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  1. Didn’t realize we had that many aftershocks. https://www.yahoo.com/news/52-aftershocks-recorded-jersey-following-232909673.html
  2. It’s really hard to believe and very sad that we have these people in leadership positions.
  3. Ok, seems no traders - Free to someone local, $6 shipping anyone that’s to far if no takers going in trash.
  4. Great photo, here in Bergen county had cloud cover, got little darker, if I didn’t know there was an eclipse going on, would’ve thought rain was coming, now still cloud cover, little brighter.
  5. Doesn’t it feel like we are fighting ourselves with our own money? We donate to 2a causes to take cases to court, so we can have the courts use our tax money to fight us.
  6. Heard we had another aftershock 6:00 pm, 4.0 - didn’t feel it by me Bergen County.
  7. Biden had been advised, We’re all good now.
  8. Giving this a shot. Book is in perfect condition, List price $29, Sue you can get it for $20, got rid of my glocks, never really liked them, never even opened the book If possible, Would like 2 boxes 12 gauge target loads, 7.5 - 8 shot, no reloads, or a box of 9mm 1st I’ll take it gets it. Will meet 287/17 Mahwah or route 287/23 Riverdale area.
  9. For all you guys that know ships, I heard that it takes only a crew of 22 to run a ship that size, is that normal? I would have guessed a lot more.
  10. Just saw this on yahoo, probably same info, just surprised yahoo posted it. https://www.yahoo.com/news/nj-gun-permits-skyrocketing-towns-092203887.html
  11. If any luck from this, it happened at 2:00 Am, not during rush hour, where lots more cars and trucks would have been crossing, could have been a lot worse.
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