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  1. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/nancy-pelosi-stock-portfolio-10-133549340.html?.tsrc=fp_deeplink
  2. Sold, can't believe it went for 1 bid. @Smokin .50 $20.00 coming your way.
  3. Make sure you write, don't forget us poor soles with your new free friends.
  4. Bklynracer


    Haven't shot the Ruger, have shot the FN, Fun to shoot, not a must have, But if I was able to get one cheap I would.
  5. If that's all it's going to cost, I would do it as a small fun project. After your done you're going to look back and enjoy your handy work . Know I would.
  6. Ask if he's a democrat first, let him feel a little pain
  7. I have a picture of FID on my phone just as a incase, came in handy once, was in a store that rule was I cannot handle without my card, didn't have card with me, but accepted the photo.
  8. Bump - Lowered starting bid, Would make a nice Christmas gift. Remember all goes to @Smokin .50 at CNJFO
  9. In NJ, It would read the other way around, Robber shoots customer.
  10. With the money you save on taxes and everything else, you can have bagels flown in.
  11. Thought of a way of trying to do a little something to benefit CNJFO I used to have a online bookstore, Sold signed books. Top Rated member. I have this listed on EBay as a auction, Whatever it sells for I will donate all proceeds to Rosie at CNJFO, If you guys have any interest bid it up. Free shipping if Fourm member wins. Please let me know if a member wins. Rosie can confirm and the last 3 winners this is real and the proceeds due go to CNJFO. https://www.ebay.com/itm/133894089936
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