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  1. I'm all for everyone's rights, but wouldn't the range have a right to make sure that all first timers, not just newbies know what there doing for the safety of everyone there. If it's your first time there, they have know idea if your a expert or beginner. The ranges I've been to, once they get to know you and see you know what your doing tend to watch others that they don't know. They still stop by if not busy for the occasional conversation if you stop and chat. As far as purchase you can buy whatever you want, but as far as shooting at a range public or private your rights could be limited if you can't show you can handle whatever you have.
  2. Exactly what I do, I even did it for myself when I started.
  3. Don't you also need it just to be able to handle a handgun in a store, I've been asked many times for it, was told if I didn't have it I wasn't allowed to hold it they would just show it. Not all followed this but many did.
  4. Wouldn't that also mean then that the range would be a moron to rent it or allow it?
  5. I have a Stock 1 in .40 pm if interested.
  6. Maybe the first time was luck, I would try again.
  7. It's not just those devices, Also cell phones, smart TV's, voice activated remotes, even the smart refrigerators you can talk to and order groceries, voice activated dashboards in cars.
  8. Think that's a different one, this one is with Ryan Phillippe and Tom Sizemore
  9. Anybody watch / watching this, keeping my interest, pretty good story line, some nice sniper rifles. Just started watching this week, half way through season one. any other off the popular recommendations. from Netflix A highly decorated ex-Marine sniper returns to action to foil an assassination plot targeting the president, but soon finds himself framed for murder.
  10. 2nd the CCI, Never had a issue with it in ant .22
  11. American Eagle or Speer 115 or 124 grain never had a issue with either. Targetsports.com has good prices and free shipping when you buy a case. Normally get it within 1-3 days to NJ.
  12. Just got this add, not sure if it's a good deal, just wanted go pass it on to you guys https://lanbosarmory.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1515&referrer=CNWR_newsletter&utm_source=phplist30&utm_medium=email&utm_content=HTML&utm_campaign=Trijicon+RMR+Closeout
  13. You can still go, plenty of beautiful cathedrals in Italy and other places. People always wait abs then something happens and it's gone. plenty of people from NYC and the surrounding area never went to see the WTC thinking it will always be there.
  14. Always prefer a full grip, do ok with a smaller gun like. P365, but still like a Beretta compact better where the pinkie is on. But I practice to get better, because you never know what you might have to use.
  15. Guess lots of people have are happy now, would be nice if maybe someday us. https://news.yahoo.com/sales-soar-judge-rules-californias-062323757.html
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