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  1. Thanks to @Krdshrk for setting this up again and to all who were there. 2nd time for me and my son but you guys make it felt like we've been coming for years, Great group. Shot my new O/U felt great. Also thanks for the tips Nick, @Mr.Stu and @Clifton1979 See you at the next one.
  2. Would love to try some, Always wanted to try it. Never really had gumbo, Got to find a good place that makes it. Any recommendations North Jersey.
  3. Still leaning on going. Just want to confirm this is still on.
  4. Didn't say it was good, just what I ran across, shipping is free over $99.
  5. Some 9mm available if anyone's interested https://www.rogerssportinggoods.com/Ammunition/Pistol-Ammunition/caliber/9MM-LUGER
  6. In the morning I leave early enough to beat the traffic caused by the lane closures. Came home yesterday were still there. But I have been going 80 also but then jump on route 20 to maple Ave in Fairlawn then jump back on 208 just after the bridge.
  7. If you can believe it, bottles still litter side of road
  8. Should be able to make it with my son and will bring extra boxes of clays.
  9. Since the gun so low priced. Would it be worth it or possible to send to Wilson combact or somewhere and have it done up. Would be the nicest kick ass old Beretta out there. Or is that to far fetched?
  10. Wow, The guy sitting on the steps across the street gets up when shooting starts and when it's over goes back to sitting down on a chair like nothing happened. If that's normal I don't get out enough.
  11. They just spent 5 billion dollars on Sofi stadium, Yes 5 billion, Shared by Rams & Chargers its built in Inglewood which I would call sketchy at best, it's really worse. With all the crap in LA and Cali, how much was spent to improve the neighborhoods for the people there.
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