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  1. This is all they do now, Seems the going theme is if you get in trouble play the race card. His words “Rush to judge a Latino” if he was Polish, Would he be judged on that. How about just getting judged on your actions and as a person and leaving race out of it.
  2. You have to be a member - show your membership card or be logged in to the app. And they only take Visa.
  3. I think you answered the question when you said, My wife wants to move. Both are good towns I wouldn’t base my choice on 2a, some towns are better then others, But your still in NJ.
  4. Yesterday 3:49 Costco union
  5. Sounds like Biden with VP and the Justice, both winners.
  6. Amazing what it does to a person , So sad, What a horrible drug.
  7. If all true, Right under our noses, was this planning round 2 of next pandemic, just this time start it in the U.S. ? https://californiaglobe.com/articles/mysterious-chinese-covid-lab-uncovered-in-city-of-reedly-ca/ And they found 900 genetically engineered mice, engineered to catch and carry COVID-19, living in “inhumane” conditions. 773 of the mice had to be euthanized, and officials found another 178 mice already dead. Darren Fraser at the MidValley Times reported earlier this week that the building has been illegally operated since October 2022 by Wang Zhaolin of Prestige Biotech.
  8. Try talking to your NG supplier, If I remember right, when we had a house in the Bronx, we contacted ConEd and they got all the permits, took old oil unit out and installed new gas unit, also had a payment option.
  9. Probably came over the border with one of the illegals, they didn’t want it either.. They sent it back.
  10. The way NJ works that’s considered fair and balanced.
  11. So wrong, Your a caring son wanting to go the right thing. Sometimes we complicate things by over thinking.
  12. If Biden identified as a woman, Could he or should I say she make history and be the first women president?
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