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  1. Right but making them compliant and having 10rd mags, will ruin resale if you ever wanted to sell it, like mentioned above, this is kind of a collectors piece.
  2. If we in NJ buy this we lose the mags, takes the value of this nice piece right down..
  3. It might be a guy thing with cars, it was a funny movie, Jackie Gleason also helped. But a lot of actors make really stupid movies and get paid really stupid money, because we go watch them and spend really stupid money. RIP Bandit
  4. If 1st falls through, interested in Python

  5. Never tried them, but am a fan of the VP9, which I heard is VERY similar to the PPQ
  6. I know this might be silly, maybe not. So if they break into a warehouse and steal 60 - 1911's will they ban them to?
  7. A lot of protests started with 1 person, some worked some didn't. We're in a different time now. Just wonder if they will somehow be silenced, or if this could be the start of a movement where people speak up. How many people voted for Trump but won't admit it, for fear of being hassled.
  8. Thanks, will look it up.
  9. Heard this on the radio and saw it in the news. Are some employees finally getting a voice? will they also somehow be censored? Might this change anything going forward? https://dailycaller.com/2018/08/28/facebook-political-diversity-james-damore/
  10. Just curious, why is it illegal, the barrell? if it wasn't called a carbine would it be Ok?
  11. Can't believe we're still talking about this.
  12. Was never a really big fan, listened when he was on the radio, stoped when he moved to Sirius. I remember he had a late night show on Friday it Saturday that I watched occasionally. Think what you want about him but he found a nitch and built himself a hugh following and made millions. As far as a businessman he did very well for himself. With millions of followers I'm glad he's on our side.
  13. It list would be so small, They could write it on a post it note.