. Nappen is highly over rated.
  5. Decided to purchase the P-10 from deguns.com. They accepted my offer of 419. On most of the Youtube videos, any out of the box issues seem to resolve after 100-200 rounds. I thought your comments were quite helpful. $419 v $550 for a Gen 5 Glock quite a difference.
  6. LOL N.J.A.C. 13:54-3.20 Consignment firearms placed at licensed retail firearms dealers Consignment firearms are firearms that are transferred by the legal owner (consignor) of the firearm to a licensed retail firearms dealer (consignee) for the purpose of resale. Licensed retail firearms dealers that receive firearms on consignment shall provide a receipt/invoice to the consigner with a full description of the firearms, including make, model, caliber and serial number. The licensed retail firearms dealer shall also provide in writing on the same receipt/invoice a statement indicating that any consignor requesting the return of a firearm shall be required to comply with the regulatory provisions of N.J.S.A. 2C:58-3 for the transfer of handguns and rifles or shotguns. Consignment handguns, rifles, or shotguns shall not be returned to the consignor without the consigner first producing a valid permit to purchase a handgun, or in the case of a rifle or shotgun, a New Jersey firearms purchaser identification card and completing a State of New Jersey Certificate of Eligibility form (SP 634), which is used for eligibility verification and contains a list of disqualifications for the cosigner
  7. can stippling on a handgun which is too aggressive be reduced?
  8. Check out Icewind Goldens on the web. The dogs are expensive but the Sire and Dam have undergone complete genetic testing etc and they make all the documentation available to you together with their health history etc. After we lost our second Golden to cancer in June, we purchased a female 2 mo old English Cream Color Golden Retriever from them. So far, so good. Our experience with them is excellent. Also, they are the only breeder that I am aware of that offers a long term replacement guarantee.
  9. Gen 5 full auto https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csmYWTkk_Ao
  10. Apparently, has already been done http://talkingpointsmemo.com/muckraker/police-say-bruce-post-iii-arrested-neo-nazi-beliefs
  11. Reviews look good. Anyone have one, what do u think?
  12. Good news, I received the email just recently, which has a faster payout schedule then what i was told on the phone. I am waiting on payment for 3 of these and have a pre-order on the Vortex razor, AMG UH-1.
  13. Payouts will start within 90 days of 7/7/17 no further info available
  14. Not to be a nay-sayer, and recognizing the effort you have made for the cause, I will be shocked if the Supreme Court grants your petition, and if they do, you will not get a ruling on the merits, but most likely a remand, which will put you through 3 more years of litigation. I hate to say this but you guys need a reality check. Not withstanding, you are to be commended for your dedication and I respect you for trying, but your case has so many procedural deficiencies and convoluted legal theories that this does not bode well for a grant of certification in your case. The court looks for "clean cases" that raise the issue. The recent pro second amendment DC case is a clean case. There is another case in the Ninth Circuit, that is a clean case, that will be argued in that Circuit this fall. I am sure this is why none of the 2nd Amendment Groups have gotten behind you.
  15. Sorry for your loss bro. Just went through the same thing with our Golden who had lymphoma and survived 14 mo with treatment. This is the third dog, I have lost to cancer. After a month we decided there was no reason to wait and got a Golden puppy. Not easy raising a pup. Yeah, we still miss Cindy but a new pup helps put a smile on your face. Anway, I am sure you will get another one if you are a dog lover.