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  1. If the weather holds I'll stop by
  2. sounds like it's time to take it to the range again and get reacquainted.
  3. Really good topic, hope to read some insight from the new owners, hope all the owners and new members come out and share in the conversations.
  4. 4 boxes of Federal Auto Match 22LR .40 gr. (each box is 325 rds.) - $50/box PayPal or cash payment 250 rds (5 boxes 50 rd.) of PMC Bronze 9mm 115 gr. FMJ - $125 PayPal or Cash. Buyer must show current NJ drivers license and NJ FID card, with matching info, no exceptions. Also buyer must be willing to meet in person, Junctions Route 23/287/17 Any questions please PM 1st person to post, will get the ammo. Then pm and set up meeting point.
  5. R.I.P The ultimate conservative that really loved his country. Others will come along, but no one will be Rush. For whoever steps up, Very big shoes to fill, Can only hope they will be half as good.
  6. Years back knew a family that owned a pretty nice sized boat, heard the old man say Happiest day was the day he bought his boat, 2nd happiest was the day he sold it.
  7. Isn't shooting clays off the back if a yacht still shooting? Same hobby, different location.
  8. Johnny Walker Blue - Sold - Thank you. Still Available below. Makers Mark 1.75 L. $40 Johnny Walker Black 750 ml. $30 This could be true.
  9. Yes, they are. Sorry thought I replied.
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