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  1. I thought the same thing at first, after you look at the better units with Smoke and CO, It was more but not crazy money. then my wife said I want them and you can't put a price on life. That was the deciding statement.
  2. I replaced the ones I had 3 that were old with the nest smoke/CO detectors, They are hard wired with battery back up. Have a built in night light sensor that lights up at night when you walk past it, and light up bright in case of fire..does a once a month self test. With a monthly report by email and phone. Hope I never have to write that they worked great, but they seem to be doing there job near the kitchen when something got smoky.
  3. Thank you to all, past, present and future
  4. Where is this thread going? New guy just wanted to say Hello.
  5. Welcome
  6. Congrats on the move. My dad always said when we moved and we were sad. Don't look at it as starting over, your just making more friends and memories.
  7. Besides the other issues. If this went through could put a damper on RTSP 2nd outing
  8. Never took a class. Might be interesting if I'm free. Where is the class?
  9. What's it called?
  10. If your near Woodbridge near route 17 try buffalos. All flavors are good and the spicy are good and hot but not crazy Lemon pepper and Urban bourbon are really good http://www.buffaloschicken.com/index.php
  11. Not sure, but just so everyone knows screen name is a car theme.
  12. Very nice, Python on my list someday
  13. Great to meet you guys and put a face with a name. Great Job by all involved making it happen. Would definitely do it again, maybe even bi-annually, once up North and once South to make it easy for all to attend.
  14. Keep a pack of gum in the car, grab that instead of a cig.
  15. There fine, my yard works were them everyday doing outside construction and they like them. I prefer the tan color on work boots. But except for that these are fine.