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  1. Cherry ridge has some outdoor roofs. Little protection.
  2. If your off / not working with no chores means more range time.
  3. Never thought about this, stupid me. Something really to think about. Just never know when something might happen. Sounds like U.S Shield is the most popular. Thank you Zeke for the thread.
  4. Code listed says no min. http://ebm.emails.cabelas.com/c/tag/hBbSreWB9oRdDB9qW6rNuQ8ZgH5/doc.html?t_sparams=I6iX9OTHww345xULrXESBDKZhlbdBBMvb7RZEVzz0Cm0sNo0Q7SRUes0WbBuc8dO9eOOR&om_rid=NuQ8Zg&om_mid=_BbSreWB9qW6rw2
  5. On more thing if you plan on bringing any good camera on the boat go out and buy a rain sleeve for it, the camera will get soaked. https://www.uniquephoto.com/product/rain-sleevemega-9001252/_/searchString/Rain
  6. Before you cross the boarder call your phone carrier. Check your phone and turn off use roaming, or use cellular data, a friend went over and used his phone and got hit with a huge bill. He did call, I think it was Verizon, and explained he didn't know and they refunded the bill
  7. Targetsports has them in stock .06 Free shipping if you buy a case. https://www.targetsportsusa.com/cci-mini-mag-high-velocity-22-long-rifle-ammo-40-grain-copper-plated-round-nose-0030-p-892.aspx
  8. I almost always use CCI, If not its Federal. 90% of my purchases are at Targetsports.
  9. Did anybody see Hannity last night with Ed Henry where Ed commented that Barret is next and they feel that Trump will have at least 1 maybe 2 before he's done. Do they know / hear something or wishful thinking.
  10. I know we are all looking at this from tha 2a side, Trump was not just looking at 2a, he was looking at what was best for the Country overall and who would be able to get through quickly. Hopefully he's better then Kennedy and we can move on and improve 2a.
  11. Haven't heard anything, Another whitehouse leak?
  12. I'm leaning more towards Hardiman, think trump wants to avoid to many hassles. Save Barrett for the next one she would be a good replacement for RBG
  13. I think it will be Barrett and they the Dems can fight it out and go after a her or Hardiman