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  1. Once she blows up if she lives, she'll sue because the blue container didn't have a warning label. Sad part is she'll probably win.
  2. Had to follow up on this, went to Walmart chat to find out more, this is the response I got, I was amazed she could write that, couldn't believe it.
  3. It is principal, it's a plastic container with a sticker. But get this, one of their 3rd party vendors has it and I can buy it from them through the Walmart website and have it shipped to me, So I guess it's Okay as long as Walmart is not selling it. What a joke.
  4. Am I reading this right, Walmart will not allow me to pick up or ship a plastic ammo can to NJ due to state regulations. This is ridiculous, it's a plastic box. MTM ACR7 Ammo Crate Utility box
  5. I'm on the other end, You can try a range, not sure what's near you, I think longshot is close, but honestly just buy online or go to Amazon.
  6. What part Bergen county?
  7. Jobs and careers can be changed. The only rule I tried to live by is - Never work for Family or Friends, Just my rule for myself, Everyone needs to make their own decisions. Best of luck whichever way you go.
  8. I was going to say maybe he put decimal point in wrong place, But not on 2 listings.
  9. Smith & Wesson MP9 Shield - maybe shot 100 Rounds through it. 2 mags - 1-7rd & 1-8rd Everything that came with it is in case. ALL NJ requirements must be met, if you don't have permits please make sure your FFL will hold. Willing to meet at your FFL if they are in the Wanaque / Bloomingdale area. Or near 287/23/208 vicinity or Route 287/17/4 Paramus/Ramey area Anywhere else please ask. $275.00 if you need more photos please ask, I will list. First I'll take it, followed by PM gets it. If 1st I'll take it fails will go down list. PayPal and Cash works
  10. I want to see him fit in the batmobile.
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