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  1. Sadly, In 20 years or less, it will be forgotten altogether, bet some, not all young kids/ teenagers don't know what 9-11 is.
  2. Not sure how big the card is, But I had my FID card laminated and put that in a ridged baseball card holder with a small piece of tape in it to stop from falling out. Fits in my pants or jacket inside pocket. I've changed it a few times when I see it scratched up or the edge showing wear.
  3. Hope everyone has a Happy, Safe and Peaceful Day. Remember most are Friends and Family
  4. Welcome, where you located?
  5. Welcome, where are you located? Where from in CA.?
  6. Maybe not https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/cranberries-cost-more-thanksgiving-ocean-spray-ceo
  7. You like it really warm.
  8. Hopefully it's not a really bad winter and people aren't affected to bad.
  9. Think it would be better off getting the long term payments. I'm sure most of us don't need that much money at one time.
  10. Will try to make it tomorrow, most likely early. Will bring clays. Also trying to get a newbie to come.
  11. Would be nice to find a few of them in an old house. Might be flat, but who cares. Wasn't their slogan "it's the real thing"
  12. No waiting in line for them, they just give them DL and never to be seen again..
  13. Got a bottle as a gift, not cheap, But really good, if you get an opportunity try it. Hats off to Texas. https://www.thirtyonewhiskey.com/whiskey-review-garrison-brothers-balmorhea-bourbon/
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