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  1. Nothing to do with the company or CEO. It's about hate everything and anything that mentions Trump or cops. Look at Ford Explorer, Protests for selling them to Cops, they should stop, Maybe go after the uniform Co. Surprised they don't go after Glock for selling them guns. Maybe gas stations should stop selling them gas that would stop them. Know it sounds stupid, just how I feel. Other side should start a Reverse cancel culture or Anti boycott, Buy everything they don't like.
  2. Looks nice, Been looking at them, will get one Wesson eventually.
  3. Great song and fantastic remake. First time I heard this, got home one night turned on TV, Blacklist was on, someone was in the hospital near death and this song was playing in the background, made the scene very intense, had to go back and listen to it again.
  4. Thanks, That's what I thought, just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.
  5. You guys know South Jersey better then me bring from Northern Jersey, they speak of a change, Do you guys see it? https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/amy-kennedy-defeats-south-jersey-machine-054334201.html
  6. I go to Reloader, great place, but to purchase contact @Oakridgefirearms Tom at Oakridge Firearms, Great guy with very good prices and a wealth of knowledge, short ride but worth it.
  7. Except her life. Accidents happen.
  8. Try Oakridge Firearms, Have dealt with Tom, Great guy
  9. From reloaderz email Reloaderz NJ will Open on Thursday, July 2, 2020 Dear Reloaderz NJ Members and Guests, We hope you are all staying safe during these extraordinary times. Today Governor Murphy announced that shooting ranges may reopen on July 2, 2020, subject to social distancing rules. Things are continually changing daily, but one thing that will not is our commitment to the safety and comfort of our team and customers. We will be closely following official COVID-19 recommendations of the WHO and CDC, as well as local government. We want to reassure you that the health and safety of our employees, members, guests, and community is our top priority. Our team has been hard at work implementing enhanced safety measures as we prepare to re-open. These include: Temperature and wellness checks for all employees at the start of their shift Employees are required to stay home if they are feeling ill Masks must be worn by all employees and guests Enhanced check-in process with our new command center Increased cleaning and sanitation measures throughout our facility and in high traffic areas Social distancing throughout our facility when checking in and on the range Limited hours - please follow us on social media or check our website for details Capacity limited to 25% Taking precautionary measures takes time so please be patient with us as we navigate new ways of working. While this time has been difficult for all of us, we are so grateful to our loyal customers and dedicated staff. We know that a visit to Reloaderz NJ may not be the same as it was a few short months ago, but we are committed to continuing to serve you as North Jersey’s premier firing range. Thank you for your patience and loyalty – we can’t wait to see you again! Sincerely, Your Reloaderz NJ Team
  10. Just saw a email from RSTP, When they open it will be every other port, so I'm guessing others will be the same. Wait times on weekends will be horrendous.
  11. Honestly I think all you had to say was Great job, hope everyone had a good time, and you wished You could be there but choose not to attend for your reasons stated which I respect. Please respect ours. No need to tell us what us going on, We all know, that's all we've been hearing about for 4 months straight. Did I think about yes, Was I careful? within reason, Yes. We weren't sitting in a closed room breathing the same air, we were outside, I respected people's space and felt they did the same all around. We weren't 500-1000 deep marching down a street. We had a choice and choose. And yes I do hope everyone is fine.
  12. https://www.ebay.com/itm/353119119668
  13. Want to thank @Krdshrk for organizing this get together, 1st time out to WMA for a shoot. Was there with my 2 boys. Thanks to ALL for making us feel at home like part of the group, not like 1st timers, also for allowing us to try some different shotguns. Will definitely be attending others.
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