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  1. Don't move here unless you have no choice. Horrible taxes( and soon to get worse), restrictive gun laws and getting worse, I could go on------
  2. In thinking about what I said concerning Christy, I am incorrect, it was his predecessors who raided the State Pension funds
  3. When the deck is stacked it is refreshing to hear speakers who tell it like it is. Next time bring some free range passes with you and invite the committee members down to shoot at the range!!
  4. Move
  5. Yeah! more taxes! that we can't deduct on our Federal Return due to the anticipated impact of a Murphy tax screw job (which we knew was coming( and Trump caps! on tax deductions. Buy everything out of State and have it shipped here! (However the US Supreme Court has a case pending decision where various States want to Scrap the internet sales tax exemption so in State merchants can compete with out of State vendors who do not collect sales tax on internet sales because they do not have a physical presence in N.J. This State is in real bad financial shape not the least of which is that Christy raided the State pension funds and now only about 1/3 of the States future pension obligations is presently funded and at the present rate will run out of money for younger employees who are forced to pay into the system.
  6. It's a POS. Lots of better options available
  7. Not clear to me exactly what the amendment is. I think all they did was add"removable mag" into that part of the bill the Assembly used "fixed mag" if you register the firearm. The negative is and was, that if you pay the $50 and do that, your heirs have to get rid of the registered firearm. We will just have to wait and see exactly what the amendment was. Frankly, I don't think the person announcing the amendment had any clue what they were saying as they repeated it three times, and three times it sounded different.
  8. Additional bills added at last moment http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/media/mp.asp?M=A/ENCODER-4&S=2018L
  9. With the reception he received, this may be his last post
  10. You have received correct advice from your counsel
  11. Under the upcoming AWB modifier bill, since this has a detach mag that's all you could have, the bill in its present form says no brake and retains the flash hider prohibition, so you would probably be limited to a fluted barrel or straight barrel.
  12. Carry exemption: (4)A court attendant serving as such under appointment by the sheriff of the county or by the judge of any municipal court or other court of this State, while in the actual performance of his official duties; It appears he was not carrying on his person but rather stored it in his vehicle which was broken into.From the article, seems like his vehicle was parked on a public street. Even if he has a carry permit that is really not relevant to what happened (putting aside his stupidity). Your right to store a firearm on your own property or if you are on the property of another if you are within an exemption seems pretty clear. But storage on a public street is not permitted(for obvious reasons). Yeah, unlawful constructive possession