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  1. All above good choices, there's one actually an indoor that's closer that I've gone you many times, and never had an issue eith, Try Reloadez on route 23.
  2. Question, with the laws changing for NJ CARRY. Would other states honor NJ. Do you guys think the need still exists to renew another states non-resident permit.
  3. Would be nice to bring my mags back from vacation, hope others find the ones that fell overboard.
  4. Once announced if in our favor, There will be lots (tons) of attention.
  5. It's a shame this POS is in office, we just needed some of those dead Democrats to vote correctly, or more live Republicans to get off theie asses.
  6. Thanks, also to all. Plan on going trap shooting with my boys and then barbecue tonight. Looks like a great day to be out.
  7. We use it for our tractors, might be a good idea to get an extra pallet
  8. @Smokin .50 Hi Rosie, My boys are well older than required and I don't have grandkids, I had a book listed on EBay that proceeds would have gone to you that didn't sell, in lieu of that I'll send a donation towards this event.
  9. Heard on the radio that NY sounds worried and is already getting contingence plans, One being no carry in sensitive ares, guessing those are all the normal places. What caught my attention was they mentioned "mass transit". Is mass transit considered a sensitive area in other Free states? That basically means that the ten's of thousands if not hundreds will not have a right to carry most of the day, 5 days or more a week.
  10. 20 Lbs. What time should we come over and what beer do you like?
  11. Met Anthony a number of times, been to the range numerous times to shoot and take classes, wish him all the best of luck with the new facility, If I had a business, don't think I could support such a corrupt (NRA) association. Everyone needs to take care if their own, But I don't own one. So I wouldn't know. Maybe there is a good reason we don't know which is definitely possible, either way I will still support GFH, and others, But for now not the NRA
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