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  1. This is good news! Look on the bright side, you may be establishing a record for "justifiable need"
  2. Interesting question: what qualifies as a fixed magazine to take it out of the assault weapon category? California has dealt with this issue, but their statute is different then NJ. Does fixed mean, it can never be removed? Does it mean it can only be removed if you open the action and insert a new mag? Does it mean you can't remove it if you open the action and have to top reload it?
  3. caution to all: this is a template form put out by the State Police, which is clearly erroneous----it does not change or repeal the new gun statutes and/or whatever interpretation the court may give to the new gun laws. If you choose to use this form and add more evil features to your AR, it does not create immunity from prosecution. It is also unclear how law enforcement will process this form, will they demand that you produce the firearm for inspection before signing off on it or will they simply process the form? I think you would be iill advised to add more evil features--you might be a test case
  4. like a venture funded by members of this forum? Is there any forum member who has the technical know how to design and build a prototype?
  5. What about a stripper clip adapter that goes into the magwell that would permit the rifle to accept and feed the ammo. That does not sound like a "box, drum, tube or other container"--meaning, it is not a magazine. Just insert the ammo on a stripper clip into the adapter on the magwell
  6. Yeah, holding more than the permissible max is only one part of the equation, in addition, the "ammunition(has to)to be fed continuously and directly. If it stops at 10 and stops again at 20, i don't think it qualifies as being "fed continuously" which can only mean without interruption or intervention by the user.
  7. y. "Large capacity ammunition magazine" means a box, drum, tube or other container which is capable of holding more than [15] 10 rounds of ammunition to be fed continuously and directly therefrom into a semi-automatic firearm. The term shall not include an attached tubular device which is capable of holding only .22 caliber rimfire ammunition. The AR mag that holds 30 rounds but will only feed 10 at a time continuously and directly, then you press a button on the mag and it will then permit you to fire 10 more continuously and then press it again for the next 10 etc--since you cannot fire more than 10 continuously, without pausing and activating a button on the mag it should be good to go Thoughts???
  8. I am looking for a very lightweight AR-15 upper 223/556 that is commercially available. Ideally, I want something with a mid-gas system to reduce impulse. Budget would be around $600 max inclusive of I would also consider a build recipe to construct one
  9. Yeah, except that term is defined by statute in NJ. So I guess if your AR does not meet the definition, because you don't have the necessary number of evil features, then the form does not apply--another reason why the form is just plain stupid.
  10. This form is plain stupid because any AR can accept a mag of more than 15 rounds so I guess if your AR mag of 15 can't be modified to accept 10, you can't use the form anyway, and who would be dumb enough to register anyway??
  11. Reasons for Registration as per 2C:39-20. Select all that apply. A firearm with a fixed magazine capacity holding up to 15 rounds which is incapable of being modified to accommodate ten or fewer rounds. A firearm which only accepts a detachable magazine with a capacity of up to 15 rounds which is incapable of being modified to accommodate ten or fewer rounds. Note the word "only" in par 2. I would be amazed if anyone uses this form
  12. S.P. 341c Application for Registration and Possession of an Assault Firearm [ Fillable PDF – 222kb] 08/17/2018
  13. sounds like a set-up
  14. Nappen is wrong, in my opinion, in part, and has been wrong in the past. The new gun laws have created new ambiguities which will have to be resolved by the courts if not enjoined. While it is true, that until the end of the grace period, you can possess a mag you own that is in excess of 10 rounds, it is not clear if you can transport that mag in a vehicle. . In my opinion a construction of the law that you cannot during the grace period, is plain wrong, because you may need to transport to dispose of it if you do not or cannot modify it. The only basis on which the police during the grace period could justify not returning them to you is that the return to you somehow qualifies as a transfer and that even during the grace period a transfer not otherwise authorized by law is prohibited. Keep in mind that a magazine, detached from a firearm, is not a firearm although it may be considered contraband if in excess of 10 rounds, after the expiration of the grace period or if it is in excess of 15 rounds before the grace period expires. An interesting question is, if the court issues an injunction on the 10 round limit, will the 15 round limit be effective or no limit. The issue exists depending on how you look at the new law is it a repeal and replace of the 15 limit or a pure amendment to the 15 limit.
  15. As a general non secured creditor you will get $0, but feel free to file a proof of claim