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  1. Where are you located, you can try mine one weekend, I'm in Bergen county, go to Reloadez.
  2. If they are going to turn them in, Whatever you offer us pretty much more than they will get. I don't collect firearms (my wife would beg to differ) but did collect sports memorabilia, what I did when I wanted to be fair and didn't know the worth, bring to a dealer get a price and offer from there. That way no one can claim your trying to steal it.
  3. Looks like a very cool piece, sure you will get lots of lookers asking what that is, I would be one of them, Enjoy.
  4. Never shot a P30, really like VP9
  5. Nice touch, best of luck to them
  6. That was one of the nicest ones I've seen, bet he was happy to get it back. someday I'll own one.
  7. Sounds like a nice day, I would have done that, then go fo a nice dinner
  8. Dirty Harry are great movies, does anybody like his Spaghetti westerns?
  9. Don't give them any ideas to consider..
  10. I know it's not a normal topic, didn't see this on news yet. If anyone's lives near there They say building could be complete loss. 2nd fire in a month. Saying no injuries, I feel for the firefighters in this cold. looks Looks like another company leaving NJ? https://www.northjersey.com/story/news/bergen/elmwood-park/2019/01/30/marcal-paper-mill-elmwood-park-nj-fire/2726721002/
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