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  1. Bklynracer

    "Responsible" Training?

    Could not believe what I was watching. Showed it to my 16 year old who's just staring to get into the hobby more and more, and asked him to watch and tell me what was wrong, he looked at me and said a lot is wrong. Also asked me if people are really that stupid. I answered I guess so.
  2. Bklynracer

    Paint coming off H&K VP9

    Favorites are the VP9 and my Berretta 92. Totally different but Enjoy both.
  3. Bklynracer

    Song and a dance....

    Looks nice, would love one in the future.
  4. Bklynracer

    Have a safe and Happy New Year

    Happy and safe.
  5. Bklynracer


  6. Bklynracer

    The dreaded January 1st in NJ?

    I'm just going to get bacon to avoid the arguments.
  7. Have a Merry and safe Christmas to all. A special thanks to all that have family in and out of the country protecting us, that can't be home for the holidays.
  8. Bklynracer

    Reloaderz NJ Open House, Friday 11/23

    Went this morning around 10 was a little empty but started to pick up a little as I was leaving. Nice place, well lit, RSO watched constantly but nice guy talked a bit, never felt pressured. Wasn't that busy so really nothing else to do. thinking about joining, I go to RSTP, but this place is only 15 min. Compared to 45. overall good day, shot well, getting better, HK VP9, might go tomorrow.
  9. Bklynracer

    Newbie from Northern Bergen County

    Welcome also northern Bergen County
  10. Why would someone do this to little kids, just to get 15 of fame or in this case Shame. Total lack of common sense. https://www.nj.com/morris/index.ssf/2018/11/santa_isnt_real_substitute_teacher_tells_students.html
  11. Bklynracer

    Member needs our help

    If not to far apart, Maybe a family member can pick a winner at the store from the raffles
  12. Bklynracer

    New desktop advice

    Depending where you purchased it, Have them do it. Like Geek squad
  13. Bklynracer

    Reloaderz NJ Open House, Friday 11/23

    Yes, you can join on a monthly payment like a gym membership. you can join for weekdays $39.99 month, if you want weekends it's $19.99 more. But you can't just have weekends Thanks for the mention, It was good to meet you.
  14. Bklynracer

    Sent Back My Beretta M9 Langdon

    Surprised the QC was so bad. Question, if they are replacing the gun, does that mean you have to use another permit?
  15. Bklynracer

    Reloaderz NJ Open House, Friday 11/23

    Talk about coididence, also went there to check it out, same time as you it seems, that's me in the blue jacket, going to wait a bit and check it out after it opens to see the crowds and crunch some numbers. I normally just go on weekends, but with being closer then RSTP & GFH might make it during week on in a while. Really nice place overall maybe meet up there.

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